Monday, October 31, 2011

Demi Lovato concert!

What a day! Started work at 8am! I had to leave my house at 6am to get there on time! I was up at 5 am! I just love that the busses run like every 10 million hours on Sundays! I made it to work early and had breakfast. I wad scheduled for food avenue today but I mostly worked in Starbucks! I love making those drinks! My grandma texted me this morning letting me know that Bailey got lost in Illinois at 2am! & went through a toll without paying! Hahaha! what did I do?! I posted it on facebook, twitter & my blog! My mom actually found out through the internet!! I'm like over 1,000 miles away and I can still get Bailey in trouble! Who just goes through a toll without paying?!....and doesn't even notice!! I worked until 2 then headed to Hollywood. There was a charity anti bullying event going on. The kardashians were there and so was Demi Lovato performing! It was pretty awesome! It was the first time I was able to see Kourtney Kardashian....from a distance. I also noticed that Kim Kardashian wasn't wearing her ring! The event was awesome! Demi sounds great live! I tried getting all their autographs before and after the event but no luck! Nobody got anywhere near them! So happy that I've already met Kim! Pretty good night, and met a few new friends :) I'm sure I'll be seeing them at more events!

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Location:Hollywood, CA

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Starbucks training!!

Had Starbucks training again. I'm actually learning how to make more drinks! It wasn't difficult at first, I just needed to learn the steps. I'm actually able to make drinks on my own! I was training for 7 hours. I'm getting better at steaming milk too!! :D I love making drinks! I didn't want to leave work!! I swear I have way to much fun at work! More people need to stop being so uptight about work and have more fun! Some people just act so depressed when their at work! It's like YOU have a job so stop complaining! I just found out today at Target is opening at midnight this year for black Friday!! (looks like I won't be sleeping that night! I talked to Bailey on the phone today and she was telling me about a Halloween party she was going to. Look at this picture that Bailey sent me! Ahhhhh!

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Friday, October 28, 2011


As I was going to the bus this morning some guy was like chasing after me for money! I'm like, "NO I don't have money! Leave me alone!" Can you walk down the streets of California without being chased down for money!! OMG! Geeze! More Starbucks training today! I really like working over there but I'm still learning the drinks! Still don't know how to make all of them yet! They are expecting me to know all of them already! I've only worked in Starbucks like 3 times! I got out of work and headed over to Costco in Los Feliz. Los Feliz is Northeast of Hollywood. I had to go there to pick up pictures for upcoming premieres and events I'm going to. I'm super excited for the Muppets premiere! There's a ton of people in that movie! I was thinking about bringing a poster to get signed by everyone, but it might get wrecked with bringing it everywhere! Another BIG premiere that's coming up is New Years Eve! I love going to ALL these premieres! So many events are coming up I'm going to be exhausted!! Ahh!

Ahhh! I have a story! So as I'm taking the bus to Costco...I couldn't even get on the bus!! Some guy had a HUGE bag of cans! He freckin brought like a WHOLE shopping cart on the bus! People couldn't even get on the bus! It was crazy! Then some other person with a bag of cans came on the bus. He started arguing with some lady! He said, "you all come here from Mexico not knowing any English! You only speak Spanish!" They were like arguing on the bus and he wouldn't let her off! These people are crazy in California!!

Look at this mess!! How are people supposed to get through!!! This is CRAZY!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Red hat ladies taking over HOLLYWOOD!

I was able to sleep in until around 9 today! I remember back in Wisconsin sleeping in for me was around 2 in the afternoon! I haven't slept that late in forever! I met a friend in Hollywood at 11. We were planning on going to Dancing with the Stars rehearsals to get a few more pictures with the rest of the cast that we haven't gotten pictures with. I was able to meet Hope, Cheryl Burke, & Kym today. I saw Rob Kardashian again and JR, both of them are always so nice! Went over to where they rehearse for a few hours. We got the pictures we wanted and the autographs. Stopped at Target to get some of the breadsticks that they sell there at the Pizza Hut. YUMMM! I love em'! Headed back to Hollywood and went to a photo store that I always go to, to buy pictures if I need them at the last minute for events or premieres. I really didn't do to much today, had to come home and clean my room.

