Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Talk that Talk

RIHANNAAAAAA! THE PINK HAIR!!!! As soon as I saw photos of RiRi on the blogs with the pink hair I went wild!!! The pink looks good on her! The one time that I actually get right up to her and its actually NOT wild, I don't have my British GQ! Have youuu guys seen the cover? It's wild, she has snakes all over her. "Hey rihanna, I love the pink hair!" She replies, "Thanks baby." 

Like a runway

I swear wherever Heidi is at she carries herself like she's on a runway! For her age she looks great! I mean how do youu have a body like that after kids? And looking wrinkle free! I love her shades :D 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Coldplay in Westwood! Saw them for the first time perform! Wow.... Chris Martin! The venue was pretty small it was at Royace Hall in Westwood. I love when random stars fell from the sky! Hahaha. 
Thanks Roger for taking me in with youuu :) 


Sunday, May 11, 2014


Well isn't Chloe Moretz cute! I still cannot believe this young girl played "Carrie" recently. I don't know if youuu guys have seen it, but Chloe is "Carrie" in the new remake. I've seen the original too, I liked both of them. 

They have this really neat vinyl of Carrie that I need!!!! It's pretty bad ass! I need it! Haha. 

missing youu

I'm sure going to miss youu Raffella! Why oh why did youu have to go back to Brazil! We had lots of while youuu were here!!!! Please come back soon! Or maybe I can come to Brazil ;D  

Kim Kardashian VOGUE

My Kim Kardashian Vogue cover is signed! I absolutely love the cover!!! It looks great!!! Is it just me or do youu love Kimmie's airport look? THOSE SHADES! I love them!!