Friday, August 31, 2012

Jamie Lee Curtis run in!

Jamie Lee of my FAVORITE actresses! She is my absolute favorite! I have been wanting to meet her since I was young! I'm a HUGE fan of the original Halloween movies! The second Halloween movie is my favorite. I love when Michael Myers was chasing her through the hospital. I know they aren't the same as the originals, but I also like the Halloween remakes! Rob Zombie remade the first two movies.

I was out yesterday in Beverly Hills. I was with my friend we were driving, and we spotted Jamie Lee Curtis walking down a street near Rodeo Drive. She was texting on her phone and waiting at the light. I grabbed my friends paparazzi camera, rolled down my window and took photos of her waiting at the light. She never saw me! But she looked so paranoid! She kept looking behind her and wondering if photographers were around or even people were recognizing her. She crossed the street and I jumped out of the car trying to get close enough to her to say hi. She was too fast and already made it into the nail salon! UGH! I didn't think she would be that long so I waited around in the area. All I wanted was just to meet her! My paparazzi friend snapped some photos of Miss Curtis through the window at the nail salon. She got pissed and was yelling at the asian woman to shut the shades! She was going all crazy and pointing! My photographer friend said that she was going to leave cause I would never have a chance to chat with her if she was around because she's not a fan of the LA paparazzi!! It was just me when she walked out of the salon. I nicely said, "Miss Curtis." She didn't respond. I then said it again. I said it for a third time a little louder, I thought that maybe she didn't hear me. I then was trying to tell her how much of a fan I am of the Halloween movies and how she's my favorite actress! I have heard stories that she doesn't even like taking photos with I didn't even have my camera out or didn't even try asking for a picture. She practically sprinted to her car and totally ignored me! I got no wave, smile, a hii...NOTHING! Jamie Lee Curtis treated me like I was a creature on the street!! I was beyond disappointed in her attitude and how she treats her fans. I mean, I'm a HUGE fan! I didn't want her autograph or ANYTHING! Just wanted to meet her and say hii. Such a disappointment!

I mean basically she SUCKED in our money and we watched her movies, we bought them and now she's rich off of us! She doesn't care about the fans....she's a millionaire and thats it, thats all she cares about. It's very said to see celebrities treat their fans like this. Horrible! I am still a fan of the Halloween movies and will still watch them, and yes Jamie Lee Curtis is still one of my favorite actresses. But my Grama told me she will "NO LONGER BE WATCHING HER ACTIVIA COMMERCIALS!"

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kim, Kourt, Mase, & Penelope!!

Kim Kardashian heads to church an hour ago with Kourt, Mase, and Penelope! I just missed all of them leaving church together in Calabasas! Kim's hair and make up was perfect! Kim had her hair put up in a braid. Kim walked with Mason into church and Kourt held Penelope to her side. That would have been the perfect photo op! Hahaha.

Thoughts on their outfits? I'm loving Kim's make up! Are you guys liking her shoes?

Robert Pattinson in Hollywood!

I have been a fan of Rob's since meeting him last year in Hollywood. Rob is a SUPER down to earth guy. And geeze his hair is WILD! Rob has many WILD, ROWDY and OUTTA CONTROL fans! I really wish they knew how to control themselves! In LA last year when I met Rob, I got autographs and a photo with him. I even asked Rob who his favorite Kardashian was! Haha. I mean, he can't tell me he doesn't know who they are! They are on hundreds of magazine covers! He told me, "that it was a difficult one!"

I saw Rob the other day and it looked like he was trying his best to keep a smile on his face. I mean can you guys believe what Kristen Stewart did to him!? How horrible. Rob really loved her too. Rob greeted his fans the other day while he was out promoting his new movie in Hollywood. I mean it didn't really look like he wanted to sign autographs and stuff but he does it for the fans, which is great! 
Hang in there Rob....

Friday, August 24, 2012

"Hot in Cleveland" cast!

The other day, August 22, 2012, Valerie Bertinelli was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is currently on the show "Hot in Cleveland." Betty White is also on the show. Sure enough Betty White showed up to the event! i was so excited! That was my first time seeing Betty White in person! Betty sure gets around good for her age! She was working that Boulevard! I managed to get some photos of Valerie Bertinelli stepping out of her car and heading to the ceremony. Pretty much the whole main cast from the show showed up!

Jane Leeves leaving the ceremony 

 Miss Betty White! She runs Hollywood Blvd!

Christina Hendricks!

Wow. Christina Hendricks just left the hair salon the other day and her hair was super BRIGHT RED! Her hair looks great! One thing that I really like about Christina Hendricks is that she's not super thin. I like that she actually has curves...unlike a lot of woman in Hollywood. Do you guys agree? Christina actually HAS a body! Check out the photos. Christina was out with her friend at Melrose Place.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Emmanuelle from the show "Entourage," was out in West Hollywood at Melrose Place. Seeing her pulling up in Melrose Place, she totally looked like Emily Blunt at first! I was thinking it was her! I believe she went to a few shops in the area. Just Photographed her on the way in. She was wondering why so many photographers were was around the same time Christina Hendricks was in the area...that's why. Nobody was really waiting for her to show up but we randomly spotted her.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ashley Greene loves her fans!

