Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Got up this morning and worked on my blog because I was behind a day because I was super tired last night! I had to post all about meeting Emily Otment from "Hannah Montana!" I really had no clue that Emily had so many fans! A few of the Emily fan sites shared my link. While I was working on my blog I got a phone call from Target asking me if I wanted to come in and work at Starbucks. First 4 hours I worked in Starbucks then the last 4 hours I worked in Food Ave. Work was fine today because I love changing area's in Target and not being in the same spot! While I was working I noticed yelling and screaming going on in the store. A woman was trying to run out of the store with this womans $5,000 in cash! This older lady had her money stolen from her pocket!....this older woman would NOT give up, and she would NOT let go of the woman that was stealing her money! This lady was FIERCE! The WHOLE store was watching this fight it was CRAZY! The cops eventually showed up to Target. This lady with a baby had something to do with the situation I think.....she was so STUPID! She kept bringing her baby into the middle of this fight! The baby eventually fell to the ground.....the baby was probably a few months old. Adults really don't think at all, bringing your child in the middle of this fight!?....you should NOT have kids! Parents really don't think....whats more important getting in the middle of this fight or the safety of your child? I just really don't understand people?....this is why I like my pets more then people!

Overall I had a great day. The weather was perfect today and I was working in Starbucks(: I now have to order photos for upcoming celebrity events(: There's a few celebrities that are flying in from London this week(: & I would love to have their autograph!

One of my friends met Kim Kardashian today in Beverly Hills.....I think this is her first time meeting her... not sure? But I love this photo!


Another fun adventurous day out and about in Los Angeles with friends(: I got up and met friends in Hollywood. We headed over to West Hollywood to this place called, "Veggie Grill." They have ALL organic & soy things! I had a chicken sandwich (made out of soy) and it was delicious! YUM! I could've ate a few of them, OMG it was so good! The fries were great too! I will definitely be back! After our vegan meal in West Hollywood we headed to Studio City for organic ice cream! The ice cream was made with no dairy! It was pretty good! I had the Cinnamon Latte ice cream! I worked at 5 so I pretty much had the full day to do whatever. We jumped on the subway after the getting ice cream, and headed back to North Hollywood. The bus was PACKED again with school kids when I headed to work! UGH! Like millions of little kids!

I started work and maybe an hour into working one of my Starbucks co-workers ran over by me in the food Ave. area and said, "Celebrity Sighting!" I said, AHHHH.....WHO!? They said one of the girls in Hannah Montana is ordering coffee! I ran right over there, she ordered her drink and said that she was coming back. It was Emily Osment, Miley Cyrsus' best friend on the show! I was so exciting, she's so funny on "Hannah Montana!" She came back and I asked for a photo, and told her that I was a fan. She said something about her drink being really good. I asked what she was drinking and she said a, "Soy Chai Tea." One of my Co-workers took the photo because I really wanted it to actually turn out. She was so nice and more then happy to take a minute out of her time to take a photo. I asked her who her favorite Kardashian was.....she said, "The dog! If they had one!" HAHAHA! Yeah, she's NOT a fan of my Kardashians! I later looked Emily up on Twitter, and didn't realize she had so many Twitter followers! She has 1.5 MILLION! I right away tweeted her and sent her the photo I took with her.

Emily from Hannah Montana!
Michael Jackson's Gloves & shoes were placed in cement the other day in front of the Chinese Theatre!

Monday, January 30, 2012


Well...well....well....slept in this morning because of my long day yesterday trying to get my iphone replaced! It felt great to sleep in! I love sleeping in, I'm NOT the type of person that gets up early all the time! I got up and headed out of the house to go to Starbucks(: I then called my work to ask them what time I work tomorrow because my phone broke and my schedule was in it. They then told me that I was suppose to come into work this morning! WHAT!? Both of their schedules said 2 different things again! I was so upset! I cannot believe this! Due to the lack of organization on Target's part I was marked a "No call no show!" Great. Nothing goes right all time thats for sure! I work tomorrow so I will have to get everything figured out.

After I found out that news about work, I ran over to Starbucks even faster because I needed some SHOTS, ASAP! I worked more on my blog and added a few more numbers to my phone because none of them saved so now I only have a few numbers. I wanted to start over anyways! I didn't talk to all those people in my phone anyways!

