Sunday, July 31, 2011

Niko...doing choice!? WHAT?

I had to get up super early today, 7 am ! I am NOT a morning person at all! But I had to get to work by 8:30! I stopped at a Donut shop before work, I got a donut and a chocolate milk! Worked 8 hours and it actually goes by pretty fast when you work during the day/early morning. Got out of work at 4! I went right home to do laundry and dishes cause I really needed to do both of them. You guys are probably shocked that I mentioned doing chores!....Cause I won't do anything I don't like doing!! I had to Skype with a friend to ask what clothes I could put with what.....oh technology (: I was on Skype with a friend for at least 2 hours! I love seeing people on camera from back in Wisconsin. It's so convenient and easy....wish my mom could figure it out though! She still hasn't got Skype working! The weather was so nice today, it rained for like 20 minutes when I was at work, but that was it, the sun came back out. The weather is great here.

Watching the Kardashian's soon! Can't wait! (Still can't believe that Khloe Kardashian tweeted me the other day!) Definitely meeting them at their book signing in LA this November!

Going to "The Change Up" premiere tomorrow! Stalking Ryan Reynold's!...I NEED his autograph! I'll be posting pictures tomorrow. The premiere is in Westwood by UCLA. It's a really great area, I checked it out the other day. Check back tomorrow for pictures. Wish me luck! that I'll get his autograph!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rolling a joint at the bus stop!?!?

WOW. WOW. WOW. what a day! This was probably the most eventful day I've had in LA by far! OMG! I headed to Beverly Hills early this morning and walked down Rodeo drive, and then went to the Beverly Hills library. What a nice library! Beverly Hills is such a nice area, I would LOVE to live there. Checked out the library, and was going to find the Playboy mansion, but I would've had to walk a mile after the bus ride to that neighborhood. So Went to West Hollywood to get my hair cut. Took a bus from Beverly Hills to West Hollywood. So as I was waiting at the bus stop this woman asked me "Do I know you?" First thing she asked...and I said noo! I was waiting for the same bus that she was waiting for. She asked me where I moved from..I said Wisconsin. She said "I used to WORK Milwaukee!" She didn't say I used to work there, she said "I used to WORK Milwaukee! Like the corner!? Then she kept going on, how cute of a boy I was, and good looking....and how much she loved my hair...and kept admiring how handsome I was...Then she said, "You must get a lot of tricks!" OMG! This is going way to far! I just kind of laughed! Ummm. Noo! I am NOT a HUSTLER or a pimp! I will NOT be rented out, and you will NOT be renting me out! Then she said how she has interviewed many of the older stars and how she has done a lot of radio. I looked her up on the bus while I was talking to her. She actually had interviews on Youtube. She also asked if I was LEGAL!?!?! What the EFFFF! Who asks that unless you want to get into my pants! YUCK! So I looked her up online later when I got home to see if they were telling the truth. They were telling the truth, but it turns out it was an 82 year old MAN! AHHH! He was then like see you later honey! OMG what an experience! I then took the bus to Target in West Hollywood. The Target was set up pretty nice, it was on the second floor of a building. I bought 3 bags of stuff including Salsa! YUM! It was kind of hard taking all that stuff home, but I did it. As I was waiting for the bus on Santa Monica Blvd. I said next to this freckin drug addict! She was rolling a joint RIGHT NEXT TO ME! I never saw stuff like this in Wisconsin! Also at the bus stop I saw this man/woman like being really like sexual, and stressing and making sure her stomach showed. I took pictures, I'll post them!

Do I really look LIKE A HUSTLER!?!?! I DON'T THINK SO! Yep this is the kind of stuff that happens in Los Angeles!

 He or she? This was the person that was flaunting their body at the bus stop on Santa Monica. 

 And an LA Tours bus were ALL looking at her/he!?

 This is something I carry EVERYWHERE! I NEED my Burt's Bees!

 Khloe Kardashian Tweeted me last night! I asked her if they will be having book signings when their new novel comes out this November! This boy will for sure be meeting her!

 Finally made it to the Beverly Hills library. It's in a real laid back area.

This Beverly Hills sign has been seen in MANY movies!

