Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter guys!

Happy Easter guys =) This is my second Easter in Los Angeles without my family. I always remember going for Easter Brunch with my Grama, Gramps, mom and sister. I miss those times to be honest. I mean it doesn't even feel like Easter here! I think last year I had off from work also and pretty much just rested all day. I try and take advantage of those days because I'm ALWAYS running around Hollywood! ALWAYS! Sometimes ya just gotta rest! I was going to go hike the Hollywood Hills with my friend, but the weather looked crappy and I didn't want to get struck by lightening on top of the Hollywood Hills!! Maybe tomorrow?(: 

Almost forgot! Grama thank youu so much for the Easter gifts! I really appreciate it! Love you! 

The star of "The Lovely Bones!"

Have you guys seen the movie, "The Lovely Bones?" I remember seeing it while I was living in Wisconsin! I absolutley loved the movie! It was such a good movie, but for sure creeped me out and gave me goose bumps!! That movie was so intense! I would say that, that movie is in my top ten! Saoirse Ronan did such an amazing job in that movie! I loved it! She is also in the new movie "The Host." 

I went to the airport to meet Saoirse and boyyy was she friendly! As soon as I saw her I started yapping away like we were good friends! Hahaha. I went " Saoirse like a Inertia!!" She said yep, that's how you pronounce it! She was telling me how her dad was the one who would tell everyone that's how to pronounce her name. I told her how I loved the "Lovely Bones." And as soon she got to the baggage claim I asked her if she could sign some of my things that I had for her. She was more than happy to do it. Her dad was trying to stop her from doing it and saying "ONLY ONE!" She seemed embarassed from his behavior! She said dad, it's okay! Then i asked to take a picture with her, the dad said, "NO PICTURES!" She said, "It's okay for him!" I loved it, she really wanted to take the picture with me(: 

Monday, March 25, 2013


I have ALWAYS had great experiences with Fergie! Both Fergie and Josh are such nice people. Even though Fergie is pregnant she ALWAYS stops for her fans to sign autographs! There were like NO photographers waiting for Fergie to arrive back to Los Angeles. But a million of them were waiting for her at the wrong airline! Hahahahaha! So it was good for me(: Right when Fergie stepped out of the elevator I was there to greet her, and ask her if she was excited for the baby. I told her how I tried getting a photo with her last time but my camera was messing up! She said we could take one when she got to the car. She was super cool. She took pictures and signed my pictures. The publicist or friend she was with was actually very nice too. I loved Fergie's sunglasses and hat but her outfit was a little wild. It looked like she wasn't matching at all!

Mister Tom Daley!

I went to the airport the other night to meet Tom Daley, the diver! I have ALL good things to say about him. Tom was a super cool guy. To be honest I think it was his first time in Los Angeles being asked for autographs! Tom looked a little confused.....I mean he is from London and reallly isn't ever here. As we approached him was diving photos he looked a little confused! Hahahaha. Tom is just as tiny as me if not even more TINY! He's a small guy! He was more than happy to personalize my photos that I brought for him. I told Tom how much LA loves him(: He was just leaving the Kids Choice Awards and heading back to the UK. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Everyday life of Kim K

In the everyday life of Kim Kardashian!! How does she do it! She's surrounded by paparazzi!!! And damn look at that butt!! Kim's rear is bigger than her baby bump! But I do like her outfit today! 

Photos *X17* 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Breakers cast!!

No I have not seen the "Spring Breakers," movie yet, but the whole cast pretty much is SUPER friendly!! Selena Gomez is an absolute sweetheart!! The "Spring Breakers," all returned to LA after promoting the movie around the world. The day after the Hollywood movie premiere, all the "Breakers," were out promoting and filming for all the entertainment channels. The LA premiere of "Spring Breakers," was NOT at all fan friendly!! Everyone other city in the world was though...not LA! I understand that LA has the most autograph collectors and ebayer's, but they always end up screwing over the fans! The premiere didn't stop me from seeing them! I was BEYOND happy to meet the cast the next day!! 

I have said things in the past about Miss Selena Gomez being not so "Fan Friendly," but I take it back! Selena one on one is beyond a sweetheart!! It was just my friends and I and she chatted and signed our things. Selena just isn't a fan of the LA paparazzi, because they bully her! I have seen it happen! I told Selena how cute she was, and asked her to sign my magazine and some of my pictures I had for her. I told her about this young girl "Maddie" in Wisconsin that wanted to meet her and wanted an autograph.  She had a smile on her face as she was signing it for the girl in Wisconsin. I mentioned to Selena how she has stopped at my work in the past and one of my friends was able to meet her. She told me how much she loved coming to my work. 

The other cast members were also very nice. Ashley Benson walked out to her car just like any other normal person. My Brazilian friends were sooooooo excited to finally meet her! I was actually shocked that they were able to contain their excitement as Ashley approached them. Rachel was also super nice as she was walking with her husband. 

Vanessa Hudgens has a super cool style! I love how she dresses! Her big bag had a pattern of pills on it! It looked super cool. Vanessa kind of reminds me of a hippie! She told us how the movie was inappropriate. We actually chatted for a little and she signed my "Spring Breakers," poster, she almost forgot to sign it!! 