Look at this picture of the red head ladies on Hollywood Blvd.
They were TAKING OVER the jewelry stand!
KAT WOMAN! She's a photographer & works Hollywood Blvd. as CAT WOMAN! 
Cheryl Burke

I had to finish up getting pictures with everyone from Dancing with the stars! (:

Roaming the streets of Hollywood....

Running around LA today!....again! I started work at I had to leave my house before 7am! I actually like working early sometimes to just get it over with. I can actually do things at night if i'm working in the morning. I was waiting for my second bus stop today and some old man was checking me out!....ehh! Really?! He couldn't stop looking at me!...He had a WALKER! I couldn't wait to get on the bus! I really don't know what it is with the old men in California checking me out! A few events were going on tonight. Right after work I headed to Hollywood. Both of the events really weren't that exciting. The guest list for one of the places had some pretty big names!....NONE of them showed up! These people say their attending events and then NEVER come! The only celebrity that I saw at the first event we checked out was Lauren Conrad on the red carpet....from a DISTANCE! The second place we went to check out was an awards show. A lot of the people that attended were people from Nickelodeon. I met someone from iCarly and Kris Allen from American Idol. We couldn't go on the property so we had to stand at the end of the ALWAYS! So when ever we saw someone we would just scream for them to come over by us. Kris Allen heard us but didn't come over because people needed to get out of the parking lot. But it turned out he drove behind us and STOPPED and got out of the car to say hi to us! Really how awesome is that!? He was like, "You guys wanted to say hi to me!" So cool! I took a picture with him and got his autograph. We also saw SLASH going into his car, but nobody called him over. It was getting so cold outside while we were waiting. We really didn't see many people.....A few of us headed back to Hollywood & Vine to catch the subway and to see if there was an after party near. It took me 2 hours to get home tonight because the subway and busses are so slow! My last bus I was waiting for came at midnight. I was waiting at the bus stop for an hour for it to come! I couldn't wait to get home and put in warm clothes! ;D

The guy from "iCARLY" I look FAT in this picture! I didn't even want to post it because of that reason! 

Kris Allen from American Idol! He was pretty awesome!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hugh Laurie...GO BACK TO THE UK!

Only worked 4 hours today...I headed right to Hollywood after Target. I was trying to get Hugh Laurie's autograph. Hugh never even came over by us! I guess he didn't want to sign :( We were all SCREAMING for him to come over! We even chased him down the street to try and get him! He drove so fast out of that parking lot! How RUDE! GO BACK TO THE UK! JERK! There was also a premiere going on at the same time down the street from where Hugh Laurie was....We kept going back and fourth to see who was arriving at the premiere. The premiere was "Like Crazy." Nobody I really knew was in the movie. It was still fun to go check out though. A bunch of the dealers were in the front clocking EVERYTHING! Us small people couldn't even see! UGH! The carpet wasn't that huge and not really any big names showed up to the premiere. A lot of running around!...and got NO autographs or pictures! Oh....well....big event tomorrow(: Some BIG names are suppose to show up! I can't wait! I have a bunch of pictures and movie covers I'm bringing!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Justin Timberlake!...FAIL!

I was so EXHAUSTED from last night that I didn't get up until noon! Yesterday was such a long day! I went to the premiere and then went to work! 17 hour day! I got up and got my photos ready for the day. I had photos for Justin Timberlake and Zach Galifianakis to sign. Both Justin & him were both being interviewed on a TV show in LA. Went there around 1ish to wait. The earlier you get there the better the spot you get! I was like the third person to get there. They put up the barricades and everyone ran to get a spot! I was towards one of the sides. I like being in the middle just in case they don't make it to one of the ends to sign. It got so cold outside as the night went on! I was freezing!! I wore my North Face! I'm bringing gloves and scarves next time! We waited forever for Justin Timberlake to get there! We called him before and after when he left and he never came over by us to sign or take pictures! :( UGH! The creator of "Beavis and Butthead" (Mike Judge) came over after his interview on the show. He signed for a bunch of people and took pictures. He was actually really nice. I didn't have anything for him to sign though. The last person we were waiting for was Zach Galifianakis. We waited HOURS for him! We finally saw him leave and we called him over and he came right over by us! I got one autograph from him, and I guess he didn't want to take pictures with anyone. He actually signed for a lot of people and didn't move down the whole line. I tried getting my second picture signed, but I didn't get it. A bird pooped on my picture at the premiere yesterday and I was so upset! I cleaned the photo off and brought it today to get it signed and did(: After I went to Starbucks to get something HOT to drink! I was freezing! I NEVER would've thought Hollywood gets so cold! I jumped on the Subway after and headed home to North Hollywood.

