Monday, October 31, 2011

Demi Lovato concert!

What a day! Started work at 8am! I had to leave my house at 6am to get there on time! I was up at 5 am! I just love that the busses run like every 10 million hours on Sundays! I made it to work early and had breakfast. I wad scheduled for food avenue today but I mostly worked in Starbucks! I love making those drinks! My grandma texted me this morning letting me know that Bailey got lost in Illinois at 2am! & went through a toll without paying! Hahaha! what did I do?! I posted it on facebook, twitter & my blog! My mom actually found out through the internet!! I'm like over 1,000 miles away and I can still get Bailey in trouble! Who just goes through a toll without paying?!....and doesn't even notice!! I worked until 2 then headed to Hollywood. There was a charity anti bullying event going on. The kardashians were there and so was Demi Lovato performing! It was pretty awesome! It was the first time I was able to see Kourtney Kardashian....from a distance. I also noticed that Kim Kardashian wasn't wearing her ring! The event was awesome! Demi sounds great live! I tried getting all their autographs before and after the event but no luck! Nobody got anywhere near them! So happy that I've already met Kim! Pretty good night, and met a few new friends :) I'm sure I'll be seeing them at more events!

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Location:Hollywood, CA

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