Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011!

Wow! It's almost 2012! Unreal! This just feels unreal! I will be posting for the new Year tomorrow! And some of my favorite photos from 2011! I'll make sure to post a few of my favorite celebrity photo ops! One of my favorite photos is probably my Kim Kardashian one!

Okay I'll Post tomorrow(: bye guys(:

Friday, December 30, 2011


Relaxed ALL day today because I wasn't feeling good. I called out of work because I was feeling dizzy again. I was actually on my way to work but was feeling sick and turned right around. I was really trying to make it to work! I got subway on my way to work but just felt horrible still. The weather was super nice out! It felt good to be outside, to bad I wasn't feeling good. I went home and fell asleep on my bed, I just wanted to lay down. I slept a few hours then got up and watched The Kardashian's. I did some of my laundry too. I really needed to clean and organize a little, cleaning always makes me feel better! I think I'm a NEAT FREAK because of my mom! I just love organizing, I can't help it! 

I found this photo on my mom's facebook. This photo was taken in June 2011. This was 6 months ago, when both me and my mom were visiting California and looking for a place for me to live. Who would've thought I have accomplished so much in 6 months! WOW! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

POP Phone!

I LOVE my NEW little gadget for my iphone, ipad, ipod, can pretty much hook it up to anything! The NEW POP phone is one of the HOTTEST things in Los Angeles. It's being pretty popular. I got the phone at Kitson the other day on Robertson Blvd. While I was celeb searching the other day, I was just talking on my BIG BLUE PHONE! It's awesome! I love it! So many people look at my CRAZY phone!

Many celebs have been spotted with the POP phone!

I left work today because I got sick at work! UGH! Horrible! I have NEVER threw up at work! I guess there's a first for everything! I was feeling a little faint at work. I went on my lunch and all of a sudden I ran to the bathroom because I felt like I was going to faint! I then felt like I was going to puke! Sure enough, I threw up! YUCK! Good thing it wasn't disastrous! I bought some apples because I was just craving apples!! I was craving apples & water!! I still am! I then had to leave work, and waited 53 minutes for the first bus to come!! That's CRAZY! I was so pissed! I then waited another 26 minutes for the second bus to come!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My RUN IN with J LO!

Set my alarm for 6am to head to Beverly Hills with friends. I usually don't get up this early, but for celebrities I will!(: I met my friends in Hollywood and grabbed Starbucks(: the usual! We got to Beverly Hills around 8am. We figured that a lot of these celebs would be getting breakfast or coffee. We didn't see anyone! We headed to Rodeo Drive, and already found out that Jennifer Lopez was shopping in Valentino! We headed right in the store. I just wanted to at least say hi to Jennifer Lopez. The body guard was blocking the area of the store she was in. I peeked over him and said, "Hey Miss Lopez!" She smiled and said "Hi," and asked, how I was!(: Jennifer Lopez talked to me! WOW! AWESOME! We then left the store and over heard them saying that they were going to take her out the back. We ran outside and went right to the back of the store. Sure enough J LO came right out in her sweat suit. There were four of us and we asked if we could take a photo. J LO replied and said, "Sorry guys no it's Christmas, I'm relaxing." Yeah I really wanted a photo with her but I mean she is shopping and she gets asked things EVERYDAY! So everyone took some photos of her and video, and we waved bye to her as she was driven away in her white Bentley. We then wandered around Beverly Hills looking for more celebrities. We were waiting in front of a VERY popular nail salon and Kathy Hilton casually walked by, all 5 of our cameras jumped up so fast to get the shot!! Kathy was talking on the phone and had a few shopping bags in her hands. I was going to ask for a photo but thats a little rude when she is on the phone! I did get a few frames of her walking down the sidewalk.

Had such a long day in Beverly Hills! I was EXHAUSTED from all the walking around and trying to spot people! I headed home with another photographer, we jumped on the subway and headed home. He showed me a much easier way to go home from Beverly Hills. It wasn't even that late but I was just so tired, I felt like a ZOMBIE! I went to bed at 10PM! I NEVER go to bed that early! I usually go to bed at like 2 or 3! I had a great day though today in Beverly Hills(: Gotta love LA.

These dogs were all hanging out in the Range Rover in Beverly Hills!

Another photo of Kathy Hilton, did I tell you that she follows me on Twitter!?(:

YES, this is Jennifer Lopez, kind of hard to see. 