Miss Selena Gomez! 

Kisses with Selena!!! 
Vanessa Hudgens! 
Rachel Korine "Spring Breakers"
Ashley Benson "Pretty Little Liars." 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Josh Hutcherson!

Why is Josh Hutcherson, so much more friendly than Jennifer Lawrence!? 

Josh Hutcherson is such a friendly guy! I swear he's super nice! Why is Jennifer Lawrence not so friendly?! I think Jennifer has been hanging out with Lea Michele a little too much!!!! Josh was more than happy to talk with my friend and I and take photos(: He's a tiny guy too, I thought he was a little taller. 

Way later, we saw Snoop Dogg in West Hollywood. Okay, this is my second time meeting Snoop and he is probably one of the most friendliest guys! He's always so relaxed and calm, and he loves his fans. Every time I see him he's wearing sunglasses!? I haven't seen him ever without them! 
Almost forgot! I went to go meet Jim Sturgess also last night. Jim was in the movie "21." I love that guys english accent! My Brazilian friends loved him!!! One kept telling Jim how hot he was....he loved it but looked a little confused as they told him in their Brazilian accents. 

Charity Event!

I headed out to West Hollywood in the early afternoon for this charity event that was going on. I guess a lot of people related to Fashion were suppose to be there. Someone who always goes to a lot of fashion events is Joe Manganiello! Believe it or not Joe is in my top ten! He is always so nice and he just happens to be up there(: 

I really didn't know who I was going to see at the event, but someone else that I was waiting for was Steven Tyler! I had a few things that I wanted him to sign. Alice Cooper also showed up and was more than happy to sign my photos, he is always so nice. Steven Tyler signed like all of my things, and boyyy let me tell you, he is crazy!!! He looks like he's on drugs!!!! But Steven is ALWAYS nice, but a little WILD! 
Rachel Zoe....look at that photo bomber! 

 Tori Spelling, 90210 
Josh Henderson "Dallas" 
 Eddie Van Halen 
 What the hell is Steven Tyler doing?!
 Slash....nice, but weird.
 Joe Manganiello, "Magic Mike," and "True Blood." 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

James Franco in Hollywood!

YES, James Franco is one of my new favorites in Hollywood! 

James is a super cool guy. He is ALWAYS so calm and relaxed! He doesn't mind taking pictures with fans or signing autographs! I love some of the magazine covers James Franco is on. Have you guys seen "127 hours," yet? I really have only seen mister Franco in the Spiderman movies. But I think it's time for me to start watching all his movies!!! I mean James is now in my top ten! 

James got a star in Hollywood a couple days ago. BOYYYY there were a lot of people there! More fans than I thought there would be. The guest speaker was Seth Rogen, and Sam Raimi. The ceremony for James getting his star was okay....his mom was there and a few of the people he worked on OZ with. I was pretty surprised to see him tear up when he started to give his speech. He got pretty emotional when he kept mentioning his mom and the people that helped him become who he is today. 

Bruno Mars!

Met Mister Bruno Mars today at the airport! Felt Kind of cool to meet someone who has my last name as his first name! Bruno Mars has the BIGGEST fro! Geeeze!!! That thing is big! You can spot that thing from a mile away!!!! I know the song gets annoying, but I like "The Lazy Song." And I love, "When I was your man."I was looking up Bruno Mars on twitter and a few of the online blogs and I noticed that he has a ton of international fans! The Brazilian fans love Bruno Mars!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kim & Kanye L'Officeiel Hommes!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are naked on the cover of L'Officeiel Hommes magazine! Thoughts on the photos? I love the pictures! I like that Kim is showing intimacy through these photos with Kanye. Usually Kim's photo shoots are always about her, but not this time! You bet I'll be ordering this french magazine online!....(If I can find it!, sometimes there hard to find!) 

Hugh Jackman!

HUGH JACKMAN! I love this guy! He's always super nice! You gotta love the Australians! I didn't end up getting a photo with Hugh because my ass was to slow getting up to him at the airport! I did manage to photo bomb  a few photos online though (: 

Saturday, March 2, 2013



I've seen Fergie once I think?....Was never really super close to her though. I was so impressed! Fergie was so nice!!! She walked out of that airport like she owned it!! She really wasn't shocked by the 20 photographers! She just took her time getting to the car, and signed autographs. While she was signing for my friends and I, I peeked under her hat and asked if she was excited for the baby! She had the BIGGEST hat on I had to peek under it so she could hear me! She answered though! I loved how she handled her self. She agreed to take a photo with me, but my camera was being SOOOO STUPID! Ughhh. I guess next time! 

Watch the video of me asking Fergie! Hahahaha. I know, I'm crazy! 

OPPPPS! Got in a few paparazzi photos! (Taken by X17 & Zimbio)

Miranda Kerr signing away!

YES, Miranda Kerr has been my latest obsession!! 

Miranda is always so friendly, and has the coolest accent!! Miranda just returned from New York the other day, and was more than happy to greet a few fans!! I asked her how Flynn her son and Orlando Bloom were doing. She said she was excited to go home and see them. I ended up getting a few autographs. I've seen her a few times now so she probably remembers me.