Tomorrow I work and I'm going to one event to try and get someone. I'll post about it tomorrow if I have any luck! Hint: "HOUSE"

Creator of Beavis & Butthead! 

LA premiere of PUSS & BOOTS!

Got up so early and went to the Puss & Boots premiere in Westwood! The first bus by my house came at 7:40! Thats WAY to late to leave for a premiere! Stupid Sundays MESS everything up!! UGH! So I walked down to the next main street to Lankershim. The busses leave much earlier there! I got to that stop around 6am. This little dog was following these two ladies around by the bus stop! No LEASH! I asked her if that was her dog…She said, "No, it's my neighbors doggie and it follows me everywhere!" What the hell is wrong with you!!? You don't just let a small little dog follow you around North Hollywood and then just get on the bus and leave it!! The dog was running back and fourth across the street chasing things! The bus came and she told the dog that he had to stay. The dog was trying to JUMP right on the bus! Some people are just idiots! This is why I like animals much more than people!! The bus I jumped on took me right to the North Hollywood station. I then had to catch another bus on Sunset & Highland that took me right to Westwood. Westwood is right by UCLA and it's on the way to Santa Monica. I'm just trying to help you guys out on where it's located, so you kind of have a picture of where it's at (for the people in Wisconsin.) Made it to the premiere around 8am. So many dealers were already there! But my friend saved me a spot so I wasn't going to be way in the back not being able to even see the celebrity as they approached! The dealers have so many photos and pictures they shove ALL their boards and photos right over you! Us fans just hit them right off of us! :) I had a couple Items that I wanted signed, I got them ready and organized before the guests started arriving! It was pretty neat, they had cats in costumes….and a HUGE pair of BOOTS on the carpet! I'll post the pictures below! Antonio was the first person to cross the street by us. He's always very nice to his fans….Selma Hayek  pretty much arrived at the same time and both of them came over. It was CRAZY! I was pushed up against the barricades! I pretty much couldn't even breathe! The barricade was falling over! I was almost on the ground! My backpack fell in a puddle of water, good thing it's North Face! It's waterproof! I was yelling for the security guy to pick up my backpack before it fell!….But he didn't make it over in time! After all the guests arrived we headed closer to the theatre entrance, right by Starbucks. They pretty much stick you in the bushes over by Starbucks! Things got so CRAZY over there as Billy Bob Thorton arrived! GEEZE These people were animals! I was falling on the bushes and pushed up against the barricade so HARD I thought my hip bones were going to BREAK! I told one of the NASTY OLD dealers to "GET BACK!" He's disgusting, I don't want him on me, and he needs to clean his self up! YUCK! I did get my autograph though, Billy signed at least 100! He was signing away! He only gave a wave on the way in, and just passed us up. But he randomly came over to us by Starbucks and signed for everyone and took pictures. I had no clue that he was going out with Angelina Jolie!! My Grandma informed me! It was a pretty good day getting autographs! The only person that I didn't get was Zach from "The Hangover." I left the premiere after all the excitement was done. I then headed to work and was there a little early. I cashiered went by fast again! :) I was so tired after work I went to bed at 11! I was out of the house for 17 hours! I was exhausted!!!! 

Check out my pictures from the 'Puss & Boots" premiere!

LOOK at these BOOTS!
I wore my BOOTS to "Puss & Boots!"