I couldn't miss the season Finale of Kourtney & Kim tonight! I tweeted like CRAZY during the episode! I love chatting with other Kardashian fans that I don't even know! The epiosde tonight was so intense, and sad! Wow! Kim Kardashian is such a strong woman for putting herself out there and letting the world see what her marriage was like. Many people will say that Kim's divorce was a publicity stunt....it was NOT! Kim has everything! She owns every designer bag, shoes, clothing, she travels anywhere she wants, she has everything she could possibly ask for! I think that Kim did fall in love, but she went through it way to fast because of all the pressure from the WORLD & her family. Kim was thinking that she would be married & would have kids by now..... She see's Kourtney happy with Scott & Khloe happily married with Lamar. Kim just rushed through the whole process hoping she would be as happy as Khloe & Kourtney. But no matter what Kim is the strongest of them ALL! She put her WHOLE marriage out there for the world to see! Kim will always be my favorite Kardashian(:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

iphone is BACK! (:

What a day! I worked like 7 hours at Starbucks! I was there BRIGHT & EARLY at 8 AM! I'm getting much better at making drinks and a little faster at being able to handle a few drinks at the same time.

Right after work I headed over to a Verizon store in Burbank to see if they could replace my iphone for me. The only Verizon store that I know of is in West Hollywood an area that I am very familiar with but, the one in Burbank was much closer, I didn't even have to leave the valley!....Yeah that didn't work out! I got to Verizon and they told me that they are not able to touch my phone! They told me that I had to take it to an apple store! I wanted to SCREAM! I was so pissed off! Why can't they replace it there!? I ended up going to West Hollywood to the Apple store there at the Grove. I had to set up an appointment and come back 2 hours later..... I went to go get something to eat then went in a few of the stores there to waste some time. I met with one of the apple specialists and they took a look at my iphone. She even opened the phone up to check it out! I never told them that I dropped it, I just said it stopped working(: They replaced the phone free of charge, in 20 minutes! I was so EXCITED! I told her that I have felt NAKED without my iphone in my hands! Really though, I'm addicted to my phone, I need it at all times! I have been more than happy with the service that Apple offers. I mean when ever you have a problem with one of your Apple gadgets you just set up an appointment and they look at it with you!

I really couldn't wait to get home, I had such a LONG day! I was out for like 17 hours! I was pretty much falling asleep on the bus and subway on the way back to North Hollywood. I made it home around 10 PM and got ready for bed and passed out! I was so exhausted!

My OBSESSIVE; Tweeting, Blogging, facebooking and texting is back! I missed my iphone so MUCH! Even though my iphone was only gone for a day it felt like forever! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

DROPPED iphone!:(

Another relaxing day in Los Angeles! Slept in cause I stayed up late again! For some reason I have been getting my sisters and moms mail here in California!? How weird is that?! Why would they be sending it to me in California!? I keep getting everyones bank statements! I have a HUGE stack of their mail in my room!

I headed over to West Hollywood to go and relax at Starbucks. I felt like working on my blog too! I even made a collage of a bunch of my celebrity photo-ops! Its black and white, it actually looks pretty neat! I think I'm going to make a KARDASHIAN one next! I just need a few more Kardashian photo-ops! I'll even include photos of their DASH store that I went to, and Millions of Milkshakes where Kim Kardashian has her own drink! I'll start working on the collage soon! 

This is one of my favorite Starbucks that I like going to! The view from outside is of the Hills! I love it! This is the main Starbucks that I go to, to work on my blog!(:

I have a few photos to post, but my iphone isn't working right now, so I cannot upload them:( I'm taking it in tomorrow to get it fixed! I will let you guys know tomorrow how everything goes.

MJ Ceremony...missed it!

I was planning on going to the Michael Jackson ceremony this morning in Hollywood. MJ was having his gloves places in cement in front of the chinese theatre by his kids, Paris, Blanket & Prince. Justin Bieber was one of the speakers, he also sang one song. A few of the Jackson's showed up but not all of them. It was a much BIGGER deal then I thought it was going to be! I saw video from it and wow, TONS of people showed up! People were actually there at 6am waiting in line to get a good spot! The ceremony started at 11am. I slept through 2 alarms thats why I ended up not going! I was so tired from yesterday running around the Grove that I just slept in. It felt great to sleep! I worked today so I pretty much just stayed home and got a few more things together for my trip to Florida!