This woman was running around Beverly Hills, wearing a dress made out of foil! 

One of my FAVORITE stores!! I have been to Louis Vuittons ALL over the US & some in Europe! I will post photos later!(: 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Bus problems!

Left for work this morning and it was hot out again! The bus took forever today! I don't know if today was considered a holiday or what. But the bus took over 30 minutes to come! the middle of the afternoon! I made it to my second bus...they had to put the ramp down for someone with a wheel chair. Everyone got on the bus...we were waiting forever! The ramp wouldn't go up! We were just sitting there, listening to the LOUD beeping sound as the ramp was down! Then the bus driver got off of the bus and turned the whole bus off from the outside? I really thought the bus broke down!

Worked an eight hour day today! I really like working, but geeze, my feet hurt after from standing for so long! Target was even busier than it was the day before christmas! It felt like EVERYONE living in North Hollywood was at Target! I don't EVER go out shopping the day after christmas, its way to busy. People get all upset because it's so busy and the lines are so long....WELL DON'T GO OUT SHOPPING then! Work went by so fast though because it was so busy!

One of my Co-Workers dropped me off at one of the corners that I take my second bus at. I texted the LA Metro, and they said the next bus was going to come in 63 minutes!! WHAT!? I am NOT waiting 63 minutes for a bus to come! I walked it! As I was walking home someone asked me if they could buy a cigarette off of me?...What is wrong with people! Does it look like I smoke! Who randomly asks a person that as they are walking! Do I look like a SMOKER!? I think NOT! UGH! I do NOT smoke those cancer sticks!

I'm loving this tea that I've been getting at Starbucks! Black tea with lemonade!

This was the day that I met Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt! They were heading into an after party. This photo was taken minutes after I got my pictures with them(: The picture ended up in PEOPLE magazine! 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in LA

It's Christmas & it was in the 70's today in Los Angeles! WOW! I have never been in weather like that during Christmas! The weather was PERFECT today! I don't think I can even go home and visit during Christmas because the weather was so nice today! It really didn't even feel like Christmas. This was my first Christmas without my mom. I miss them TONS! Wish I was able to go home for Christmas to visit, but you can't when you work in retail. I got up this morning around 9am, and got ready to head to Downtown LA. I was seriously sweating when I stepped outside today, it was so hot! I headed to Starbucks to grab a drink before another one of my California Adventures! My mom thought I was CRAZY when I told her I was out on Christmas trying to find some celebs! Usually a good amount of celebs attend the Laker games, so I thought I would check it out with a few friends today. To bad Lamar Odom doesn't play for the Laker's anymore or the Kardashians would've been there! UGH! Megan Fox, Adam Levine, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and the EX Governor of California showed up to the Game. I ran right up to Lil Wayne and asked for a photo! He really wasn't saying anything, but he did pose for the picture but wasn't looking!? He just gave the peace sign! After the game was over I waited for Snoop Dogg to come out. Sure enough he came right out and was actually very nice. I asked for a photo and he didn't answer me either but he did look at my camera when I was taking it....What's with these rappers!? They can't talk!?! It was CRAZY though!...I was standing right next to Snoop Dogg, I feel like such a pimp! I tried to get a photo with Kanye, but his security was ridiculous! GEEZE! They were pushing everyone away! I just wanted a photo! I tried finding Megan Fox as she left the game but I couldn't find her. I did get two photo-ops today, I was happy with just 2 photos! :D I headed home after the Lakers game was over.

SNOOP DOGG! WOW! I really feel like a PIMP now! Snoop was the nicest guy ever! I thought he wasn't looking for the photo but he actually was! What a nice guy! And he sure is a GIANT! I thought that I was going to cut his whole head off when I took the photo! I pretty much was walking right next to him when he left the game! Snoop had security but they really weren't even guarding him! So I was like whatever! I'm going to walk right next to SNOOP!

I posted the photo of me and Lil Wayne on Facebook, and I had NO clue how many people like him! Geeze! So many people are attracting to this guy!? He looks a little rough don't ya think? He has tons of tattoos all over his face...and by the way, he's Snooki's height! Hahahah! He's a really short guy!

I had a great Christmas! I know it isn't the same without your family, but hey, I gotta spend it with Lil Wayne(: The thing that I really miss the most about not being in Wisconsin during Christmas, would probably have to be ALL my mom's Christmas trees! She has over 13 trees! My mom is a Christmas addict! She has so many different themed trees! Anyways I had a great Christmas in Los Angeles, but it will NEVER be the same without family!

