Friday, March 30, 2012

Kylie Jenner photo is posted on CELEBUZZ!

Was surfing the internet and the blogs and discovered the photo of Kylie Jenner and I on the celebrity website, "Celebuzz!" How awesome is that!? I was like...SAY WHAT!? I'll post the photo below! Kylie Jenner is one of the first people to start "Instagraming." She posts photos constantly! If you guys aren't following me on Instagram, make sure to follow!! NikoTyler.

I headed to the Grove the other day in West Hollywood. Look Who I snapped a picture of arriving on a motorcycle to an "AeroSmith" performance! Mister Steven Tyler....looking old!! So much plastic surgery! Geeze! This was my first time seeing mister Tyler in person. The photo isn't the best because I took it on my iphone. So many people showed up to the performance!! TONS OF PEOPLE! It was CRAZY

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NEW DASH in West Hollywood!

The Kardashian brand just keeps expanding!! The Kardashians are now starting a NEW DASH location in LA! The new store will be in West Hollywood, on one of the most fashionable streets in Los Angeles, Melrose Ave. You have NO IDEA how excited I am for this store opening!! It's going to be HUGE! I have seen a few photos of the three sisters meeting at the store to talk about the set up. The Kardashians now have three locations. But they are planning on relocating their store in the valley to the one in West Hollywood. This new DASH store will now be another filming location! Hahaha. (:

DASH Miami. 

FANS crowded around the DASH in NYC to get a glimpse of Kim! 

They haven't even started designing the inside of the NEW DASH here in LA. Check back, I'll be posting all about the new location! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Khloe NO LONGER supports PETA!

I have been working 8 hour days at Target lately! I pick up ANY shifts I can. I have even picked up shifts of areas in the store where I haven't even worked in before! I mean if you need some money, why not take whatever area in the store! I learned how to "PUSH" yesterday at Target. Basically you get things from the back room at Target and you push them to the sales floor and stock the merchandise. You use a little PDA and it tells you where in the store that the merchandise goes, the aisle and everything! I did it for  a couple of hours before I left work.

Khloe Kardashian has announced through her blog that she will NO LONGER SUPPORT PETA! Khloe, stated that she will still NOT wear fur, but she will NOT support an organization that supports bullying! I totally agree! I mean EVERYONE of us is entitled to our own opinions and beliefs! But, bullying and throwing flour at Kim the other night, because she wears fur is SICK! The woman who threw the flour at Kim Kardashian the other night was a former PETA activist. I'm so proud of how Kim handled the situation and walked off the carpet brushed off the flour and returned 10 minutes later to continue the interviews for her new fragrance! Most people would NOT handle the situation like that at all! I have a feeling if that happened to Kim's younger sister Khloe, she would have BEAT the lady!

Saturday, March 24, 2012 NEW obsession!

Instagram is one of the newest, most popular apps on the iPhone! Basically you post photos and your able to tag people in the photos. Your able to edit the photos, and change some things about them. Its a fun way to share pictures(: You follow whoever you want on the app...friends, celebrities or random people!

Some of the MOST FOLLOWED Instagrams are...

Kim Kardashian
Kylie Jenner
Kendall Jenner
Justin Bieber
Jeffree Star
Kat Von D
Selena Gomez

Kylie Jenner actually started Instagraming the most when this App was released!

I'll share a few of some of my photos (:

FOLLOW ME: NikoTyler

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Kim Kardashian.....I'm absolutely in love with this woman! She is absolutely one of the sweetest people ever! Kim Kardashian made an appearance in LA this morning. I was there(: If there's a Kardashian event I'll be there! Kim was looking absolutely flawless like usual! She was kind enough to sign autographs for us. I was one of the REAL fans there, there were a few autograph dealers. We took a photo together and her assistant took the photo....the photo turned out perfect! There was NO sun in the photo this time because I was practically in her car! The photo I got last time turned out okay....but the sun totally wrecked it! I talked to Kim and asked her about the NEW DASH location here in LA. I asked if it was going to be on Robertson Blvd or Melrose Ave, because that's where they were looking. Kim told me that  it's on Beverly! I'm beyond excited about the store opening! The Kardashian brand just keeps expanding! I then asked if she could sign my magazine and my photo with me and her! She personalized my photo(: She said that she wanted to sign recent photos, well I had some of the most recent things! She also signed my "ALLURE" magazine, it's the MARCH issue! I was just yapping away to Kim, I mean she's my idol, she means the world to me! Right after meeting her I sent her a tweet thanking her for the photo and autographs! She replied like 2 minutes after I met her! DAMN KIMMIE! You sure love your fans, and seeing my tweet out of all of those followers!! 14 MILLION! 