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Worked ALL day today! From 9am until 5 in the evening! I actually would love if I started work everyday at around 9. I got up at around 7am and was out of the house by 8am. The busses ALL came on time, and I made it to work on time! It was perfect!! & I wasn't even cranky in the morning! I felt alive & healthy!! It was awesome!!!! When I got to work I got something quick to eat for breakfast. I usually try and get to work a little early so I can relax...on my first break I got starbucks! I'm loving the iced vanilla lattes with hazelnut! You guys have to try it if you haven't!! Yum! It's my new favorite thing to drink at Starbucks! My shift actually went by pretty fast. When it's busy at work, time always flies by super fast! I love being bounced around and cashiering, working at Starbucks and food ave! I get so bored if I'm stuck in the same place everyday! Like today I went back and fourth from cashiering to Starbucks! I ended work at 5:00 and had to be out of there
By like 5:00 because I had to get to Costco before 6pm!! I had to pick up pictures for the premiere! I took a cab because it Probably would've taken me hours to get there on a Sunday! It was my first time driving in a taxi! The driver was from Thailand! I felt like he took the long way because he knew I wasn't from here! Taking the highway to get somewhere that's less than 5 miles away?!?! The taxi ride cost me $31.00! I was shocked!!! Why is it so expensive to be driven by another person?! I asked the driver if all taxi drivers are aggressive and beep a lot! He said, "the younger ones drive like crazy!" I made it in time to Costco! I went in to go get my pictures and I forgot my membership card!! I had to go and get a temporary card...they wouldn't let me buy my pictures without it. I went home right after ... Premiere day tomorrow in Westwood! I love those kind of days! Celebs & autographs!....if we're lucky!! I'll give you guys the full story after the premiere!!

My first premiere in Westwood was GLEE! These are my LA friends! That I met at the premiere! That Glee premiere was one of the coolest things that's ever happened! What a great day that was!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Working on my Paparazzi skills!

Slept in this morning because I stayed up so late last night! I've been working on my blog, getting my stuff together for the upcoming premieres and studying all my celebrity pictures I've been taking. I'm really trying hard to start making money off my celebrity pictures! I cleaned my room today because my clothes and autographs were starting to get out of hand! They were all over the place! Sometimes I don't even have time to put stuff away because I'm NEVER home! Work was great today! I cashiered again...ran into a bunch of interesting customers and I love all the people that I work with! I went to Subway before I started work. I talked to my Grandma on the phone and was telling her about running into the guy from Nip Tuck. I was like "Grama, the main doctor from "Nip Tuck" went through my line at Target!" She was like, "Ohh, he gave you a ride home?! How nice of him!" Really Gam Gam? Yes, the guy from Nip Tuck just gave me a ride home! I guess she was in a really LOUD restaurant! I had to put that on facebook and the blog! :D That made me laugh. After work I just headed home because it was already late. I'm working on ordering pictures for upcoming premieres. If you guys are interested at all, I'll sell you autographs of anyone that's in the new upcoming movies....just let me know! Who's autograph do you want!?

One of my Paparazzi friends posted the pictures that I took of Chaz & Lacey at the Grove on his site! He's trying to help me sell them! :D I'm trying to improve at my picture skills! 

Let me know if you guys are interested in any autographs! I'll hunt down whoever your favorite star is, and get you an autograph! I do charge for the HARD labor though :D Sometimes I have to do a lot of waiting for the premieres! Just let me know, & I'll get you your autograph! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another day at the Grove(:

I set my alarm for a little before 6am, but I didn't get up until after 6. I had to be at the Grove before 9am. I was practicing shooting a couple of the Dancing with the Stars cast members. I was there early, and I guess Chaz and Lacey were running late. So the interview didn't start until around 9:30. It was actually pretty laid back today and like NO photographers! I really didn't start snapping that many pictures until Chaz and Lacey arrived on the stage. It was actually pretty cool they had a little dance floor set up so they could show off some of their moves! I really was hating on Chaz before!...but I guess he's okay...same with Lacey. They JUDGE the photographer behind the lens!! Just because I'm snapping pictures of them doesn't mean I'm "out to get them!" I can't be a fan with a camera!?!?! RUUUUDE! I'm guessing that they automatically judge the person behind the camera!...After I snapped a few pictures of them I said Hi to both of them..They were very friendly and both said hi and Lacey brought her dog with her. I'm working on taking pictures on the run! But it's extremely hard! Taking pictures of someone walking towards you with a group of security around them, really isn't that easy! But a few of the pictures turned out during the interview. I wish I got better ones, but I'm working on it! I just have to keep practicing! This whole Paparazzi thing is much harder than I thought it would be! OMG! Half the mission is hunting down the stars! Then I need to beat out the other photographers! AHH! I have so much to learn!

