Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kim Kardashian promoting MIDORI

What a day I had today! I swear! Everyday turns into a Kardashian day! I slept pretty much the WHOLE morning! I just really needed to catch up on my sleep! I have been staying up pretty much all night the last few weeks. As soon as I got up I headed to Starbucks in Hollywood. I need my coffee to function in the morning, even though it was practically the afternoon the time I got our of my house.

I found out at the last minute that Kim was in LA for a few hours. So what do I do? Go and see her! When Kim's in town, I make sure I find out where she's at! I practically know her schedule! Kim is the spokesperson and promoter of "Midori." When ever they need to promote it she's the one that promotes it on the carpet and attends the events for it. Kris Jenner and Kim both showed up to the carpet. The energy when a Kardashian is on the carpet is powerful and a rush!! There's always so much excitement.   As soon as Kim was done on the carpet I made sure I was right there before she entered the event. Kim was more than happy to sign my photo of us! I brought along the photo that we took together at LAX airport. We talked about the possible DASH location in London! I asked about it briefly and Kim said that they were thinking about it. Then Kim's publicist Pearl, took our photo together. Pearl made sure Kim was positioned perfect for the picture! Kim told all the paparazzi and media, "NIKO IS THE BEST!" Because I see her all the time, I am truly a dedicated fan. The feeling is amazing! Having one of your favorite reality stars from TV say that to you, and a bunch of photographers!! The feeling is indescribable.

Then Kris came over by me, and she signed my photo that I took with her the last time I saw her. She was more than happy to chat. She was even messing around with the Midori drink in her hand saying, "Your not old enough yet!" She's awesome! I love her personality! She always looks great on the carpet as well as Kim. Kris will a lot of times go along with Kim to her events.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Clint Eastwood swore at me!?

Trouble with a Curve Premiere in Westwood, California. What a day this was... I headed to the premiere in Westwood not thinking at all that I would get Clint's autograph because he doesn't really sign! I was able to get Justin Timberlake's autograph though for the first time ever! He was super cool! I was hoping to get a picture with him but he wasn't taking pictures with fans. I also got a couple Amy Adams autographs. Amy is ALWAYS so nice and her publicist always manages to find the true fans(:

Right after the arrivals on the carpet I headed to where Clint Eastwood was eating dinner. I wanted to meet him and get a photo with him so bad! My Grandpa loves Clint!! As soon as he was done eating both my friend and I approached him. My friend asked for a photo and Clint said, "I gotta go!" Then my friend said it will be quick! Clint said in a grumpy old man voice, "I don't give a fuuck!" His publicist gave a surprised look and whent, "CLINT! Hahaha. It was too funny! I loved it! I mean I never got my photo with Clint but he swore at us!! Ahahaha. It was worth it. I'll never forget that moment. 

I'm on the blogs with Kim Kardashian!

I already posted my photos of Kim Kardashian and me at LAX the other day. But I ended up finding photos of us on the blogs and on websites! I'll post a few of the photos below! Are you guys liking Kim Kardashians outfit? Kim will be filming in Miami for the next couple of months, working on the NEW DASH Miami location! Looks like they are moving it to a bigger location, and changing a few things. 


Enrique Igesias filming Music video!

I have liked Enrique Igesias music for a couple years now.  I love his song, "I Like it!" I'm sure you guys all know a few songs of his. Enrique is from spain, really had no idea until the other day. Enrique was actually filming a music video in Hollywood! So happy that I went to where he was filming because it was so easy to meet him! The security did get a little CRAY CRAY though because of the few photographers and TMZ. I mean I'm totally fine with them being around, because there's always a bigger chance of me being in a video and in some photos! Hahaha. Enrique was toatally cool with us fans! He was more than happy to take photos with us! He practically grabbed me to take the photo with me! There's actually a video of us on TMZ! Something I noticed about Enrique is that he's ALWAYS wearing a cap! ALWAYS!

Enrique loves his fans! 

Sammy Adams.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bel Air house party!