Nashka. My friends dog that's in LOVE with me!(: She has been spotted today chasing a fox and she also spotted 2 deer! Move OVER Lindsay Lohan, Nashka's stealing the spot light from you on my blog!  

Friday, July 29, 2011

"I'm pregnant & I LOVE MEAT!..I'd eat that dog!"

Wow. interesting morning today taking the subway from North Hollywood to Hollywood & Highland....This girl had this GIGANTIC bag and asked if she could sit next to me, and I said that was fine. She told me that she's moving...Then she asked me if I wanted some of her hand sanitizer. I was like, No thanks. Then She said that it was time for her to eat her breakfast. Her breakfast was a tamale! IT looked really good, I'll have to get one tomorrow. She said that it was a cheese tamale. YUM! I want one right NOW! She said that she loves MEAT! & that she's pregnant and can't STOP eating! She even said while pointing to to someones dog on the subway, "I'd even eat that dog right now!?!?!" Who says that?! (Unless your from China, and have dogs hanging at your local farmers markets! Went to Westwood today to check out one of the movie theatre's there, where they have movie premieres at. The "Change Up" with Ryan Reynold's is going to take place there Monday! This boy will definitely be going! I NEED an autograph from him! I'm so EXCITED! I found Westwood but not that easily because I was taking the bus east instead of WEST! How stupid of me!! It's Westwood! (Hence, the word "WEST") But after I figured out the direction I needed to go it was easy to get there. UCLA is in Westwood, so that was pretty easy to find. This is super CRAZY, ya gotta here this story! So, I was at the Grove earlier and then went to Westwood, and I was at a bunch of other places. When I went to go get my Starbucks coffee in Westwood and left and was walking to the bus, this girl approached me saying, "Hey youuu!" (As she's running after me and chasing me! I was thinking that maybe I dropped something and she picked it up?... She was like "I know this is WEIRD question, but were you at the Grove today?" WHAT? haha. I was like yeahhhh! She said that she has seen me 3 times today!! & she remembers me from the Grove because she was thinking that she liked my shirt! How weird is that? Seeing someone 3 times in LA! and they were all at different parts of the city! Were now facebook friends, I mean runnning into someone 3 times has to mean something!?..She was like "my friends think im Crazy for running after you!" That is so crazy, I just can't get over that. Went to Hollywood Blvd, later that night, and was creeped out by a CREEPY Barney again...

 Cake batter ice cream is my absolute favorite! YUM!

 West Coast(:

You would think after reading these directions on my iphone, I would have went WEST! I'll NEVER make that mistake again. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reading off the bible in NoHO!?!?

Had a very eventful day in Los Angeles yet again!! So much to do here, I SWEAR! Geez! I haven't taken ONE nap! And if you know me well, you know I LOVE my 4 hour naps!! Worked until around lunch tome and headed off to Hollywood. I went shopping at H&M and bought some new clothes. Hollywood Blvd was CRAZY cause of the Planet of the apes movie premiere. James Franco walked the red carpet and Tom Felton also walked the carpet. Tom Felton was very friendly and crossed the street to take pictures with fans. The fans went WILD for him. James Franco didn't even cross the street to sign for the fans or even wave to us!? RUUUDE! So much press and the media was at this premiere, it seemed like more than 'Captain America.' People were in ape costumes walking around Hollywood Blvd. and PETA were holding up signs saying, "APES LOVE CGI." It was pretty funny. Lady Gaga was performing on Jimmy Kimmel so it was also crazy in Hollywood because of this. There were so many Little Monsters waiting to enter, to see Gaga perform! As I was walking back to the subway. A CREEPY Barney was trying to talk to me! LEAVE ME ALONE! He was so creepy! I'll definitely start taking pictures of those characters for you guys!

Didn't take to many pictures today because I forgot the premiere was today and just showed up! Just took a few pictures on my iphone.

 Capital Records on Hollywood/Vine. Building resembles a stack of records with a needle on the top. 

'Rise of the Planet of the Apes" premiere.
The red carpet being set up.

 The crowd went absolutely WILD for Tom Felton! It was OUT OF CONTROL! Ton Felton plays in the Harry Potter movies. And my London traveler buddies swear that we saw him at the Chicago airport! But I'm not sure if it was him or not.

 More CHAOS! 