Look at this weather on Christmas!! This is unreal!? I mean I'm sure Wisconsin weather is horrible already! 70 degrees on Christmas! It still doesn't feel real! 

Made a Starbucks run in Hollywood(: 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Target was a ZOO!

Wasn't in a rush this morning! I got up whenever I wanted to and took my time getting ready. I worked at 2:30. I got a few of my things together for work and headed out of the house. I stepped outside thinking it was going to be a little chilly. But it was HOT & SUNNY out! I was sweating! This is my first Christmas where it was hot & sunny outside! It feels so weird, I mean I am from Wisconsin, I'm used to it snowing and being cold! It felt great to walk to the bus on CHRISTMAS Eve, in the warm sun! How awesome is that!? NEVER in Wisconsin would it be this nice outside! NEVER! I talked to my Grama on the phone while I walked to the bus stop. I let her know that I got my packages in the mail! I made it to work early and got something to eat. Target was a complete zoo! WOW! It was like the Los Angeles zoo! So many people were out shopping today! It was CRAY CRAY! We didn't stay open that late because it is Christmas Eve. My friend did spot one celebrity in Target today....she KNEW to come right to me and let me know! It was one of the models from America's Next top model. I didn't recognize her at all because she was in one of the first seasons. Right after Target a friend drove me home and I started working on my blog! I CANNOT MISS ONE day without blogging!

LOOK at this weather today in Los Angeles!
                                                             AHHH! Got some WHIP cream at work! 

Nicki Minaj OUTRAGEOUS outfits!

Busy day at Target tonight! WOW! IT WAS A ZOO! I was working in Starbucks, and BOY was it busy! So many people were coming in Target and ordering coffee! I really don't understand why these people even shop during christmas!? I would NOT be shopping a few days before christmas! NEVER! The people that go out shopping are CRAY CRAY! I was drinking LOTS of COFFEE! I took the bus home after work, it was a different bus then the one I usually take. I got off early and had NO CLUE where I was! I was just standing there! I called one of my LA friends asking her home to get home! She is pretty good with the bus schedule so I knew that she would be able to help me find my way home! I made it home fine, I just had to walk a little.

I turned on E! News when I got home and Fashion Police was on. I CANNOT believe how CRAZY Nicki Minaj dresses! She looks a WRECK! She shows up to events wearing the weirdest things! I can't tell if she wants to dress like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry! It's weird!

Here are a few photos of Nicki at recent events.

 Kim Kardashian during the "Kardashian" christmas card photo shoot! Kim was probably tweeting the fans! The "Kardashian" christmas card is very serious, a side that we don't usually see from the Kardashians. The photo was posted on ALL of their blogs. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ran into my LA mom!

Another adventurous day in Beverly Hills today! I got up pretty early and headed to Beverly Hills with my friend Katie. Before the adventure began I had to grab Starbucks in Hollywood!(: It was like a dead zone in Hollywood because it was early and not many people were up yet. A few tourists were running around Hollywood taking pictures of their favorite stars on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame." We headed to Beverly Hills driving down Santa Monica Blvd on the BUMPY bus! We ran into some pretty interesting people on the way. We also ran into this lady that helped us get somewhere the other day! She helped us with the bus route. It's CRAZY how many people in LA take the bus and subway everywhere! So many people would rather take the bus then pay for gas for their car. We made it to Beverly Hills bright and early, the sun was super bright today and the weather was perfect! Beverly Hills is the HOTSPOT for celebrities. Many of these stars shop, dine, get their hair done and nails done in the area. And YES I know Kim Kardashians favorite place to go to get her nails done!(: As we were walking down Rodeo Drive we ran into KRIS JENNER! My friend spotted her right away! I was like..."Is this really happening right now!?" It felt like I was watching, "Keeping up with the Kardashian's." Seeing Kris Jenner come towards me crossing the street and heading into Louis Vuitton! MY FAVORITE STORE! My heart dropped! Right when she came outta the store I went up to her, and she remembered me from her book signing! She did ask me my name again. She asked how I was and thanked me for coming to her book signing. I told her that I moved her from Wisconsin 5 months ago all on my own! I also told her how we ran into Kourtney yesterday shopping. I showed her the photo that I took with her at the Grove! I told her that I had to take another photo with her for my blog! We actually talked to her for a few minutes!! Kris is a very well mannered classy woman and I love it! As I said my good byes I told her to tell Kimmie I said Hi!(: She told me that it was nice seeing me again! We ran into another one of our photographer friends that we made friends with recently in the Beverly Hills area. Not going to lie...sometimes it's hard spotting these celebs! As we were standing in front of Louis Vuitton we saw Kris Jenner drive by! How cool is that! Couldn't stay in Beverly Hills to much longer because I had to go to work. The subway wasn't running for some reason and it was taking forever to get to North Hollywood! STUPID SUBWAY!

