Friday, August 31, 2012

Jamie Lee Curtis run in!

Jamie Lee of my FAVORITE actresses! She is my absolute favorite! I have been wanting to meet her since I was young! I'm a HUGE fan of the original Halloween movies! The second Halloween movie is my favorite. I love when Michael Myers was chasing her through the hospital. I know they aren't the same as the originals, but I also like the Halloween remakes! Rob Zombie remade the first two movies.

I was out yesterday in Beverly Hills. I was with my friend we were driving, and we spotted Jamie Lee Curtis walking down a street near Rodeo Drive. She was texting on her phone and waiting at the light. I grabbed my friends paparazzi camera, rolled down my window and took photos of her waiting at the light. She never saw me! But she looked so paranoid! She kept looking behind her and wondering if photographers were around or even people were recognizing her. She crossed the street and I jumped out of the car trying to get close enough to her to say hi. She was too fast and already made it into the nail salon! UGH! I didn't think she would be that long so I waited around in the area. All I wanted was just to meet her! My paparazzi friend snapped some photos of Miss Curtis through the window at the nail salon. She got pissed and was yelling at the asian woman to shut the shades! She was going all crazy and pointing! My photographer friend said that she was going to leave cause I would never have a chance to chat with her if she was around because she's not a fan of the LA paparazzi!! It was just me when she walked out of the salon. I nicely said, "Miss Curtis." She didn't respond. I then said it again. I said it for a third time a little louder, I thought that maybe she didn't hear me. I then was trying to tell her how much of a fan I am of the Halloween movies and how she's my favorite actress! I have heard stories that she doesn't even like taking photos with I didn't even have my camera out or didn't even try asking for a picture. She practically sprinted to her car and totally ignored me! I got no wave, smile, a hii...NOTHING! Jamie Lee Curtis treated me like I was a creature on the street!! I was beyond disappointed in her attitude and how she treats her fans. I mean, I'm a HUGE fan! I didn't want her autograph or ANYTHING! Just wanted to meet her and say hii. Such a disappointment!

I mean basically she SUCKED in our money and we watched her movies, we bought them and now she's rich off of us! She doesn't care about the fans....she's a millionaire and thats it, thats all she cares about. It's very said to see celebrities treat their fans like this. Horrible! I am still a fan of the Halloween movies and will still watch them, and yes Jamie Lee Curtis is still one of my favorite actresses. But my Grama told me she will "NO LONGER BE WATCHING HER ACTIVIA COMMERCIALS!"

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