This tiny group of people have been reading off things from the bible and preaching....he stands on a stool and rambles on and on....he even has a microphone thats hooked up! And there are also people that hand stuff out. I guess they just KNOW im NOT religious! Cause they run right to me! 


Skyped for like 3 hours tonight with my asian friend in Wisconsin! I love actually being able to see people when I talk to them! It's awesome! It would be nice if my mom could actually get Skype working! And Bailey has no CLUE how to work it! (Shes not all that good with technology!) Worked 8 hours today and working tomorrow at 9 am. It's 2 am LA time and I'm still up! I'm such a night owl! I stay up so late everyday! I'm sure I'll NEED Starbucks tomorrow!! I get out at like 1:30 So I'll be doing more exploring! I'll blog tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Had a great day today! Target was super busy as usual! I worked like 8 hours today. I've been working so much lately. I'm going to have some extra money after I pay my rent :D Urban Outfitters? Louis Vuitton? I can't help it! I like shopping! After work I headed to West LA to go to Whole Foods! Whole Foods is one of my favorite places to buy food! They have everything I LOVE! They have a much better selection of vegetarian foods in Los Angeles! I think it's because there's so many of them here! I got a black bean veggie wrap and a WAT-AAH! I have a CRAZY fascination with water bottles, it's more like a crazy obsession! I had to get this bottle, and I will be going back for the rest of the colors! My favorite kind of water is VOSS! It's in a glass bottle, Lindsay Lohan has been spotted holding it.(: My babysitter when I was younger had one, and I remember loving it so much! She had a CRAZY obsession with water too! While walking on Hollywood Blvd. they have so many CRAZY people in costumes! If you are visiting the Los Angeles area in the future do not give them money! They beg for TIPS! It's so rude! They want all the asian tourists that really don't speak english to tip them. Every time I     see them taking out money I tell them, "Don't give them MONEY!" Can't help it I'm opinionated! (:


Monday, July 25, 2011


Worked at Target today, and BOY am I exhausted! Such a BUSY Target! I'm really trying to get into the Starbucks there! I mean I am a Starbucks ADDICT! I just might need intervention! or rehab for drinking so MUCH Starbucks! It's like a drug, and it's SO good! MMM. They have the BEST WHIP cream too! I work at Target tomorrow morning. The people there are so nice, I love meeting new people. The Mexican's can be hilarious! I'll start talking to someone and then they'll go, "NO ENGLISH!" I'm like ohhh! It's kind of funny! Some people speak english and spanish and some just speak spanish! I love when people try giving me attitudes! I really love it when I cashier, especially at the Target in New Berlin! One lady told me to "kiss her ass!" cause I told her to have a good night(: So this lady today, wanted the Pizza, breadsticks, medium soda combo. But she wanted a Smoothie instead, I told her it's not the combo then and its going to be more! She was like "can i just pay the difference?" I explained to her again that it's NOT a combo if you want a smoothie! But I rang it up and I told her, her total. And she asked with an attitude, "How did it go from 5 something to almost 10 dollars?" I explained to her's NOT the combo!! I asked her..."Did you still want to purchase this order, before we completed everything? And she kind of was back offish, and was like "I guess?" (With more of an attitude!) So I rang up the order, she payed I was nice to her through all of that, and I gave her, her stuff. She asked for my name...(thats never a good sign!) I told her "NIKO" loud and proud!(: Complain about me I did nothing wrong(: I also told her to have a good night. (She never said "kiss my ass," So I guess thats a plus!) I hate when they try and make you feel guilty and give you an attitude. Ummm, NO! It's your decision  of what you want to order, I didn't make the prices I'M NOT FRECKING PIZZA HUT! So get over yourself, and get over it! Really if this is your biggest problem in life you really need to GROW UP! Like really? People have much bigger problems in life then your STUPID COMBO!

I love people! #Sarcasm

Starbucks GOODNESS! 

I Got home at like 11:00 and had my favorite!, Tuna bagel sandwich! YUM!

Good night world! I have to wake up early. 8:00 LA time.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


 Worked with some in Food Ave today they I just met today. She was really nice and she usually cashier's, but they needed extra help because someone called in. I HATE when I get the "giggles" and they're just uncontrollable! I went to go get someone a bag of popcorn and the whole front of the popcorn machine fell off and ALL the popcorn came pouring down, onto the floor!! I was so embarrassed! And I kept laughing, because it was so disastrous! OMG! what a mess! And it was super busy! And people still wanted that fatty popcornI got out of work earlier than I usually do because, Target closes earlier on Sundays. But I had a pretty exciting day today at Target.