Well anyways...check out some of the pictures I took today...Let me know what you honest! Don't be afraid to post comments! DO IT! I need your opinions!

OKAY Kim Kardash!

 Gottcha! Lacey! She's looking right at my lens! 
I LOVE how the dog is just looking right at Mario! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lindsay Lohan COURTHOUSE!

What a LONG morning I had today!....I got up at 4am celebrity stalking with a friend. One of my favorite celebrities was suppose to be somewhere, but it turned out they were out of town! :( Anyways, I was out of the house by 5:30 am! The bus was taking forever! It turned out that one of the busses broke down!...the time the bus came it was so FULL nobody could even fit on it!! So I had to wait for the NEXT bus! I was so pissed! I was meeting someone in Hollywood, and once again I was late because of the LA Metro! UGH! I made it there 35 minutes late! I didn't even have time to get my Starbucks! :( We never found that certain celeb that I've been hunting down!...We headed back to Hollywood. While we were on the bus back I was checking all the Lindsay Lohan updates! I needed to know all the latest news about her going to jail! Lindsay was sent to jail, but it felt like a few hours later she posted bail, $100,000! So she's out of jail again! I don't think she's ever going to learn! Who has $100,000 dollars just laying around!?

She showed up in a White Fendi dress and a Chanel purse.

Wish I was able to show up to this! I love taking pictures of stuff like this! 

Before work I went to check out a premiere location with a friend. While we were waiting for a few people to show up....This man approached me! I was near the corner of Hollywood & Vine. He was like, "You got weed?" I was like NO! He's like, "You don't do weed?" Really? Leave me alone you creep! Can I even stand on the corner without being asked for drugs? He then was like, "So your huslin' for money too?" Yes, I'm standing on the corner of Hollywood & Vine and offering sex right in the day light! What a creep! He went to go shake my hand but I wouldn't touch him! He looked so gross! BARF! YUCK! His friend was also on drugs and was laughing for 10 minutes straight! These streets of LA are WILD! I swear! 

LOOK at this BUG that I saw yesterday! It was coming towards me!! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HUNTED down by security!

What a ZOO! I was pretty much hunted down the minute I arrived at the Grove this morning! I headed to the Grove around lunch time for the taping of EXTRA. Taylor Armstrong was on the show. She is one of the Housewives of Beverly Hills. I'm guessing she was on the show to talk about her husband who killed himself?...The minute I arrived in the area, I was approached by one of the security guys who escorts the celebs to their cars. He asked me if I "checked in?" I don't even know what that means?....checked in? LEAVE ME ALONE! I'm just trying to have my celebrity fulfillment for the day! GEEZE! I cannot even take pictures in a public place?! Then I heard on their radios, skinny white male heading this direction in front of this restaurant. I was like really this is ridiculous!! I'm right here! We can talk! Someone else hunted me down and said that I HAVE to check in, so I went to check in. I had to go to the security office  and give them my ID, I guess they scan it? I don't even know...the whole thing is just ridiculous! They are acting like I'm committing a CRIME! GEEZE these people! After I checked in I was done being harassed but noticed that they were announcing on the radios that I checked in! I got maybe ONE picture of her face. The other pictures were pretty much body shots of her sitting down talking during the interview. After all that excitement at the Grove, I went to the pumpkin patch. We spotted one person, I have no clue who he is though....He was there with his kid. I'll post the pictures of him and let me know if you guys recognize him. I didn't stay at the Pumpkin patch that long...I headed over to Hollywood to H & M. I needed another pair of work pants for Target. H & M is probably one of my favorite stores! It's so difficult to get out of that store. I pretty much just want to buy everything!! I have so many ADDICTIONS I SWEAR! :D After picking up my work pants I headed to Starbucks to work on my blog a little...

Taylor Armstrong. Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Recognize him?...cause I don't!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Snooki SNUCK away...again!

