Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hellllooo Kim!

Hello Kim Kardashian!! 

Ummm have youuu guys seen Kim's body lately? Kim has been hardcore working out!! Kim's style has changed drastically! I love her new hair color she has had lately too. I was able to get my new international magazines signed my Kim the other night. Boyyy this woman is flawless. I mean even in person Kim looks just as good as she does on TV. I right away asked Kim, "Can my little mexican friend please take a picture with youuu?" Kim laughed and said suuure! Then as she realized it was me she went, "Niko how are youu!" I asked her how Paris was and stuff. Kim said it was "amazing like always." I always have great moments with Kimmie, moments I will never forget (: 

Just received this magazine like a week ago, there's a very limited about and I already have it and it's signed! I think it's going to look great framed! Thanks Frank for helping me get it! 

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