Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kathy Griffin serving DONUTS!

Kathy Griffin was filming her show "KATHY" today in the valley! A couple friends and I went to go check it out. I love seeing Kathy she always makes me laugh! Kathy was filming in a Donut shop in Burbank, selling Donuts.....in a bikini! Both came out and told everyone that they would be filming so we might be on the show. She talked a little to the photographers answering questions. They started bringing people into the shop and Kathy would serve them Donuts! After all the filming was over Kathy came out to say hi to everyone. She had her bikini on and donuts on her fingers! I was able to get a picture with her with my friends. It was cool to see them film like that! I've never really seen them film a show before.
Kathy serving Donuts in Burbank....in a Bikini!?!? 

I was just as excited to see Kathy's assistant Tiffany! 
I have tweeted her before and
 we've talked about the Kardashians and her favorite episodes! 

*WOWCELEBRITYTV took these photos*

Couple more days!..Milwaukee!

Heading back to the Midwest soon to visit! VERY EXCITED! Didn't think I would be this excited to head back home to Wisconsin! But I do miss my family, friends, and pets! I mean I have like a MILLION animals at home! I miss them! I think my family is going to think I got worse with being attached to my iphone and macbook!....seriously! I need my gadgets!

First MALE ever on ELLE magazine!

David Beckham is the first male to be featured on "ELLE" magazine! He's on the cover of June's issue! Check out the photos! The magazine is on newsstands, May 30th! I'll have to pick up my copy before I fly back home to Milwaukee! 

It's time for a NEW photo with Mr. Beckham. 
The sun totally killed this photo! 

The ALL NEW "Keeping up with the Kardashians" episode tonight showed us what Kim looked like with a wig! Hahaha. Her whole family and everyone thought she was being so uptight!...so she would meet them at their houses and out to dinner in all these different wigs! They were getting embarrassed by all the crazy wigs! They just couldn't take Kimmie Seriously! 

Here's a couple paparazzi shots of Kim in her blonde wig! I really don't know if they thought it was real or not! I think there's a video when she stepped out in her wig somewhere online. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Justin Bieber put your shoes on!!

Justin Bieber whats with this WILD outfit!? 

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were out at the movies this Sunday afternoon in Calabasas. It looks like Justin got into some kind of argument with a photographer! Justin....just give it up!....let them photograph you! Whats the big deal! It's just a picture! Not sure if Justin did get physical with the photographer but the cops were called and did show up. The police showed up right after Justin and Selena split.
*TMZ photos*

I know this really isn't the main focus of this "Justin Incident," but what is he wearing!? What's with those WILD pants!? They are so weird looking! And why are his shoes off!? Was he beating the photographer with his shoe or something! I really wanna see the photo of all of this happening! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Best look for Kim in London?

Kim leaving Los Angeles for London. (A week ago.) 

 Kim at her "Quick Trim" launch in London. My favorite look! I like her hair up and her lips look perfect!! Kim's wearing a Lanvin dress and Celine shoes.

 Yes. the rumors are true. Kim Kardashian is with Kanye West. They were photographed at least ten times together in Europe! The blogs were blowing up like CRAZY! 

What's your favorite Kim K outfit? Comment below! Mine has to be the first two photos at the "Quick Trim" launch in London! She looks absolutely flawless! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Counting down the days!

Counting down the days until I'm going home to visit my family in Wisconsin! Going home to Milwaukee in a week! I'll be visiting for 15 days! Beyond excited! I haven't seen my family in 11 months!! ALMOST a year!! Not all kids my age could go that long without seeing their family!...just sayin! One of the reasons why I'm flying in is for my sisters graduation! She's graduating high school! It's crazy to think that I graduated a year ago! Time flies!

I'll be blogging just as much a I blog here! Don't worry guys! I gotta keep my California friends updated with life in Wisconsin! Hahah. And NO there's not just cows & farms everywhere!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Keeping up with the Kardashians....season 7!

ALL new season of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" on E! The Kardashians signed on for three more seasons. Thought I'd share this collage of photos from Instagram with you guys!

I literally "Keep up with the Kardashians!" 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Matthew Morrison from GLEE!