What a day!....Another long day chasing Snooki down! She had an interview at the Grove at 1:30. I was at the Grove like 2 hours before the interview started! It was pretty busy today at the Grove! The more people that are there, the harder it is to get photos with the guests on EXTRA. It was pretty sunny and hot outside. I was the first person to show up for the interview so I was picking wherever I wanted to stand! Nobody was going to get in my way! NOBODY! All these old people were there for the interview....are you serious?! You shouldn't even be watching Jersey Shore! GO HOME! Snooki arrived 10 minutes late to the interview. They informed us that she had arrived, and was on her way out. I pulled out my camera and had an extremely hard time getting good pictures of her coming to the stage. Because I was with the crowd and not the photographers today, so it was much harder to get photos. She came onto the Stage and said hi to everyone....Her make-up artist put more make-up on her and asked her if she wanted more hairspray. The interview started and they talked about her new tanning lotions. After the interview she turned around so people could get good pictures of her. I sure got a good picture! :D It actually turned out pretty good! She was looking right at my lens! Thanks for the shot Snooki! I was planning to get a picture with her after the interview, but it was much harder than I thought! I managed to get as close as I possibly could to her. I asked, "Nicole, can I please take a photo with you?" What did she say!?!....."HI." I asked for a picture with you! I NEVER said HI to her, I asked a question? Who says "HI" when you ask to take a picture with someone!?!? Snooki (Nicole) says she's ALL about her fans, she loves her fans and she has said that she loves tweeting them back. I have seen this girl the last 4 times she's been in LA and NOTHING! No autograph and NO photo! She didn't take time for NOT even ONE fan today!...& I thought I was going to get lucky! HA! Once again Snooki disappointed many fans, at the Grove today. Her fame isn't going to last forever, the attention is going to go away. It's like she loves ALL the attention but she doesn't reach out to others at ALL! As soon as Jersey Shore is over all that fame is going to go away!...if you can even say that she's "famous." Snooki's whole "I love my fans" image is bullshit. She likes the photographers and that's it. She will smile for the photographers but turn down fans. Way to disappoint many fans today Snooki....once again!

After the Grove I headed to this place that buys, Celebrity videos and photos, they are open 24 hours. I checked it out with one of my friends. The building is so shady! DARK front windows and the doors were locked! Finally someone came out of the building. She informed us how things work there. She didn't give to many examples though! She kept saying we WANT current news! I said, "Snooki" at the Grove 20 minutes ago?" She said, "NO!" Ummm...okay...what then!? So we left, I had enough of that woman.

I stopped at Cold Stone in Hollywood before I went home, I was craving ice cream! LIKE ALWAYS!

 She looked right at me! 

Nicole getting ready right before the show starts. 


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch stalking!

Woke up and decided that I was going to head to the Pumpkin Patch. Many celebs are seen going there with their kids, so I thought I would check it out. As I was waiting for the bus this hispanic lady noticed that I was extemly congested! She was telling me to put on this certain kind of cream on my face and inner arms. I really couldn't understand her because she was pretty much talking in spanish! I stopped at Starbucks on the way. I went in to get my drink and some guy came super close to my face and was like, "I like your glasses, did you get them in town here?" I was like "no I got them in Wisconsin!" Geeze could he get any closer to my face! I went to the Pumpkin Patch and there were already a bunch of photographers there. They actually have a little area for the paparazzi! Haha. That was kind of funny! The first sighting we saw was "Alessandra," She is a Brazilian model. She loved the attention! You could just tell! She came with her husband and kid. They were actually there for a few hours! Then Eric Dane showed up with his family, and pregnant wife. They posed for the photographers. They were happy to show off Rebecca's new baby bump! Some lady was getting in the way of the shots and everyone started yelling at her to move!! Her big ass was in everyone's way! I've never been to this location before, so I'm sure I'll be back! It's actually pretty easy to get pictures of celebs there. I was there for a few hours then I left. I went to Subway because I was so hungry! I wanted my veggie sub! As I was eating at Subway I noticed that a man was coming in with all these random cups and filling them up with soda and leaving! So many crazy things go on here!

Okay so I was waiting for the bus this morning!......I almost forgot to mention this!! The bus just decided to pass me up! The bus was going FULL speed!! They didn't even look to see if someone was waiting at the stop!! How RUDE!!! Who does that! UGH!

Overall a pretty good celeb stalking day! I mean sometimes I see nobody! Check out the pictures that I got.

Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart.

Alessandra. Brazilian Model.