Sunday, October 30, 2011

Starbucks training!!

Had Starbucks training again. I'm actually learning how to make more drinks! It wasn't difficult at first, I just needed to learn the steps. I'm actually able to make drinks on my own! I was training for 7 hours. I'm getting better at steaming milk too!! :D I love making drinks! I didn't want to leave work!! I swear I have way to much fun at work! More people need to stop being so uptight about work and have more fun! Some people just act so depressed when their at work! It's like YOU have a job so stop complaining! I just found out today at Target is opening at midnight this year for black Friday!! (looks like I won't be sleeping that night! I talked to Bailey on the phone today and she was telling me about a Halloween party she was going to. Look at this picture that Bailey sent me! Ahhhhh!

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