I also wanted to say CONGRATS to my sister Bailey who lives in Wisconsin. She just informed me this morning that she got accepted into the Army! Kind of shocked that she made this decision but I support her 100%!  This sounds like an adventurous journey. 

This black and white photo of us is signed and personalized to me! It's hard to see in this photo though. This is going on my wall! Thanks Kim! 

WOW! When my iphone vibrated my heart dropped! I was beyond thrilled that KIM KARDASHIAN saw my tweet! Seriously after 2 minutes meeting her she sent this tweet! She has no idea how much she made my day! This tweet and photo with her means so much to me! Love you Kimmie! 

Miss Osbourne- HOOK ME UP!

Very busy day in Hollywood!! Got up and headed to an event in Hollywood. The band members from Motley Crue & KISS were going to be there. I managed to get an autograph from Nikki Sixx. He has some WILD hair! He stepped out of his black Bentley and started walking into the event. Both me and my friend got autographs. The KISS people showed up too in their costumes! I didn't think they were actually going to come in those! I also was able to meet Kelly Osbourne! I recognized her voice right away! I was like wait...thats Kelly! I said hi to her and asked her who her favorite Kardashian is. Kelly said that her favorite one was Kim! She said that she's the closest to Kim out of all three sisters. I told her Kim was my favorite too! Kelly was super nice, I would love to have her job! Working for E! going on all those red carpets!? I also got a photo with George Lopez! I went right up to him and said, "Mister Lopez!, do you mind if we take a photo together!?" He had his sunglasses on at first we took the photo...well I thought I was taking a was a video! This is the second time this has happened to me! I then fixed my camera to retake it, he patiently waited, saying "no problem." George Lopez is a very nice guy. He took his sunglasses off in the second photo(:

After that event I headed to work in the valley. I rushed out of Hollywood and headed to work! I had such an eventful day! I was pretty exhausted when I got home from work! I sure did get a lot of color too, and I really wasn't in the sun that much!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

American Reunion

Today was the premiere of  "American Reunion" in Hollywood! This actually wasn't the first premiere that they had, they also had a viewing in Australia a couple of days ago. Out of all the premieres I have been to this is one of the nicest casts! They were all so nice to the fans! I mean Alyson Hannigan is pregnant and she still signed autographs! She was more than happy to sign! Jason Biggs was also very nice! I took a photo with him, but right when it took he looked down! DAMN IT! He's a really outgoing guy, he liked all the attention! Sean William Scott also signed autographs and took some photos. The cast was so nice, they are all very friendly and actually interact with the fans(:

 Alyson Hannigan...pregnant and still signs autographs for fans(: 

 Mister Jason Biggs!
 Errrr. Right when I took the photo he looked down! Next time....
As I was waiting for the after party to begin, who was on her way to it!? Stacey Farber from DEGRASSI! I love that show! I was not expecting to see her at all! She's pretty in person and has red hair(: Gotta love the gingers. The Degrassi cast all lives in Canada so it's not that easy trying to meet them. I guess Stacey said that she was visiting LA for awhile. A few of the stars just walked to the after party because it was nearby. As they were walking, they were mobbed by autographers, photo-op people and photographers! It did get a little crazy! I was just happy that I was able to meet Stacey from Degrassi, that totally made my night.

Didn't stay much longer in Hollywood. It was starting to get cold! Way to cold, I couldn't handle it! I heard Miley Cyrus was nearby but it was to cold to be chasing Miley around. I headed back home to the valley! I was craving cookies! As soon as I got home I had some chocolate chip cookies! (:

Monday, March 19, 2012


I was planning on spending y Sunday just staying home relaxing!!....turned out working. I was just going to stay home and do laundry and clean my room but there was a call out at work. I decided to go in because I have off tomorrow. And it was only a few hours....why not just get paid since I was planning on just staying home and doing nothing. I wasn't leaving the house today because it was suppose to rain all day, but when I woke up the sun was out!? The weather looked perfect!...when I stepped outside it was a little chilly and extremely windy!! I almost blew down the street! I updated my twitter on the way to work and checked all the recent tweets. You know me(: I like the most current updates(:

After work I headed home...I was planning on taking the bus but a friend offered to take me. I will only take rides if they whoever is driving me doesn't have to go out of their way! I'm not having someone drive me all over! NOPE! I've told them too! I made it home just in time for the NEW Khloe & Lamar episode! I like that even though they are living in Dallas they are filming Khloe and Lamar. Lets hope the seasons continue. I want to see more seasons(:

My mom has been posting a few photos on facebook of my dogs that I really miss!