I love my Pillow that my Mom got me with my matching City picture!
My mom sure knows how to decorate!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

RAN OVER by an electric wheelchair!

Had a pretty exciting day today! Got up at 10, got ready and headed to the bus stop. Took the bus to the North Hollywood station, then to Hollywood & Highland then to Fairfax & Santa Monica. One of my favorite Starbucks is on that corner! Plus that bus that goes down Santa Monica takes you right to Beverly Hills. So it's super convenient. And it takes you to Santa Monica beach. Got a drink at Starbucks and checked my Twitter. I love my coffee, from Starbucks! I took the bus to Beverly Hills, and walked down Rodeo drive and Beverly Drive. I love stopping at my favorite store! (Louis Vuitton!) I'm working on saving up for my travel accessory!! I then went to Camden drive which is a few streets over, I wanted to see if I could spot any celebs at Mr. Chow. Didn't see any, they were closed!....again! Went back to Santa Monica Blvd, took the bus there. Someone on the bus smelled like PEE so bad! I was like vomiting along with the other 20 passengers! I got off on the next stop and took the next bus! I went to another Starbucks in West Hollywood. I had to get my $2.00 grande drink! I love this summer deal. I walked around for a while, and pasted a park with a bunch of animals at it, found the West Hollywood Sheriff's station & saw a sign for the library, but never found it. I went to Whole Foods, and picked up dinner. Already made spinach & shells. YUM! It was delicious. They had so many healthy things that I love! Tofu wraps!! If you don't ever know what to get me? WHOLE FOODS, GIFT CARD! I took that to Hollywood & highland and ate it there. It was so busy there cause it's the weekend. GEEZ! So many people! I really don't go to those Starbucks in that area, cause they are CRAZY! When I was getting off the subway this man was running everyone OVER! He was a CRAZY FRECKIN MANIAC! I had to DODGE him cause he was running everyone over! I don't care if your in an electric wheelchair, you don't just RUN people over! How RUDE! ughh!

A building they were painting in West Hollywood.

Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills(; 

Someone on the bus. 

I'm off August 1st, which is the "Change Up" movie premiere with Ryan Reynold's! I NEED his autograph! Can't wait to go! I'll definitely be posting pictures! Make sure to check back!!


My day was pretty laid back today until I was done working! I started work at 3 & ended at 9:30ish. I went on my first bus and thought I got off to early, I didn't recognize the area because it was so dark out. I walked left instead of right! My next bus stop was about 100 feet to the right!!! & what way do I go?!?! I go FRECKIN' left! I walked about 3 miles towards that direction! Passing "LIVE NUDE GIRLS" clubs, Pawn Shops, Adult book stores! I didn't recognize any of it! And I for sure never saw the "NUDE GIRLS CLUB" with all the BRIGHT neon lights before! I saw a patrol cop and asked him if I was near Laurel Canyon. He said it's about 9 blocks the other direction! I was exhausted! You think he could of given me a ride! He was to busy on facebook and the computer!!! I missed the last bus! So i ended up walking all the way home! UGHHH! My feet are still sore! Still can't believe that I was that STUPID! My boxers were giving me such a WEGIE! I was walking super fast! I just wanted to get home! Finally made it and had water and SALSA! my favorite!(:

Tan in Los Angelesssss.

My plaid boxers that were giving me such a WEDGIE!!

I have off tomorrow! I'm thinking West LA! We'll see(:
Beverly Hills & West Hollywood?
More updates tomorrow!

Anyone want to see pictures from anything specific? Let me know!(:  

Friday, July 22, 2011

Brushing your teeth on the bus?!

