Monday, March 12, 2012


Got to sleep in again today! I had the WHOLE weekend off from work! (: I love sleeping in and NOT getting up early! I'm just not a morning person! ALL! As soon as I got up I got ready and headed over to Studio City. I was planning on returning a pair of pants at Urban Outfitters....but I forgot to bring them! OOPS! I think I'll do it tomorrow before I go to work. I headed straight to Starbucks in Studio City, to work on my blog! I love updating it posting new photos and letting you guys all know about my daily California Adventures! I experience so many crazy things here daily in LA, and I have to share it all! I mean especially all you peeps in WISCONSIN! (: I was at Starbucks for a couple hours, I needed to catch up on some things and start searching for some jobs!

Later I met some friends there in Studio City. They grabbed some coffee and we headed to a celebrity Poker Event. My friend wanted a few of the Poker Players. We waited at the Hotel for them to enter onto the red carpet. I don't even know the Poker Players name....I think Danny something?...Anyways he's a professional Poker Player! We headed to Veggie Grill after at The Grove in West Hollywood. I swear I'm addicted to that place! It's just so good! I got the Chicken Wrap and Buffalo wings, yes they are all Vegan! I was so full after I couldn't even move!! We all headed back home to the Valley, and went home.

This meal is ALL VEGAN! NO MEAT! It was absolutely delicious! 

My friend that I used to work with in Wisconsin was visiting a friend in Jersey....She took a picture in front of SNOOKI'S car! LOOK AT THAT CAR!....only Snooki.

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  1. You write very interesting about yourself! You know, I'm just not a morning person too! And you know, I am a big fan of poker! I play it very often, and most of all I like to play video poker