BUNNIE! Miss her so much! Cannot wait to see her in JUNE!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I'll be posting tomorrow night! I've been busy working and haven't had time to blog today :( but I have to post a few photos that my mom posted on Facebook! I miss my pets so much in Wisconsin!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I was able to sleep in again today! There was a Channing Tatum event that I was going to but it was in the valley near where I live so I didn't have to leave 10 million hours early for it. I love when they actually have events in the valley, I don't have to travel far to get there and I can get some extra sleep(: Channing Tatum was in LA promoting his new movie 21 Jump Street. I waited for Channing to leave the event. He was more than happy to sign autographs and take pictures! This is my third or fourth time seeing Channing and he is ALWAYS so nice! I asked him if he could sign my photos & movies and he did. I then asked if we could take a photo for INSTAGRAM! You guys all know that Instagram is one of the iphone apps and it's my new obsession! It's fun posting JUST photos and liking peoples photos. I'm addicted, I'm always doing it! We took our photo and it turned out perfect!! I love the photo! I posted a photo yesterday of us that we took a few months ago, and I looked so gross in it! This photo of us looks MUCH better! I love that whenever there are fans waiting for Channing he always takes the time for his fans! ALWAYS! He's a true, REAL person! He's not at all one of these FAKE Hollywood people!

Thanks for all the autographs Channing! My movies are signed! :D

Look at this ZOO! This was some sports player! His car was MOBBED! It was CRAZY! Someone almost got ran over! He did sign autographs though! 

Later tonight I headed over to Will Farrell's movie premiere in Hollywood. I had a few photos that I wanted him to sign. I thought I would go to the premiere hoping that he would possibly sign autographs. As we were waiting for the guests to arrive to the premiere, sure enough Kirsten Dunst walks right by us on Hollywood Blvd!  One photographer noticed her and started taking photos of her, then a few other photographers came out of nowhere and started photographing her. As soon as I saw them, I sprinted over by them walking down the Boulevard! I took a few photos, I would've gotten a picture with her but she didn't want to take photos or sign autographs. 
Will Farrell is an odd one! He just acts odd. He totally ignored the fans! I wasn't expecting to get a bunch of autographs but I thought I would try it out. Yeah didn't get any! I'm probably going to have these photos forever!! :P I was thinking about going to the after party for the premiere to see if I could get autographs there....but I had a long day, I just left. Got to go! Posting photos on INSTAGRAM! (:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

21 Jump Street Premiere

Met friends in Hollywood this morning for the 21 Jump Street Premiere! I really wanted autographs from Channing Tatum! I have met Channing before but I only got a picture that time no autographs, I wasn't planning on seeing him the time I did. I hung out with friends while waiting for the celebs to arrive. It felt like I got something to eat like a MILLION times! I was so hungry!...I'm never that hungry! I even got COLD STONE! YUM! I love the Ice cream there! It was around 6:30 I think....and the guests starting arriving. One of the first guests was Richard Grieco, he was in the original 21 Jump Street. Richard was very nice and signed for fans, seriously though, people were SCREAMING for him and going crazy and they didn't even know who he was! Like...really tourists? Really!? These tourists thought they were going to PUSH themselves up in front of me to get an autograph...ummm...NOO! Nice try though(: If your going to come to a premiere to get autographs you need to come early! I really don't care if your a little kid!...your NOT getting in front of me! Just Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum signed autographs.

After the movie started we headed over to the after party. I didn't get an autographs from Channing before the movie started. We waited outside the after party and sure enough, they arrived and signed! Channing is ALWAYS super nice! Jenna was really nice too! I was really the only person that wanted her to sign my "Step Up" DVD. She signed it then we went to take a photo.....I took a video of us!! I checked my photo later, and it was a FRECKIN video! Hahahaha. Thats embarrassing! Oh time Jenna(: I was happy to get my "Step Up" DVD signed by both Channing & Jenna though(: I was also able to get Ice Cubes autograph. He was acting a little odd, but whatever I got his autograph, the photo is from "Are we there yet?" 

Here's a few of my autographs that I got from tonight. Jonah Hill's autograph is so crappy! Really Jonah?!
Two of my favorite things...Starbucks & Hollywood(: 

Not the best picture of me & Channing Tatum! I look gross! This picture is from another event a couple of months ago! Channing Tatum is a little camera WHORE, look at him take up this WHOLE picture! 

Monday, March 12, 2012


Got to sleep in again today! I had the WHOLE weekend off from work! (: I love sleeping in and NOT getting up early! I'm just not a morning person! ALL! As soon as I got up I got ready and headed over to Studio City. I was planning on returning a pair of pants at Urban Outfitters....but I forgot to bring them! OOPS! I think I'll do it tomorrow before I go to work. I headed straight to Starbucks in Studio City, to work on my blog! I love updating it posting new photos and letting you guys all know about my daily California Adventures! I experience so many crazy things here daily in LA, and I have to share it all! I mean especially all you peeps in WISCONSIN! (: I was at Starbucks for a couple hours, I needed to catch up on some things and start searching for some jobs!