Prince, Blanket & Paris
All three placed Michael's Glove & shoes in the cement, which will be placed in front of the Chinese theatre. It's just the out lines of the glove and shoes. 

Kim Kardashian was featured on the cover of HAUTE MUSE. I tweeted about it today mentioning both Kim Kardashian & HAUTE MUSE magazine and they Re-Tweeted my tweet! The tweet went to 13,000 followers! How cool is that! They also tweeted me back a few minutes later. This magazine is the first international magazine to be founded in the Middle East. You guys have to check it out! There are many stories about Kim's Dubai adventure!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sunny day at The Grove!

Very exhausting day today, but fun! Got up around 8 because I just felt the need to get up early! That's kind of unusual for me getting up that early. I got ready and headed over to West Hollywood. A few people were going to be at the Grove; Jessica Alba, Seal and Tori Spelling. I was so close to getting Jessica Alba's autograph! UGH! She came right over by me and was going to take my sharpie to sign my "Into The Blue" DVD, but the Grove security pulled her away! She was going to sign our stuff! Oh well....next time! Jessica is ALWAYS out and about in Los Angeles! ALWAYS! You always see videos and photos of her out. Tori Spelling also arrived to an interview, we asked for autographs before she headed in but she said after. They always say after!! It's NEVER a good sign when they say after, you never know with these celebrities! They make stuff up all the time and it depends on their moods. The sun was SO HOT today! WOW! I was getting a tan out in that sun today! It's so weird because it's still winter and it was that HOT out today! I'm used to my Wisconsin weather! I rushed right over to Target for work at the Grove. I was at the Grove all morning!

Here's a few photos from today(: I love Los Angeles (:

Tori Spelling autograph(: Can't read it at all!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Blogging Blogging Blogging.....

I have been blogging like CRAZY! I blog at least once a day! Haven't had that many CRAZY CALIFORNIA adventures lately because I have been working every night! I hate routine! I like when my schedule is random! When I'm working every night I never can make plans for my celebrity adventures!

I woke up this morning to it raining! Ugh. The rain just sucks. I like the sun! I had to work today anyways so at least I didn't have anything planned because I would be doing it in the rain! And I really hate running around Hollywood and going to my celebrity events in the rain! I made it to work early and got something to eat at the Target Cafe. I jumped back and fourth from Starbucks to Food Ave today. For some reason work went by really slow today....I don't know why? Usually it goes by really fast!

Someone that I met at Kris Jenner's book signing a few months ago shared this photo with me on my facebook wall the other day. She saved my blog "Niko Takes NoHo" as one of her apps on her iphone so she has easy access to it! How awesome is that! Thanks Rayann!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Really bus!?

Got up and went to Studio City to get something to eat for lunch. I didn't want to do that much today because the bus is so SLOW on Sunday's! It's just horrible! My first bus came pretty quickly....but the second bus that takes me through the Hollywood Hills took forever to come! I waited over 40 minutes for the bus to pick me up in Studio City! The second bus that I took, takes you through the Hills from the valley to West Hollywood. I headed over to one of my favorite Starbucks in West Hollywood to work on my blog. The time I got there I just didn't even want to work on it because it took me so long to get there! I did do a lot of talking on the phone today though...from all the traveling to get to West Hollywood! The one time I actually do get ahold of my mom it kept cutting I and I kept losing signal because she lives in the middle of the WOODS in Northern Wisconsin! After Starbucks I just headed home to do some laundry....and I had to make it home in time to watch "K&K Take New York!"

Watching INTO THE BLUE tonight!

Cashiering at Target

I was so happy to finish looking at all the things that my Grama sent me in the package that I received! I love when she sends me all the tabloids! I NEED the tabloids! I cannot survive a day without reading them! She sent me a lot of my favorite snacks too! I love my SOUR gummy worms! I really needed to clean my room and organize a little so I did, and I put away the things that my Grama sent me. I was cashiering today. I picked up a shift for some extra hours! I like not being in the food area everyday! Working with food everyday just gets boring! For some reason people at this Target here in California think that I don't know how to cashier! I told them, "You guys I'm from another Target!" I'm NOT new at working a register, cashiering was the first thing that I learned when I started working for Target!