I was able to get onto the carpet for this charity event that was held at a house party in Bel Air. I was right there on the carpet ready to see Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner! A few good celebs arrived to the event. Kathy Hilton was also on the list but she ended up not showing up. Nicole Richie showed up and was photographed on the carpet. As soon as she was near the interviewers she practically sprinted past them! I guess she doesn't like being interviewed! Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner arrived, and made their way to the carpet. Kris was practically being interviewed right next to me! I was loving it!! Haha. She was going down the line of people that were interviewing her. I was next....yeah I guess I looked like a reporter? Cause she came right over to me and I just started talking to her! I was asking her about the DASH stores. About the girls in Miami, and asking about a possible DASH in London that they have been talking about! Kris said..."WHY NOT!?" We quickly took a photo for my blog and she continued being photographed.

Later that night Both Kris and Bruce went onto the Farris Wheel that was in the backyard of this mansion! I mean this house was HUGE! We took a video and my friend took some photos of them on the Farris Wheel. Looks like they had a lot of fun. They didn't stick around for the Fashion Event though. They left right after.

Monday, September 17, 2012

UNFOLLOWED Lea Michele on Twitter!

Lea Michele! Oh Lea Michele!

Okay, I am the type of person who tells it how it is! Good or bad! You guys HAVE to hear about my experience with Lea the other night right after her "Nylon" magazine launch party in Beverly Hills. Okay I went a long with a friend that really wanted to meet her. I am really not the biggest Glee fan.... But I have seen Lea on a few magazine covers that I loved! I just went along to see how it would go! Lea "Instagramed" the location earlier in the day, so I mean fans were expected to show up right!? She freckin gave away the location of the event! Lea left the hotel/restaurant, was waiting outside for her ride to show up. She looks to her friend and says, "I don't want to take pictures with ANYONE!"There were like five fans waiting outside for her, even just to meet Lea or talk to her. Why assume they even want to take a photo with you!? She practically runs to the car, acts like her friends are talking to her and she's afraid to look up! My friend shows her the drawings that she drew of Lea. The drawings were freckin amazing! Lea goes "Awee!" My friend goes they are for you Lea! She says "thanks" in her fake voice. My friend was telling her how many times she's tried to meet her and how she wanted to take just a picture with her. Lea ignored her and continued to go into the car. I looked at Lea in the car, and said, "Can't you just take ONE picture with my friend, she drew you those photos and she would love a picture with you!" Lea just ignored me! hahaha. I believe it was the publicist, and she goes "she got the drawings!" I went "SOO!?" I told the lady that my friend just wanted a picture and Lea ignored her and thats rude! She went, well she had to go I'm sorry about that! I said, "It's always like that with Lea, she has been seen blowing off her fans many times!"

It just annoys the hell out of me how she treats her fans! This girl gave her these amazing drawings! At least take a photo with her in return! I mean Lea, it was your magazine launch event, aren't you suppose to be friendly! ONLY do it when there's cameras around! And there were NO cameras so why not ignore your fans like you do on your Glee sets in New York and LA!

The gorgeous Eva Longoria!

Eva Longoria had an interview at the Grove the other day, the same morning as the friendly Jamie Lee Curtis. So happy that Eva is much more friendly than Jamie! Haha. As soon as the interview ended we called Eva Longoria over by us and she was more than happy to sign a few autographs! I was able to get my Desperate Housewives DVD signed! I had like three items to get signed but security was bossing her around and telling her to only do one! 

Jamie Lee Curtis again!?

Okay I know now that Jamie Lee Curtis really isn't the nicest person! But I can't pass up going to try and meet her! And I've been wanting my Halloween DVD's signed! Jamie Lee Curtis was out promoting her "Children's book" the other day at the Grove in Los Angeles. It's funny how these celebrities are so friendly on camera, then when the cameras done recording their personalities completely change! As soon as Miss Curtis arrived at the Grove, she took a short cut to the stage that she would be interviewed on. She was trying to avoid as many people as possible! She was practically running to the stage! I managed to take a few good photos of her running around the Grove trying to hide from everyone! As the interviewed ended my friend tried asking Jamie if she could sign her Children's book. Jamie straight out goes...."NOO." How horrible huh? She was more than happy to take pictures with Mario Lopez and sign is book for him though! How horrible! Telling a fan straight out NO! WOW!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Keeping up with Niko!

