Saturday, July 23, 2011


My day was pretty laid back today until I was done working! I started work at 3 & ended at 9:30ish. I went on my first bus and thought I got off to early, I didn't recognize the area because it was so dark out. I walked left instead of right! My next bus stop was about 100 feet to the right!!! & what way do I go?!?! I go FRECKIN' left! I walked about 3 miles towards that direction! Passing "LIVE NUDE GIRLS" clubs, Pawn Shops, Adult book stores! I didn't recognize any of it! And I for sure never saw the "NUDE GIRLS CLUB" with all the BRIGHT neon lights before! I saw a patrol cop and asked him if I was near Laurel Canyon. He said it's about 9 blocks the other direction! I was exhausted! You think he could of given me a ride! He was to busy on facebook and the computer!!! I missed the last bus! So i ended up walking all the way home! UGHHH! My feet are still sore! Still can't believe that I was that STUPID! My boxers were giving me such a WEGIE! I was walking super fast! I just wanted to get home! Finally made it and had water and SALSA! my favorite!(:

Tan in Los Angelesssss.

My plaid boxers that were giving me such a WEDGIE!!

I have off tomorrow! I'm thinking West LA! We'll see(:
Beverly Hills & West Hollywood?
More updates tomorrow!

Anyone want to see pictures from anything specific? Let me know!(:  

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