Me & My LA mom. Literally ran into her shopping on Rodeo Drive!

This photo was posted on one of the celebrity news websites. Kris out shopping in Beverly Hills. The Kardashian's sure do love their BOOTS! They are ALWAYS wearing BOOTS! The photo on the left, is a tweet from Kris Jenner! I let her know how much of a hard working woman she is!

For those of you that LOVE the Kardashian's you have to check out Kris Jenner's Memoir! I'm in the middle of reading it right now. Kris Jenner had such an adventurous life. She started out as a flight attendant, flying back and fourth from New York to LA. (That was her route.) Yes Kris Jenner lives an extravagant life, but she worked for it! All the things that she has now she has worked hard for, and she NEVER stops working! Check out the book! "KRIS JENNER...AND ALL THINGS KARDASHIAN." I'm not finished with the book yet but so far it's pretty interesting.

This photo was taken at Kris Jenner's book signing in Los Angeles!
My first time meeting Kris Jenner!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rodeo Driveeee!

Headed to Beverly Hills when I got up. Right when I left the house it was nice and sunny out! I LOVE the sun! I walked around the area and thought that I met catch some celebs in Beverly Hills. Photographers were planted EVERYWHERE in the area! It's just CRAZY! Every corner I turned I would see a photographer! We did spot Jesse Mccarthy leaving a store with his girlfriend. I went right up to him and asked for a photo. I was so happy that he wasn't wearing his sunglasses! He wore them on the way in the store. I like photos with these celebs with their sunglasses off! He was more than happy to take a photo with me! His girlfriend actually offered to take the photo of us! I told him thanks and he said, "no problem buddy!" One of the photographers took a few pictures of them as they walked away from me. One shop over Camille Bell was spotted going into the store She was in "When a Stranger calls," she was the babysitter. So many people surrounded that store! It was CRAY CRAY! People didn't even know who was in the store! I was going to try and get a photo with her but she ran out the back! Oh well. Sylvestor Stallone was also in the area being photographed but I just missed him before he left! Kourtney Kardashian was back here again shopping too! She was just shopping here yesterday! I headed over to Starbucks to grab a coffee before heading home.

Jesse McCarthy shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

My sister finally got her birthday present in the mail today! She was super excited when she got it, she called me right away! I sent her Johnny Depp's autograph that I got at one of his premiere's in Beverly Hills. Johnny is super nice to his fans! He loves the fans! Check out the photo below!

Bailey I had to go through ALL this to get this autograph for you! It was CRAZY!

Millions of Milkshakes!

Wasn't planning on doing that much today. I slept in and got a phone call from a friend asking me if I wanted to go to Beverly Hills. I jumped outta bed and got ready for another adventure in LA! I'll never turn down hanging out in Beverly Hills. I love everything about that place! I got ready pretty fast and headed to the bus. I just brought my camera with me today, just incase we ran into a celeb! I've taken photo ops on my iphone but the photos really don't turn out that good. Before heading over to Beverly Hills I got a grilled cheese sandwich from In & Out. We made it to Beverly Hills and walked down Rodeo drive and stopped at Barney's New York. They have a small area dedicated to Gaga. It's called Gaga's Workshop! It was pretty neat, they had a lot of crazy weird Gaga things there. We were talking to the staff and she said "that Paris Hilton spent over $10,000 dollars on Gaga's things and walked out with a Gaga book! Paris ROCKS! I guess Paris really likes Gaga! We then walked back down Rodeo Drive, and someone that reads my blog recognized me from photos of me on my blog! How awesome is that! I then told her that we were on the look out for celebs in the area. She told us that Kourtney Kardashian was shopping at Hermes, two stores away from us! We headed right over there! I told her that I needed some photo ops for my blog! (: A TON of people were waiting outside the store for Kourtney to come out. There really weren't any photographers. A tour bus drove by and asked who was shopping.... Someone told him that it was "Kourtney Kardashian!" One of the passengers in the bus SCREAMED and JUMPED out of the bus! OMG! These people are CRAY CRAY! I went in the store to look around and I just knew that Kourtney was going to go out the back. I found Kourtney in the store purchasing a few things. Kourtney was wearing the boots that she has worn a lot in "Kourtney & Kim Take NY" and one of the HUGE hats that she's always wearing. I waited until she was done talking with her friends then I went up to her and showed her the photo of me & Kim! She asked where I met her. I then told her that I went to the LA book signing. I was trying so HARD not to ask for a photo in the store because you can't take photos but I did!(: She said that she was sorry but she can't take a photo in the store. Some other girls brought their camera in and were trying to take pictures but they got kicked out! I was just happy that I was actually able to talk to Kourtney for 30 seconds! She then headed in the elevator with her friends and put her sunglasses on. Kourtney went right out the back, and drove off. I just LOVE my Kardashians! AHHH! My heart DROPPED when they told us that KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN was in there shopping! We walked around Beverly Hills for a little and ran into Keggan Allen from, "Pretty Little Liars." Both me and my friend took a photo with him. He was very nice!

