Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Breakers cast!!

No I have not seen the "Spring Breakers," movie yet, but the whole cast pretty much is SUPER friendly!! Selena Gomez is an absolute sweetheart!! The "Spring Breakers," all returned to LA after promoting the movie around the world. The day after the Hollywood movie premiere, all the "Breakers," were out promoting and filming for all the entertainment channels. The LA premiere of "Spring Breakers," was NOT at all fan friendly!! Everyone other city in the world was though...not LA! I understand that LA has the most autograph collectors and ebayer's, but they always end up screwing over the fans! The premiere didn't stop me from seeing them! I was BEYOND happy to meet the cast the next day!! 

I have said things in the past about Miss Selena Gomez being not so "Fan Friendly," but I take it back! Selena one on one is beyond a sweetheart!! It was just my friends and I and she chatted and signed our things. Selena just isn't a fan of the LA paparazzi, because they bully her! I have seen it happen! I told Selena how cute she was, and asked her to sign my magazine and some of my pictures I had for her. I told her about this young girl "Maddie" in Wisconsin that wanted to meet her and wanted an autograph.  She had a smile on her face as she was signing it for the girl in Wisconsin. I mentioned to Selena how she has stopped at my work in the past and one of my friends was able to meet her. She told me how much she loved coming to my work. 

The other cast members were also very nice. Ashley Benson walked out to her car just like any other normal person. My Brazilian friends were sooooooo excited to finally meet her! I was actually shocked that they were able to contain their excitement as Ashley approached them. Rachel was also super nice as she was walking with her husband. 

Vanessa Hudgens has a super cool style! I love how she dresses! Her big bag had a pattern of pills on it! It looked super cool. Vanessa kind of reminds me of a hippie! She told us how the movie was inappropriate. We actually chatted for a little and she signed my "Spring Breakers," poster, she almost forgot to sign it!! 

Miss Selena Gomez! 

Kisses with Selena!!! 
Vanessa Hudgens! 
Rachel Korine "Spring Breakers"
Ashley Benson "Pretty Little Liars." 


  1. Oh my god, Selena is my idol! I'm trying to get her signature for so long. I envy you, really :D But congratulations! :)

  2. Shes a sweetheart!!!! I love that girl!