Ashley Greene was out the other day promoting her new movie, "The Apparition." The movie is a horror film, I'm pretty sure it's the first that Ashley has done. Ashley came right over by the fans and started autographs right away! As soon as Ashley came over, I right away asked her who her favorite Kardashian was! I know, I know, I always ask that! I'm just curious what some of these celebrities think about the Kardashians! Ashley said, that Mason would have to be her favorite! Ashley was wearing a red dress, she looked great! She is always very nice to her fans in LA! I managed to get a few autographs from Ashley, one photo was actually one of her modeling shots, it wasn't from a movie.

Had to take a quick photo with this Kim photo that I ran into! 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Macbook fun!

Reality star Kim Kardashian posts a few photos, on twitter, Instagram & her blog. These photos are fun! Kimmie looks like an alien! I took a few photos too on my Macbook! Like them? 

My photo is in the TOP 3!

I joined in on the "Beckham statue contest," that they are doing on Instagram. I'm obsessed with Instagram so I had to upload a photo! There's seven statues of Beckham in the states....New York, LA, and San Francisco. Basically the most creative photos win the contest. The prizes include, 1,000 dollar shopping spree at H&M, a mini (foot tall,) Beckham statue, and signed David Beckham underwear from his new body wear line that launched in February 2012. This contest is perfect for me, wish me luck! I actually was searching some of the photos that people were posting online and I came across my photo on a website. It looks like my photo is in the TOP 3! In the beginning of the article it says how, everyone has the chance to "beat these characters," meaning, my photo and the two other contestants. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Khloe's on INSTAGRAM!

Everyone WELCOME Khloe Kardashian to INSTAGRAM! I've been waiting forever for Khloe to get an Instagram! It's about time she finally got one! I mean ALL of her family has one! She's already obsessed with the app. I saw on twitter 5 minutes after she got the app and she was already at 5,000 followers! The numbers kept increasing! It was CRAZY! Right now Khloe is at 685,000!! CRAZY! She keeps tweeting saying how addicted she is to the fin app(:

Kevin Jonas & Danielle!

Kevin Jonas and his new wife Danielle were out the other day at the Grove to promote their new reality show that airs soon. "Married to Jonas." Kevin is a true gentleman when it comes to taking care of Danielle. the interview didn't last too long, and right after they darted out! Kevin Jonas was more than happy to sign a few things for his fans. Some of the girls had magazines, books, and pictures of Kevin. I even saw Danielle sign a few things?...Ummm..Okay? I guess she is a reality star now? Whatever floats their boat! I managed to get ONLY a couple good shots of Kevin. The teen girls were CRAZY there!! Like CRAZY! A million iphones were out and everyone just stands in the way! Ugh. 

I thought this was a neat photo. I was trying to get both Kevin & Danielle
 in the shot and the girl taking a picture of them on her iphone. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beckham statues put up!!

David Beckham statues are being placed in H&M stores around the world! David has recently come out with his Bodywear line at H&M. He sells boxers, boxer briefs, shirts and sweats. The line first launched in London a few months ago. When David Beckhams golden statue was revealed he did a meet and greet, and posed for photos in England.

Also recently, popular shopping spots in Europe started placing HUGE H&M bags all over the city with Beckham's new underwear ad on them.

Golden statues of Beckham in his briefs will be placed at a select few H&M's in the states. They will be placed at stores in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Make sure to get your photo op with the golden statue. They are doing a contest for Instagram! You have a chance to win $1,000 dollar shopping spree at H&M, or even a signed pair of briefs. You know me with my Instagram addiction.

Kim Kardashian at JFK

Kim Kardashian was spotted at JFK airport a few days ago. Both Kim and Kanye West were both wearing black. Kanye, whats with the shark sweater!? Kim was wearing heels with sweats.You can totally see Kimme's boobs in the photos below! I mean whatever Kim wears she still looks amazing! All the photos of Kanye at the airport and out with Kim he's always looking down. I really don't think Kanye is a fan of the paparazzi!

A few days later Kimye flew out to Hawaii!
The couple stopped for some frozen yogurt. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


My amazing neighbor from my hometown, Greenfield Wisconsin was diagnosed with appendix cancer more than a decade ago. It's a very rare form of cancer. Although I understand her outlook was poor with survival chances being very small, Kathy fought on.  As of the current time, Kathy is in the final chapter of her life.  She is resting at home comfortably according to what I hear, now on pain meds and taking naps.  This is NOT Kathy. Kathy NEVER acted sick, EVER! Kathy never told anyone she was sick. She never let cancer win. According to my mom, Kathy had chemo for the majority of the past decade on a weekly basis.  Kathy went alone. Insisted of being in a curtained in area, took a nap for the treatment, never exchanged stories with other "sick" people, because you see, Kathy was not sick.