I was so tired from work....as soon as I got home I fell asleep! Work can be exhausting! Even if I'm only working for a few hours! I got some Starbucks before I left target and went home(:

My friend Eli at work loves drawing! Look at how neat these little people look! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

DRUNK at the bus stop!

Got to sleep in after a long night yesterday in Hollywood...ugh what a long day trying for autographs! It was NOT easy getting autographs yesterday! I woke up and received a PACKAGE from my GRAMA! She sent me another HEAVY box! She sent me magazines, more of my favorite snacks, and few movies that I wanted her to send. I was so EXCITED! I love getting presents in the mail! The weather was perfect today, nice and sunny when I went to get my package that was on the porch. I got ready for work and headed to the bus stop. Some DRUNK was there waiting for the bus, being really weird! I stayed FAR away from him, YUCK, he was disgusting! I jumped on the bus and stopped at Subway on the way to work. I ordered a sub they put it in the oven for a few....they starting putting veggies on it! The sub was SO FLAT! I was like WHAT!? I noticed that they put it on flat bread! I guess it's okay...I tried it and it was fine. But when they put that bread on the counter I was like HUH?...why is it so flat!? Worked until 9:30 and one of my co-workers drove me home. I tried sticking some money on the seat, but she noticed and threw the money OUT of the car!! UGH! My co-workers are just to nice!

Things that my Grama sent me in the mail!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Underworld Premiere

Ohh Hollywood.....The premiere today in Hollywood was horrible! Kate Beckinsale was really the only person that crossed the street, and it was CRAZY when she came over! She skipped are section and we got NO autographs! It was horrible! The time that I ran to the area she was signing in it was like 8 people deep! I got NO autographs at the premiere! UGH! HORRIBLE! This CRAZY homeless guy kept riding his bike up and down Hollywood Blvd. He had like a GREEN shower curtain around him and a bunch of CRAZY looking toy things attached to his bike! I didn't want to even be near him! As we were waiting for Kate to arrive, Carmen Electra passed us! A few of us ran over by her and asked for photos! She was extremely nice! I didn't know until today that her and Kim Kardashian were in Disaster Movie together! I would've asked her about it! Kat Von D was another guest that arrived to the premiere. We headed over to the after party to see if we could get a few autographs from Kate Beckinsale going in. Kate lives in London & New York so she's not always in town to sign autographs. Sure enough Kate arrived and signed autographs! It got a little WILD when she was signing, so many dealers were there! I did manage to get an autograph though. I don't think anyone got any photos with Kate because they wouldn't let us!

Here's my autograph that I got from Kate.

Carmen Electra! 

During the premiere I was tweeting Kellan Lutz! Kellan is such a cool guy and he LOVES his fans! I tweeted him and he tweeted me right back! How awesome is that!? 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Glossy PHOTOS!?

Headed over to Costco this morning to pick up photos for upcoming events that I'm going to. They printed the photos glossy! I HATE glossy photos! There's a much bigger chance of the photos smudging when I get them autographed! Now I have to go back there and return them and reprint them! There's a few upcoming premieres that I'm really excited for.....I really want a photo with Vanessa Hudgens! She's going to be at one of the upcoming premieres! I went to get something to eat after finding out that my pictures were printed wrong! UGH! I didn't do to much today, because tomorrow is going to be a long day! Lots of things planned(: Another eventful day in Los Angeles!

Oh Yeah, by the way, I'll be heading to Florida in TWO weeks to see my mom and my uncles! I haven't seen my mom in over 6 months! Miss her lots! I'm so excited! I love that I'm going to one sunny stare to another sunny state! I can't come back to Wisconsin until it's nice outside! It's just way to cold there, right now!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ne-Yo likes KIM KARDASH!

