Thursday, January 30, 2014


Orlandoooo Bloom is such a cool dude 

This is like my third time seeing Orlando Bloom in Hollywood, and he is always sooo cool! How bad ass is my photo with Orlando by his bike! Hahaha as soon as I saw him jump on it I needed a picture!! He signed my pictures took his time and took his bike gloves off to sign them. Beyond friendly.

He's on the cover of a foreign GQ and I'm STILL waiting for it to be on newsstands here, it's the month of January but it's taking forever to hit newsstands! 

Love this picture! It's bad ass!!! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Iggy Azalea

Have youu guys ever heard of Iggy Azalea? Well she's from Australia, she models and sings. I have to say she kind of reminds me of Nicki Minaj. She raps and has a few songs with T.I. her music videos are pretty cool. Shes a newer artist. I was impressed how nice she was! I heard of her and all but never really heard any stories about her. 

I love when people photo bomb my photos! :P 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hellllooo Kim!

Hello Kim Kardashian!! 

Ummm have youuu guys seen Kim's body lately? Kim has been hardcore working out!! Kim's style has changed drastically! I love her new hair color she has had lately too. I was able to get my new international magazines signed my Kim the other night. Boyyy this woman is flawless. I mean even in person Kim looks just as good as she does on TV. I right away asked Kim, "Can my little mexican friend please take a picture with youuu?" Kim laughed and said suuure! Then as she realized it was me she went, "Niko how are youu!" I asked her how Paris was and stuff. Kim said it was "amazing like always." I always have great moments with Kimmie, moments I will never forget (: 

Just received this magazine like a week ago, there's a very limited about and I already have it and it's signed! I think it's going to look great framed! Thanks Frank for helping me get it! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Tyler Posey is such a nice boy!! Tyler will chat forever and do anything youu ask! Hahaha.Tyler was on the radio talking and answering peoples questions, questions mostly about relationships! I have to post the photos he signed for me, they are pretty funny! I'll post them later. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Golden Nights are always pretty random. I mean youuu see the most random people and the usual celebs that are always out! I was just happy to see Garrett Hedlund! :D What a nice dude! Ohhh and Zooey Deschanel does NOT always like stopping for fans!!! NOT AT ALL! Youuu can tell by Zooey's look in my picture! Zooey giving me the stank eye! RUUUUUUDE! Hahaha 

 Garrett Hedlund 
 Jeremy Irving 
 Zooey giving me the stank eye! 
Tipsy E L James. (50 Shades of Grey author) 
Robo COP! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Random day!

What a random day! Saw a couple random people yesterday! Eddie Redmayne and Lil Jon. Ohhh my I didn't know if it was for sure him....but these African American girls helped me spot him! Hahahaha. He's a super cool guy though real chill. 

And then Eddie was beyond friendly. People said that when he was out promoting "Les Miserables," he wasn't as fan friendly. But I really don't believe that at all, cause this guy is super nice! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Full House!

FULL HOUSE! I have photos with like nobody in Full House....Lori Loughlin is very nice. It was a little WILD though because 10,000 girls were waiting for Harry Styles for hours at end for him to show up somewhere which clearly he did not!!! Why ohhh why do they wait for hours and hours for somebody that's not even at the location? It really doesn't make sense to me! 

My picture actually turned out surprisingly with 10,000 girls in the way, not knowing whats going on....Do they even know what Full House is? 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mister Kellan!

Love this guy!! Kellan is ALWAYS sooooo freckin nice!! 
Kellan was out promoting his new movie, Hercules!! Kellan is actually Hercules himself, if youu didn't know that. I've only seen Kellan a few times, but he seemed to remember me? Right away he went, "Hey buddy, it's been awhile!" The first time I ever saw Kellan we talked for like 5 minutes in his magazine launch party, nice as can be!! Later after I was leaving with my friend and my iphone was stolen from me!! These guy ran up to me and snatched it and ran!! How wild!! In Beverly Hills!! After that experience I learned that youu CANNOT trust anyone.....even in Beverly Hills! 

Queen Paris

Queen P!! 

I swear sometimes the LA paps really don't pay attention! I mean Paris exits the restaurant a different way and nobody is watching!! Hahahaha. So my friends and I quickly talked to her and took some cuuute photos! Palris was eating and hanging out with Sean Penn.....kinda odd huh? (BTW this was my first photo of 2014!)

Look at those Chanel gloves! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Favs!

By far my favorite celebrity photos of 2013! I swear I wish I could relive some of these moments! I really wish people could experience some of the things I have experienced and seen in LA. Some of the times are indescribable, I did my best with short captions under each photo(:

Khloe Kardashian @ Katy Perry's concert! 
 Ran into drunk Tara Reid on Sunset! "Hurry lets take the picture!" (As the Jedward brothers were chatting with us.) 
 Finally Dexter!!!!! FINALLY! Beyond a nice guy. 
KStew.....I smell alcohol and Cigarettes. 

 5 minutes chatting with Lindsay Lohan on the streets of NYC? I wish people knew how sweet she really is, and how many lies the tabloids make up about her. 
 "WILL, WILL, WILL, Mister Smith!" I thought he was going to get away from me! But he came right towards me and was ready to take pictures! 
 Well thanks to Jennifer's driver that didn't speak english for taking this picture! :P 
 Didn't even ask to take a photo....she insisted no lie! 5 minutes with Gaga, the things people would do in the world for a 5 minute meet and greet with Mother Monster. 
 Ummm, Jim Carey tried avoiding taking a picture until my friend asked if he could smile with his mouth shout! (To avoid giving away the big reveal that he was filming dumb and dumber.) 
 Angel Selena!!!! "CUUUUTE." 
 Taylor always always always fan friendly. 
 My favorite 1D member!!! It only took flying to NYC to meet Zayn! 
 "Holy Shit Kim, long time no see stranger!" Kim replied, "Niko how are youuuu!" I think I peed myself this day. 
How can youuu not like being papped with Paris and River!! River goes, "There he is!" 

Friday, January 3, 2014


2014 is ALREADY here!! 

Geeez 2013 went by fast!! Like WAY to fast! I spent my first 2014 day with my friend Kayla who's visiting from Alabama....don't ask, I don't know why she's all the way over there in the middle of nowhere!! (Them and there damn Ice Tea!) We explored more of LA! I went to a few places I've never been before. I love how the second photo turned out with the palm trees! 

2014 should be a good year(: I'm sooo thankful for the people that made 2013 a very successful and fun year (: 

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