Keggan Allen from "Pretty Little Liars."

After Beverly Hills we headed over to West Hollywood and stopped at Million's of Milkshakes! Kim Kardashian has opened a couple of "Millions of Milkshakes!" Including the one in West Hollywood and the one in Dubai! They have a milk shake called KIM KARDASHIAN! It's one of her favorite shakes! I had to order the Kim Kardashian! They also had a Miley Cyrus shake. Millions of Milk Shakes is a pretty cool place with very nice employees!

Drinking the Kim Kardashian Milkshake! YUM!
Gaga's Workshop in LA.
Drinking Kim K's Milkshake!
Gaga's Workshop! 
Beverly Hills(:

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gained a NEW Twitter FOLLOWER!

Woke up around 8 today to meet someone at Starbucks. I was so craving my Non-fat Vanilla Latte! YUM! We were going to go to a Starbucks with outdoor seating but, it looked a little cloudy out and I didn't want to get rained on! The weather has been perfect here in California! During the month of December though it gets very cloudy and sometimes rainy! You guys know how much I HATE the rain! I hate stepping out in the rain, it wrecks my hair, shoes, and face! UGH! I HATE the rain! I Waited at Starbucks on Hollywood Blvd, for a friend. While I was waiting, these girls started talking about the Kardashians! I had to ask them if they were talking about them! Haha. One of them said that Khloe is her favorite. She said that she likes Kourtney thought too because she doesn't care if she doesn't have
make-up on or anything, She will still give attitude! I had to tell them that I got Kim Kardashian to tweet me! I've been so excited about that! She then asked for my twitter(: After Starbucks I headed to work. I swear it takes forever to get to work on the bus! It really shouldn't take that long! Work went by pretty fast....I was closing. My friend at work gave me a ride in his little red apple looking car! :D Haha. It was so much fun! It felt like I was in a GO-KART!

I  DO NOT have a Starbucks ADDICTION! (;

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tweet from KIM KARDASHIAN! :)

Didn't do that much today, just relaxed and slept in! I stayed up so late last night I slept all day! Trying to HUNT down Justin Bieber is exhausting! If you guys in Wisconsin think it's easy well it isn't! I worked on my blog today and organized all my autographs. I was looking through them and boy do I have a lot! I have tons of autographs! I'm really starting to have a collection! I'll post pictures of some of my favorites! Tonight a new episode of "Kourtney & Kim take New York" was on. I wasn't working so I was able to watch it and TWEET like CRAZY during it! During a lot of these reality shows I tweet during them, trying to get them to tweet me back. Kim Kardashian tweeted me right back, right when I tweeted her! My heart dropped when I saw that tweet! Getting a tweet from Kim Kardashian! This woman has over 11 million followers on twitter! My tweet went out to 11 million people in the world! WOW! How cool is that! It's fun tweeting to random fans about the show too. I randomly start tweeting to the random "KKTNY" fans, it's fun!

My TWEET from Miss Kim Kardashian!

I have only met Kim once so far....This isn't the best picture but you can tell it's us! The sun totally killed the photo! My next mission is to get a new photo with her!:)

These are a few of my favorite far! I really want Sandra Bullock!