   I can't even remember when I found out that Kathy had this disease, as she had it since I knew her, however she NEVER acted like it.  Kathy lives life to the fullest.  She walks, gardens, took care of her mother (even walked to her mom's assisted living apt, threw mom in a wheelchair and walked back home, where Kathy visited with her, then walked her mother back to assisted living in the wheelchair, and Kathy turned around and walked back home!). All with a smile!
   Kathy is our youngest dog's adopted mom. Maggie Mae was an immediate love to both my mom and Kathy. Kathy and Gayhardt dog sat for Maggie on more than one occasion.  Prior to Maggies' arrival at our home, Kathy had a dog that she loved dearly. It was apparent as how she took care of Spud. Spud was definitely spoiled. Our 5 dogs would always run over next door to Kathy's house practically demanding treats! They have ran over there in zero degree weather! I would have to put a pair of shoes on and run through the snow to go get them. There has even been some occasions where Kathy's back door was open and one of the dogs would run right in her house wanting treats! Our dogs always act like they are not fed! Kathy would always spoil them like they were her dogs and give them treats and play with them. 

Miss Maggie Mae! 

Kathy you have inspired me. I know I don't see you as much because I'm living in California but I think about you constantly, I think about how much of a strong person you are. One thing that I love about you, is that no matter what your going through, rough times or not you ALWAYS manage to keep a smile on your face.

Kathy, you have taught me to not take life for granted and to live every day like it's my last. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hanging with Kylie Jenner

I had work in the morning the other day, like very early! I actually for the first time didn't struggle as much to get up for work. I worked from 8:30 am until 4pm. Right after work I headed right over to Hollywood! Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner were attending their friends surprise birthday party right off of Hollywood Blvd. I was going to meet my friend there but they couldn't make it. Kylie arrived with her two other friends. I started talking to Kylie and told her that I'm not some "hardcore" stalker or anything! I told her that I just have paparazzi friends! Kylie goes, "really?! How do they know! This is a surprise party!" I had to let her know because seriously I just saw her the other day! Kylie signed my photo and wrote my name on it! The photo was from the last time that I saw her in Hollywood! The photo that I got signed was the time that she posted a photo of us on Instagram! Right when she sees me, she totally knows me because she did post our photo on Instagram! We took a couple photos on my iPhone and she loved my case with Kim and Khloe on it! She grabbed my phone to look at it and I go "Kim looks naked in the photo though!" Kylie goes, "she probably was naked!" I started laughing! For real?! Did Kim's sister just say that?! Too funny! Her guy friend was nice enough to take the photos of us, and they turned out perfect! Like picture perfect! I like my celebrity photos that show the full body, instead of just our faces! Right when we were about to take the photos I took my glasses off and sweatshirt off. Kylie goes, "It's fine, take your time." I told Kylie how it was nice seeing her and to have fun(: Kylie's ALWAYS so friendly! I mean Kendall is very nice too but very shy! Kylie will totally talk away!

Chatting with Khlo Khlo!

Was running around Hollywood ALL day the other day! I was probably out for at least 20 hours! Crazy huh?! I Grama worries! I was having so much fun though! I took my friend Danny from work on adventures ALL day! He was able to see Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner. We even spotted Marilyn Manson entering a hotel on Sunset Blvd. We headed over to Kendall and Kylie's magazine signing that they were doing in Santa Monica. I was considering going to the signing but there were at LEAST 1,000 people there!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT!? I really had no idea that the "Jenner" girls had so many fans! WOW. They had so many people in the store that they had to start moving people outside!

After being in Santa Monica I headed over to where the "Jenner's" were having their "Seventeen magazine party." The party  was at a hotel in West Hollywood. Sure enough the girls showed up and I took two photos with Kylie! Kylie totally remembers me! I mean I have talked to her at least 4 times now! Kendall was really shy and practically ran into the hotel. But Kylie didn't mind chatting and taking pictures.

I came back to the hotel later that night after I found out that Khloe was there! I was beyond excited, I had to see my Khlo Khlo again! I waited outside the hotel a little in my friends car. I was watching for Khloe to leave. I saw Khloe walk out with her friend and they waited by valet. I JUMPED out of the car practically tripping in the bushes next to the curb! I went over by Khloe and said" hii Khlo Khlo," and hugged her right away! I asked how she was, and told her that she looked GREAT at the event that I saw her at earlier! She kept saying "why thank you doll." We talked for at least 5 minutes! I told Khloe that I was from the midwest. She told me she's been to Chicago before, and somewhere near Milwaukee. I then told her that I thought Kim was there...for one of the basketball games...but I couldn't remember which boyfriend it was with! Opps! Khloe said, "Yeah we put that WAY behind us, thats way in the past! Kim doesn't like when we bring that up!" We even talked about how perfect the LA weather is and how I'm happy that Khloe is back in LA. We took a couple photos on my phone. Khloe LOVED my phone case! She kept telling me how much she loved it and her friend liked it too. I told her that we had to do a "Kissy lips photo because I do them with Kimmie too! The valet guy had her car waiting there with the door open but Khloe didn't even mind just talking! She was in NO rush to get out of there. It amazes me that no fans or photographers were there! CRAZY! I will NEVER forget that night, such an  awesome 5 minutes of my life!