I had off today so I had another day of exploring! Went to West LA today! I Love West LA! West Hollywood & Beverly Hills are awesome places. I took the bus from the subway station on Hollywood & HIghland. As I was riding the bus, this lady starting brushing her teeth on the BUS! OMG! I was SHOCKED! I was SUPER FREAKED out! Brushing your teeth on the bus!? Only in LA will you see someone brushing their teeth on the the bus! I headed to West Hollywood, and went to a Starbucks there. Walked around for a while then went to Beverly Hills. I FINALLY FOUND Mr. Chow! Mr. Chow is a well known restaurant, where the stars dine at. Mr. Chow is a paparazzi hotspot! Didn't see anyone when I went outside of it because they were closed until 6pm. They are open for a few hours during lunch and then dinner time. I walked around Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, I love looking at all of the stores and walking up and down the streets there. Also walked around a nearby park. I also met a lady that works for Wells Fargo in Beverly Hills . She has high end clients! She said that you have to have at least a million dollars to bank with her! She couldn't name them though. Beverly Hills is such a nice area. If your ever in the LA area you HAVE to go look around Beverly Hills! 

 Starbucks in Hollywood.

 Beverly Hills. (Tons of asian Tourists!)

 Hollywood & Highland. New Heidi Klum advertisement.

 MMMM. This was so good. It was called "Half & Half" Fudge, cookies, chocolate cupcake!

 Gloria, sent me this card that she made! It's awesome! Don't ya guys think?!

My treat receipt! All summer Starbucks is doing this. You can come back to any Starbucks a second time and receive a Grande iced drink for only $2! What a deal! What it makes me go to Starbucks more often! What an addiction I have!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Totally forgot to mention this yesterday in my blog post! When I was waiting for the bus, I was on the phone & I see a little train of rats! The rats were coming up from the sewer and running into a nearby bush! I was FREAKING out! AHHHH! That's so creepy! I was scared to death!

The view's in LA are absolutely amazing!

I worked from 3 until 10 today, I'm pretty tired. I have off tomorrow, so I'm going to go on another adventure somewhere, and Starbucks! I'm craving Starbucks right now!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Captain America Premiere! CHRIS EVAN'S!

Worked at Target kind of early today. 10 am! I had to get up at 8! I'm NOT a morning person! I'm more alive at NIGHT! Target went well, met more people there, all of them are really nice. And I love that we have a Starbucks there! I got 2 today! YUM! I got out of work at 3, and headed over to Hollywood blvd, for the Captain America Premiere. This was my first time going to a premiere! They BLOCKED over the whole street for this premiere! I mean it is the first showing in the world! So it's a pretty BIG deal! The carpet was red, white and blue, matching the theme of the movie. They had barricades blocking off all the sidewalks. TONS and TONS of fans and tourists were piling up against the barricades! I looked around and decided where I wanted to go, and the spot I picked was swarmed with Paparazzi! So looks like I picked a pretty good spot! I wanted to go near a palm tree too, because people get NUTS! A lot of the stars that walked the carpet, I really didn't know, but they were staring in the movie, so I snapped pictures anyways. But other's that walked the carpet were...Jesse Metcalfe, Samuel L. Jackson, Idris Elba, Francia Raisa (life of an American Teenager), Chris Evan's, Chris Hemsworth, Original Captain America, Kevin Smith and "90210" star "Matt Lanter." I had so much fun seeing all the stars! I loved all the flashes as they walked down the carpet! I LIVE for this stuff! I was there for like 4 hours waiting to see everyone.
 Jesse Metcalfe.

 Chris Hemsworth. 

 Jesse Metcalfe, signed for fans & took pictures. 

 Star of "Life of an American Teenager"

 Samuel L. Jackson also attended the premiere, but didn't sign any autographs.

 Chris Evan's! Star of the movie! Only signed 4 autographs!

 Disney channel star.

 Idris Elba was in "Obsessed" with Beyonce!
Signed autographs.

 Met the Original Captain America!
Took a TON of pictures with fans!

 THE Robert Downey Jr!

 Matt Lanter, star of 90210

 Miss USA & Miss California 

Kevin Smith "Jay & Silent Bob" was also in a couple Degrassi the next generation episodes. 

Had so much fun at this premiere! I LOVED seeing all the stars on the carpet! It was FRECKIN awesome! I've been running into the CRAZY autograph collectors all the places that I have been going now! All these autograph collectors that I have read about online, I am now seeing them in person! It's so weird! I absolutely  love LA. This is where it's at!(:

please leave comments if you know who some of the people are that I didn't label! Thanks guys!