Later I met some friends there in Studio City. They grabbed some coffee and we headed to a celebrity Poker Event. My friend wanted a few of the Poker Players. We waited at the Hotel for them to enter onto the red carpet. I don't even know the Poker Players name....I think Danny something?...Anyways he's a professional Poker Player! We headed to Veggie Grill after at The Grove in West Hollywood. I swear I'm addicted to that place! It's just so good! I got the Chicken Wrap and Buffalo wings, yes they are all Vegan! I was so full after I couldn't even move!! We all headed back home to the Valley, and went home.

This meal is ALL VEGAN! NO MEAT! It was absolutely delicious! 

My friend that I used to work with in Wisconsin was visiting a friend in Jersey....She took a picture in front of SNOOKI'S car! LOOK AT THAT CAR!....only Snooki.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hung out with my friend Megan in West Hollywood today. We just hung out, got something to eat at Veggie Grill and walked around at The Grove. Veggie Grill is one of my favorite places to eat! YUM! Everything there is Vegan! All of their burgers and sandwiches are made out of soy! I think they only have them in Southern California but I'm not positive?... We ran into many interesting people on the bus! The busses were PACKED!! We couldn't even move! UGH! This one guy randomly shouted, "I NEED SOME WEED RIGHT NOW!" You run into the most bizarre people here in LA! Some of these people are just CRAZY! At the Grove we walked around and went into a few stores. I bought a Vanity Fair magazine with Paris Hilton on the cover. We then saw these asian kids that were dressed up really CRAZY looking that were walking around the Grove. I don't know if this was some sort of costume thing or they dress like this everyday!? I'm pretty sure that they were visiting from China though.

Later in the day I took a picture with Maria Menounos from EXTRA. Maria is beyond nice, I seriously love her! She loves joking around, she's really outgoing and her favorite Kardashian is Kim!! Before we took the picture together, she had me check her teeth to make sure she didn't have pizza in them! Hahaha.
Later in the night I headed over to a theatre in Hollywood to see if I could get photos and autographs from some of the guests that were attending the performance. David Hasselhoff showed up and boy is he a GIANT!! I cut his head off in the photo that I took! This camera guy from Australia was interviewing him and asking like 10 MILLION questions! I still managed to get my autograph and photo though(: A few older actors showed up, a lot of them I didn't even know! Later that night I ran into Denis Leary from "Rescue Me." He was a pretty nice guy, his wife took the picture for me! He kind of forced her my camera and she took it! Hahaha.

 Denis Leary (from Rescue Me) My mom is a fan of the show as soon as I saw him I had to get a picture with him. He looks much older in person than he does on TV. Don't ya think?

David Hasselhoff

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Feeling tired!...had a pretty long day today! I got up.... slept in because I stayed up until 3 am last night  :D I headed to Costco to pick up some photos for a few upcoming events and premieres. More photos to get autographed! :) I have met Channing Tatum before and he's a really nice guy but I don't have any autographs from him yet! I randomly ran into him before so I didn't have any photos or movies to get signed! I am now prepared and have a bunch of things! I have movies, magazines and photos! Channing is going to be in a couple upcoming movies so I thought I would get all my Channing things together! I went to pick up my photos...they placed them on the counter to scan had a BIG stamp on the envelope in red, "COPYRIGHT ISSUE, NEEDS RELEASE!" Good thing the guy who was checking me out didn't even notice so he didn't question my photos. I think he saw it, but just didn't say anything. I really didn't want to sign a bunch of paperwork!

Target went by fast today. We had a couple interesting guests though, that were out shopping and getting coffee at Starbucks. One 60 year old guy was flirting with me, asking about my personal life, and asking me what I look for in a soul mate!! CREEPER! That's super creepy, I don't even know you!! YUCK! Who does that!? He just wouldn't stop looking at me! Then this guy came in asking for pizza at the end of the night when we were closing! He wanted me to go in the garbage and get him a pizza!!!....ummmm...NO! Then he went around to Starbucks and was asking to have apple juice and bottled drinks!...he said that he would pay for it tomorrow! SECURITY! I really don't mess around with creepers! I call someone over right away! If your making me or someone else uncomfortable, I'm calling security over!! But still had an eventful day at went by fast!

Thought I would post this Snooki photo. Snooki is on on the cover of US WEEKLY announcing her pregnancy. Snooki just keeps bringing in the money! Really? She's so immature to be having a kid! She's a drunk, that doesn't stop partying! What a GREAT role she is on young girls! I think it's just all BS! My mom doesn't have anything to say about the Jersey Shore people...But she told me that it's just not right how a few weeks ago she straight out LIED to a prime minister or some big shot about her pregnancy!! I totally agree with my mom! That's just really messed up!