Another Hollywood Adventure today! I headed to a newsstand right off of Hollywood & Vine, to pick up a magazine that I wanted. The newsstand was closed!? HUH!? I jumped on the bus and headed over to another newsstand on sunset blvd. They have pretty much every magazine you can think of, Including magazines that were printed in the United Kingdom! I purchased this new magazine that Kim Kardashian is on the cover of called, "HAUTE MUSE." In the magazine she talks about her adventures in Dubai and she has many photos in it from her last photo shoot! One of the things I love the most about Los Angeles is the newsstands that are all over the place! I love those newsstands just on the streets!

 I jumped back on the bus because I needed to head back over to Hollywood for a TV taping. The guests on tonights show were Katherine Heigl & Ny-Yo. The first movie I ever saw Katherine in was "Bride of Chucky!" I loved horror movies when I was younger and still do now. Another one of my favorite movies she was in , is "Killers." We waited for them to arrive. Both of them signed autographs on the way out. Ne-Yo was more than happy to take photos with us and sign autographs! I asked him who his favorite Kardashian is....and he said, "KIM!" AHHH! I was so excited! I told him that she's my favorite too! He said that "she's the most DRAMATIC....and the butt!" I love meeting other celebs and artists that like the Kardashians!(: As Katherine was leaving we thought she wasn't going to sign autographs because she was holding her kid! Turned out she signed autographs! Katherine is so nice, I was so excited to get my "Killers" DVD signed! It got a little CRAZY when she was signing autographs because there were no barricades! I was hoping to get a picture but I never did. But my picture with Ne-Yo turned out great! He was a super cool guy!

I love his autograph! It's neat!

After all that excitement was over I headed home back to North Hollywood. As I got off my last bus some guy across the street asked me if I could help him get on the bus.....but the bus wasn't even there yet! Yeah...I'm just going to wait for the bus to come and help you on!? UMMM....NO! This is LA you CANNOT TRUST anyone! He was probably going to kidnap me! It reminded me of some horror movie! I just told him that I had to go!

I have been wanting Kat Von D to do my tattoo for awhile now! I have been talking about it and even tweeting her! She tweeted me right back! Seriously she does some amazing tattoos! I'm seriously NOT getting it done by anyone else! No WAY! I want KAT to do it! 

Got home at 4am!

I slept in so late because I stayed up so late at the Golden Globes event! I didn't get home until 4am that day! It felt so good to sleep ALL day until I had to go to work later that night. I had a lot of energy after all that sleeping. I got to work pretty fast...like in 20 minutes because the busses actually came really fast! Some guy at work tried speaking to me in spanish again.... I told him I do not understand! But he continued to keep talking and asking me things in spanish! i worked a few hours that night and took the bus home right after. It was so cold outside! I only had a sweatshirt with me, I was freezing! I couldn't wait to get home and bundle up and wear comfortable clothes! I love wearing like 10 million sweatshirts when I'm at home! Even if it's hot out I like wearing a lot of clothing inside. And I CANNOT sleep without socks! I need to be wearing socks!

Khloe Kardashian landed in LA this morning, flying in from Dallas to attend a game at the Staples center because Lamar was playing the Lakers. I was hoping to see her but I was working so I had no chance of meeting her at the game. 

Monday, January 16, 2012


Award Season is just beginning! So many events are going on this month & next month! The Golden Globes were today, were many after parties were going on. I attended one of the After Parties in West Hollywood. So many guests and A-Listers showed up! Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt snuck in but were not seen. We did see George Clooney arrive. Meryl Streep waved to us as she left the party. A few of the kids from Glee showed up. So many people attended the party. We waited hoping to meet a few of the people that showed up. Glenn Close came right over by the fans and signed autographs. Glenn didn't want to take photos though, I don't think she likes pictures of herself. We waited like ALL night for people to arrive and leave the party! I was in West Hollywood until 3am! Cameron Diaz, stumbled out of the party very drunk with her hair out of control! Cameron turned us down to take photos with her and didn't sign any autographs. I guess she doesn't ever take pictures with people?... Heidi Klum was also at the event and IGNORED us! She didn't look, wave or say anything! I had a pretty good night was a few photos! It was a fun experience. I was hoping to see Angelina & Brad again though. I didn't get home until 4 am! I WAS EXHAUSTED! 

