Friday, December 23, 2011

Ran into my LA mom!

Another adventurous day in Beverly Hills today! I got up pretty early and headed to Beverly Hills with my friend Katie. Before the adventure began I had to grab Starbucks in Hollywood!(: It was like a dead zone in Hollywood because it was early and not many people were up yet. A few tourists were running around Hollywood taking pictures of their favorite stars on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame." We headed to Beverly Hills driving down Santa Monica Blvd on the BUMPY bus! We ran into some pretty interesting people on the way. We also ran into this lady that helped us get somewhere the other day! She helped us with the bus route. It's CRAZY how many people in LA take the bus and subway everywhere! So many people would rather take the bus then pay for gas for their car. We made it to Beverly Hills bright and early, the sun was super bright today and the weather was perfect! Beverly Hills is the HOTSPOT for celebrities. Many of these stars shop, dine, get their hair done and nails done in the area. And YES I know Kim Kardashians favorite place to go to get her nails done!(: As we were walking down Rodeo Drive we ran into KRIS JENNER! My friend spotted her right away! I was like..."Is this really happening right now!?" It felt like I was watching, "Keeping up with the Kardashian's." Seeing Kris Jenner come towards me crossing the street and heading into Louis Vuitton! MY FAVORITE STORE! My heart dropped! Right when she came outta the store I went up to her, and she remembered me from her book signing! She did ask me my name again. She asked how I was and thanked me for coming to her book signing. I told her that I moved her from Wisconsin 5 months ago all on my own! I also told her how we ran into Kourtney yesterday shopping. I showed her the photo that I took with her at the Grove! I told her that I had to take another photo with her for my blog! We actually talked to her for a few minutes!! Kris is a very well mannered classy woman and I love it! As I said my good byes I told her to tell Kimmie I said Hi!(: She told me that it was nice seeing me again! We ran into another one of our photographer friends that we made friends with recently in the Beverly Hills area. Not going to lie...sometimes it's hard spotting these celebs! As we were standing in front of Louis Vuitton we saw Kris Jenner drive by! How cool is that! Couldn't stay in Beverly Hills to much longer because I had to go to work. The subway wasn't running for some reason and it was taking forever to get to North Hollywood! STUPID SUBWAY!

Me & My LA mom. Literally ran into her shopping on Rodeo Drive!

This photo was posted on one of the celebrity news websites. Kris out shopping in Beverly Hills. The Kardashian's sure do love their BOOTS! They are ALWAYS wearing BOOTS! The photo on the left, is a tweet from Kris Jenner! I let her know how much of a hard working woman she is!

For those of you that LOVE the Kardashian's you have to check out Kris Jenner's Memoir! I'm in the middle of reading it right now. Kris Jenner had such an adventurous life. She started out as a flight attendant, flying back and fourth from New York to LA. (That was her route.) Yes Kris Jenner lives an extravagant life, but she worked for it! All the things that she has now she has worked hard for, and she NEVER stops working! Check out the book! "KRIS JENNER...AND ALL THINGS KARDASHIAN." I'm not finished with the book yet but so far it's pretty interesting.

This photo was taken at Kris Jenner's book signing in Los Angeles!
My first time meeting Kris Jenner!

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