You guys will ALWAYS be able to keep up with me! I have many different things that you can keep track of me on! My blog, apps, and twitter! You guys will get the latest Hollywood scoop! And you'll be able to see my photos with celebrities instantly! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kim Kardashian leaves LA for 3 months!

Kim Kardashian left Los Angeles international airport yesterday evening for NYC! Kim stepped out of the car and worked the airport like a runway! Kim was all smiles and happy like always as photographers snapped photos of her. Yes some people are liking her new wardrobe but others are not fans of Kim's new style. Many people think that Kanye has totally changed her style....completely.

As soon as Kimmie stepped out of the escalade I was there to greet her(: Kim's leaving LA for 3 months! She's going to be traveling to New York, Australia and London! Kim's flying to NY for a fan meet and greet with her two sisters, Australia for a Quick Trim event and to Europe for who knows what!? Maybe meetings for a DASH London!? How does this woman do it!? So much traveling! And please tell me how you pack for 3 months!?!

I greeted Kim as the man was putting her luggage on a cart. Yes, I do respect the paparazzi, I have amazing photos talking to Kim while leaving restaurants and other events, but they DO NOT run LA, and they DO NOT own the celebrity! I will not jump in front of their photos, but yes I will get my autographs and photos(: Kim looked amazing as she stepped out of the car. I go you remember me Kimmie right!?  She totally went, "YES, I  remember you," in this sweet soft voice! The paparazzi were so freckin loud, I had to practically scream to talk to Kim! I asked her about the DASH opening in LA, if there would be a carpet. And yes she was more than happy to take a photo with her favorite red head! Check out a few of the photos that were taken of Kim and I at the airport.

Monday, September 10, 2012

More autographs!

Another fun day of getting autographs in Hollywood(: What a LONG day! I love meeting the people from "Dancing with the stars!" Most of them are usually always so nice! But the regulars do get a little cranky! I have been getting their autographs too! I'll post some of the graphs here on my blog! 

Louis Van Amstel. Professional Dancer in DWTS.

Sabrina Bryan. Cheetah Girls! 


The Jenner girls attended a fashion show the other night in West Hollywood at the Beverly Center. One of the reasons Kendall was there was to launch her new billboard of herself! The billboard is all over LA and many advertisements are all around the Beverly Center. Kendall, Kylie, Kris, Kendra and Lucy Hale were at the event! Had no idea that Kendra was going to be there! The actual show was a fashion show. Pretty cool to see my first mini fashion show like that! Both Kendall & Kylie Jenner were on their phones constantly! Like they were attached!

Right after the event they headed to DASH LA, right before they headed to New York for the week! I missed the girls by literally 5 seconds!! Ugh! They took a few photos on the black carpet and took off!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ellen gets a STAR!

Ellen Degeneres just received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame a few days ago! Both Ellen and her wife Portia attended the event. Ryan Seacrest was one of the guest speakers. Ellen signed autographs after! I was actually SHOCKED because I have tried for her autograph before and she always had a CRAZY excuse not to sign! I would have liked a photo with Ellen...but no photo yet.

Ellen doesn't have the best autograph....but here it is! 

DWTS rehearsal!

Dancing with the Stars has started! Will you guys be tuning into the 15th season of Dancing with the Stars? My favorites, would have to be Val, Pam Anderson, and Derek Hough. I'll keep you guys updated with whats going on at the dancing with the stars rehearsal studios!

Ops. Almost forgot! Karina is one of my favorites too! She told me how she loves "Kimmie" (Kim Kardashian!) Karina also doesn't mind signing naked photos! She'll sign any naked photo you have of her!