I have met Matthew a few times now...once it was like 2 am after a Golden Globes Party and he's always super nice!...even at 2am! I brought a few things for Matthew to sign. I even brought my 8 by 10 photo op of him and I from last time that I saw him. He always gives the same smirk in all the photos!...like how Steve-o gives the same crazy look in all the pictures that he takes too! Matthew was more than happy to sign autographs! He actually grabbed my few items and would sign one and hand it back then sign another and hand it over. For the shirtless photo he said, "I never know where to sign on these pictures!" Hahaha. I said anywhere Matthew! I love when celebrities actually take the time for their fans and chat with them. As we were taking pictures and getting autographs some guy was freckin shoving a microphone in Matthews face asking questions. The guy was from Panama and didn't even know who Matthew Morrison was! My friend got irritated and told him to stand back because she was trying to get a photo with him! It's so irritating when people from all over the world come to LA and love seeing celebrities but don't even know who they are!! Like stop being so CRAZY & AGGRESSIVE when you don't even know who your trying to get pictures of! It's so irritating!

Love Matthews hat! 
After meeting Matthew my friends and I headed over to iHop to get something to eat before heading home for the night. As we were walking in the restaurant I noticed something freckin fell from the sky or off the building!! I was like are you serious!? Did someone throw a brick at us! This HUGE brick looking thing landed next to the tree in the dirt! I was like "WHAT WAS THAT!?" Turned out it was my friend Mandy's glasses case! It seriously sounded and looked like a brick! Ohh yeah...this all happened when I was complaining about how far they had the "handicap" spots from the entrance! If I was handicap I would be pissed of how far I would have to walk to iHop!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kim lands in London!

Kim Kardashian landed in London yesterday. Kim left LAX solo and landed in Europe with Kanye West. Kim is in London to promote her new fragrance "True Reflection," She was also nominated for a "FIFI" award. She was in the top five of celebrity fragrances in London. Kim's spending a few days in London also doing s fan event and is on a few tv shows promoting "Keeping up with the Kardashians!"  

Style Snapshot: Kim's wearing black J Brand jeans, Celine top, Valentino jacket, Tom Ford sunglasses and Christian Louboutin shoes. Wow look at those lips! Kim looks like Barbie!

Top influential celebrities of 2012!

Woke up this morning and checked my twitter updates. I noticed that "Forbes" magazine posted the most Influential people of 2012 and how much they have made this year so far. I checked the list and I knew that Kim had to be in the top ten. Sure enough Kim Kardashian was placed at number seven! The people above her are JLo at number one, Oprah, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. Still don't understand why Britney Spears is above Kim? I understand that Britney is an icon!...but does she really have the power to influence more people than Kim? Anyways....Kim was on the list as well has Khloe Kardashian. Khloe was more down on the list. The list also showed how much money these people have made. Oprah was ranking in at 165 MILLION dollars! How crazy is that!? Thats insane! People don't even come close to making that much money in their life time!

A lot of people will disagree with Kim being in the top ten or even on the list. The list isn't just about popularity. It's just saying how much these people are able to influence the world! I mean Justin, Kim, Oprah, they all have the power to influence people. The amount of followers they have is INSANE! Not just on twitter but their fan bases! It's crazy to think the impact these few people make on the world!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seeing Kim Kardashian again!

I was able to see Kim Kardashian again! I was going to say "meet" but, I have met her more than a few times now! Kim was out promoting the new season of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." She was was being driven in an escalade to the event. As Kim was leaving she was more than happy to roll down her window and sign for the fans. I had my HUGE photo-op of both of us that I wanted her to sign! She starting signing it and I asked her to personalize it and she already started writing my name! I got a few autographs! She placed the photo on her lap so it didn't get wrecked while she continued to sign.  Everything that I had got signed, I should have brought more things to get signed. I then asked if we could take a picture and she said, "Of course! We always do doll!" We took two photos, she took the pictures(: We did a "Kissy Lips" photo and her publicist was laughing! She thought it was funny. Hahaha. I asked her about the "DASH" store opening because I haven't heard anything about it! She told me that she will post it on her blog. Pretty much everyone got their stuff signed and she rolled the window up. She started rolling it back down again....I forgot my HUGE photo-op in her car...on her lap! She was screaming "WAIT...NIKO!" Was I really hearing this?! Kim Kardashian saying MY name!? How exciting! Kim's such a chilled laid back woman. She rolls down the window snacking on something! Hahaha. Gotta love Kim! 