Here are a few photos from last night at the Golden Globes after party(:

 Gerard Butler! He's always so nice! He likes joking around too! He kept messing with us and saying that he didn't want to take pictures! But he did(:
 Matthew Morrison from Glee. This is my second time meeting him. He always takes time for his fans.
James Marsden was really nice. He was like waiting for us to recognize him! He was a little quite but really nice. He was more than happy to take photos with us! He played in the NEW movie HOP! 
 Michelle Williams was really sweet. Only a few people got photos with her, This was a few hours after she won her Golden Globe! 
 Jessica Chastain from "The Help"
Missi Pyle, has been in TONS of movies! Some of the movies she has been in are, Charlie & the chocolate factory, Dodgeball, Two and a Half men. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Angelina Jolie's Q & A

Another day waiting to try and meet Miss Angelina Jolie! I will wait ALL day to even just see Angelina! I love that woman! Something about her....she's classy and elegant and I love it! And those lips! WOW! They really are HUGE! I have seen them in person! Miss Jolie was having a Q & A in Hollywood this morning. I tried to get there as early as I could before a lot of people starting showing. We went into the Q  & A. But were thinking that we would have no luck getting autographs in there because the security will be SUPEr tight on Angelina! So we went outside trying to find the best spot to wait for her. She could either go out through the front or the back. Tons of fans & photographers were waiting for her. Tourists started to wonder what was going on too! I guess Angelina signed a few autographs going into the theatre but not many. Jolie went right in the front! HUH? Right on Hollywood Blvd?! I would NEVER expect that! I couldn't stay much longer because I had to head over to work. It turned out that I didn't miss anything! She went out the back and signed no autographs. But all the photographers did get their pictures though! Angelina was smiling and waving to everyone.

I was seriously considering staying for the Q & A. But I really wanted an Angelina Jolie autograph! I didn't get it today but there's always next time!(:

Saturday, January 14, 2012

W Magazine party!

I got up around 9 this morning. I got ready and organized my room a little, I had off of work today. I thought I would just head over to Beverly Hills(: I mean I live so close to Beverly Hills, why not just go there whenever I want. I took the subway over to Hollywood and caught a bus over there to get over to West Hollywood. I grabbed some lunch at Subway before one of my Beverly Hills adventures. It was pretty hot out today. As I got on the bus I recognized someones voice...It turned out that it was the 80 year old guy that flirted with me at a bus stop when I first moved to Los Angeles! This happened my first month living here. This was the guy who kept saying I was a cute kid, asked me if I was legal, and said that I must get a lot of tricks! UGH! I tried my best to hide from him and covered my face! I really didn't want him flirting with me again, and I didn't even want him to see me! Can you believe out of everyone, I run into that guy! OMG....I guess it is Friday the 13th today! I couldn't wait until he got off the bus!

I hung out in Beverly Hills for awhile and went to Starbucks to work on my blog a little. I needed to catch up with a few things and wanted to update some of my photos! I ordered a Passion Tea apple juice from Starbucks and it was delicious! YUM!

I headed over to the "W" Magazine party in West Hollywood. It's a fashion magazine so I was thinking a lot of good names were going to show up. I guess Lindsay Lohan showed up earlier in the day and so did Kim Kardashian. At some of these bigger events they have security so things don't get out of control. They had a couple security guys there. People from the new movie, "The Help" arrived, True Blood and many others. Not all the people that arrived wanted to be seen! John Mayer totally ran into the event looking like a bum and dodged the red carpet. Jessica Biel also showed up but she didn't interact with the fans at all :/ I had a fin night though and a headache. Here's some of the photos!

Rachel Zoe! She is an amazing designer! & she has her own show!
Kelsey Grammer! I'm sure you guys recognize him!
 Jared Leto.

 Janice Dickinson! She was like falling on me while we were trying to take the photo! She like hogging the photo! GEEZE! 
 Octavia Spencer "The Help"
Ann Magnuson She was seen in "Panic Room"
Liev Schreiber "Scream" is the first movie I think of when here his name!
Kirsten Dunst "Spiderman" movies!
 Mary Elizabeth Winstead "Final Destination 3" & "The Thing"

 Eric Stonestreet "Modern Family" 
 Matt Bomber
 Ryan Kwanten "True Blood"
 Rachael Harris "The Hangover"
 Tilda Swinton "Chronicles of Narina"