Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving guys. 

SOOOO thankful for the people I have in my life and all the friends I have made recently. Really youuu guys all mean a lot to me especially my family that is across the country. Unfortuntley I'm never with my family during the holidays because of being sooo far and working. And sooo thankful for the life I live in and the city I live in, I would have to say that Hollywood has changed me a little....

Lately I've been much more thankful and greatful for the little things in life. I mean youuu can't stress out about the small things, and sometimes I'm starting to think things happen for a reason....Not ALL things but some things! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mother Monster!

I have been having the best luck with Lady Gaga! For someone that made over 80 MILLION dollars last year she's soooo kind! I swear I didn't even ask to take a picture with her, she asked me?! 

I NEVER expected to get ALL the magazines I had with me to get signed....but it happened! I thought yeahhh maybe I'll get one signed, but she signed them ALL! I'm framing the Italian GQ it looks perfect! Gaga put a few little quotes on each one. 

What a down to earth lady! Sooooo kind for being such a HUGE pop star! She ALWAYS spends time with her fans(: 

Thursday, November 21, 2013


HOLY COW! I didn't know I had this many pictures with Austin Mahone!!! 

Young & Beautiful

Ohhhh Hiiii Lana! Gawd Lana is sooooo nice! Such a sweet down to earth girl!!! Lana will chat with youuu forever! She will talk and talk!! Why can't all people be as sweet as Lana? My new song that im addicted to is Young and Beautiful! The song is sooooo good! My girl Kim Kardashian loves that song too! But Summertime sadness will always be my favorite! 

Lana said, "It feels like I'm going to prom!" 


Ke$ha looking like a walking rainbow at the airport! I kinda like her hair, it's real wild and the sunglasses! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Jennifer Garner!

Jennifer was real sweet! She seems like a pretty down to earth lady....well it was my first time meeting her. She was more than happy to take a picture with me! Right after Jennifer was down promoting on a talk show she headed to dinner. Her driver was real wild....I don't think he even spoke english, and he thought he was her body guard? 

The New York Trolls!

Yes I do like these two girls, but they are VERY dramatic!! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen went out to dinner recently, and were dramatic about being photographed like always! I don't understand? Why hide? In New York they call them the two trolls! I guess they call them that because they are always hiding and running around NYC low key! I don't know? 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Jonas Boys break up?

The Jonas boys.....okay I like them and I think their songs are fun, but seriously the whole "Break up" is too much! I mean seriously? They are brothers that are in a group together! I mean I think the whole "break up" is a joke, and more of a thing for publicity! (Just get over it and get back together!) 

Ohh Paris!! My photographer friend was dying to take a picture with Paris but was a little to shy to ask, I asked for Blondie!! Paris was sweet like always! Paris told my friend, "You have always been sooo nice to me." Ohh myyy, Blondie was blushing! 

Selena Gomez in LA!


I had like the BEST time ever at Selena's concert in LA the other day!! SOOOO MUCH FUUUN! Our seats were in the front, we were pretty much on the "S" stage! We could touch her that's how close we were! Selena's opening song was "Bang Bang Bang!" I loved when she performed BIRTHDAYYYYY by far my favorite song! I went with a couple of my friends and Gio! Right away I had to get a tour book!! And sure enough right after the concert I already got it signed! Selena always greets the fans after every concert, such a nice girl. 

Ohhhmy gawd. I almost forgot! A few fights broke out during the concert!! Like with grown men!! And a few people were actually escorted out of the venue!

I think she's an angel!
Awww my girl!