My personalized photo! <3 This will be framed!

Right after I saw Kim, I tweet her quick, and she tweets me right back!? CRAZY huh? I was like WHAT!? Like literally a minute later my phone vibrates and its Kim's tweet! 

Later I headed to a premiere in Hollywood. I really was just going to meet my friends. I had to show them my photos and they told me a few stories about the premiere and waiting ALL day! My friend wanted to get a picture with Chace Crawford and she did! I watched Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Casper Smart, and Matthew Morrison arrive to the premiere. Cameron Diaz did sign some autographs...but not to many, I don't think. She looks different like she has had face work!...Well I guess it happens to everyone in Hollywood! We were going to wait for the after party but we just decided to leave. I got Taco Bell with a friend before I headed back to North Hollywood for the night. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers day MOM!

My mom totally deserves this blog post to herself. My mom has done so much for me. She has helped me through my ups & downs. She has helped me follow my dreams and made sure one of my dreams came true. (Moving to Los Angeles.) I would have never been able to accomplish a lot of the things I have accomplished without my mom. My mom has ALWAYS told me and my sister that we should follow our dreams . My mom has ALWAYS been there for both my sister Bailey and I and still is. We aren't living as close as we used to be but she is just a phone call away if I need to talk. Thanks for inspiring me mom.

Mom I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the things you have done for me, I may not always show it but I truly appreciate the things you have done. Thank you mom. I love you! See you in a few weeks!!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Busy busy BUSY day! I went to like three different events in one day! I was out from 7am until like 1 am!! I first attended a star ceremony in Hollywood. There were a few guest speakers that I wanted pictures with so I went. I waited until the event ended to try and meet the guests. The guests included, Kris Jenner, Ryan Seacrest & Miranda Cosgrove. They were all very pleasant! I now have met Kris Jenner four times now so she remembers me(: I had her sign our photo that we took together on Rodeo drive a few months ago. I asked her about Kimmie.....and showed her my new phone case, (with the Kardashians on it.) She loved the phone case! We talked for a little then we took another photo together! Ohh yeah I almost forgot! I brought up about how "Kendall & Kylie hacked her twitter a few days ago! She was like, "They just thought that was so funny!" They were tweeting some crazy things! Hahahaha. I  was also able to get autographs from Ryan Seacrest & Miranda Cosgrove. I have been wanting to meet Ryan since I moved out to LA. But I really wasn't able to meet him! ugh! It was a quick autograph and that was it! One of the photographers was asking stupid questions and scared him away! I was so pissed! I don't like just getting photos and autographs from these celebrities!...I like to talk to them too!
Saw my LA mom "Kris Jenner" again! 
Miranda Cosgrove was more than happy to sign autographs! She super nice, a little quite. 
Ohh yeah totally forgot!! I got up early and headed to the "Glee" set! They were filming in Hollywood at some house. Lea Michele & Cory were expected to be on set...and they were. We saw them arrive. Cory was super nice like always! But Lea Michele, wouldn't even acknowledge us! She acted very much like a diva! Cory was able to walk across the street for his breakfast but Lea had it delivered to her filming chair! Really Lea!? I'm not hating on Lea at all but the "fame" is getting to her head! I'll post one photo that I took of her on my iphone. It's not the best, it's from a distance.

Later I went to the Battleship premiere. I'm a Rihanna fan and I really wanted a picture with her or even an autograph! I like a few of the people that were in the movie too! Rihanna would not take pictures or even sign autographs for the fans! NOTHING! I'm still a fan but really Rihanna!? This was your first film! PROMOTE IT! Hahaha. Ohh well....This is my second time seeing her, the first time I saw her she flipped us off! The movie was okay....it was kind of cheesy! Rihanna played a good part, not to big. I think there was so much HYPE over the movie because Rihanna was in it. But the main guy Taylor Kitsch was great in the movie! He's a great actor!

Joe Manganiello from "True Blood!"