Saturday, September 28, 2013


Adam Lambert dressed like a Zebra tonight! Youuu guys liking his outfit? This is like the second night I saw him in a row! He loves going to the clubs! Haha! 
And Adam is usually pretty good about stopping for fans! 
Thanks Mister Adam! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ops! Did I really say that?!

"Taylor, Why are youuu alwayssss soooo draaaamatic!" 

Yes I said that, to Taylor Swift! I wasn't being mean or anything just honest and truthful. Taylor is KNOWN in Hollywood for always being so dramatic about everything! Looks like Taylor and I have something in common! 

Taylor attended her friends movie premiere in Hollywood. She walked the red carpet but didn't bother going for to the fans. I think she gave a wave at least! Hahaha. Both my friends and I tried getting a photo with her, but she was being real dramatic! She told the girls she would take a photo but group photo, because "She was running late." The usual. One of the girls said she didn't even want to be in the picture because she was being so difficult! Hahaha. My friend and I asked her, she completley ignored us!! I mean my mom always taught me to not just ignore people; so....I said something. "Taylor at least acknowledge us, don't just straight out ignore us it's rude." She started to turn around after I said that. I told her, "Taylor why do youuu alwayssss have to be sooooo draaamatic?" She got real wiiiild! She goes "Duuuuude, really? I'm here for my friend and the movie is starting!" The funny thing is that the main star her friend, "Haliee" wasn't even there yet! Someone else goes, "the main star isn't even here yet Taylor!" 

Yes, I am a Taylor fan, I'm a fan of a lot of people, and yes I like a few of her songs! But ignoring people is sooo rude! 

Ran into Colin Farrell later that night! How can youu not love his accent! 

Anne Hathaway on the run!

Thanks Anne Hathaway for ALWAYS being soooo nice! 

Jim Carrey!

Jim Carrey! Never really thought I would meet the Grinch!! How can you not like that movie!!! Or 'The Mask," that's another good movie that Jim Carrey is in. He was a pretty cool guy, he's real interesting! Sometimes he can be weird about signing autographs but I just asked him for a picture. He didn't want to show teeth in the photo because he has a chipped tooth! I don't know what's going on there! Hahaha. I thought it was for one of his wild movie roles, but I'm not sure? The photo turned out good though!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blonde or Brunette?

Keep is FINALLY starting to be photographed again!! Kim Kardashian has been on hiatus for awhile after giving birth! Ughhh. I miss seeing pictures of Kimmie online everyday; her outfits, shoes, make up, bags, sunglasses..... Kim sure knows how to get the blogs going WILD about her every move! 

Kim recently dyed her hair blonde! Do youu guys like it? I loooove it! Kim hasn't gone blonde for a few years now. I think the blonde makes Kim look younger. 

Here's a few recent photos of the reality star! 

Demi Concert!

Have you guys ever seen Demi Lovato live? I have to say I was impressed! For not always being the coolest to fans, but she is a lot of the time....she was very good! She interacts with the crowd too! Demi actually looked in the audience and found 2 people that are always at her concerts!! They both are my friends....and she straight out said there names! I almost died! I'm sure my friends were beyond excited that Demi called out their names! 

The concert was a lot of fuuun. I never would have went if it wasn't for Juanita who gave me the tickets and got us FRONT ROW! How awesome is that? I'm sooo thankful for the friends I have in my life(: 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Exploring ER

Yessss there isn't a whole lot going on in Eagle River, Wisconsin, but there is A LOT of exploring you can do!! There's really NO shops or restaurants, but there's wildlife! It felt like I walked half way around the lake! We went to the "drift wood cemetery. Basically its TONS of drift wood, that surrounds the edges of the lake! 

I made a little thing for my LA friends while walking along the lake! That's both Maggie and I in the picture below. Maggie loves going on little adventures, but was tired after awhile. Do you like my crazy boots I wore so I didn't dirty my shoes! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to the cheese state!

Back to Wisconsin! It feels good to be back! I love coming back to visit, and the weather is actually perfect! It's not humid at all and it's just starting to turn into fall. I love fall weather in the Midwest. I spent the first few days i Milwaukee where I grew up and now I'm in the North woods!! I know I know.....such a drastic change for someone who is living in LA. 

My first day here I was able to see my moms new horse Norman!! I absolutely love Norman! Horses are beyond cool. They are like having HUGE dogs!! For such big animals they are very friendly and gentle creatures! They really are amazing animals. I'm going to ride Norman tomorrow. I've already learned how to feed them and stuff and my mom has already taught me a lot about them. My mom has even brought me to see her friends horses, I guess it's a common thing up here? 

Right away when I saw this i tweeted it to my twitter buddy River! It's his name! RIVER ROAD! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to New York?

I'm sooo happy I randomly decided to go to New York at the last minute. Not only did I meet a few celebrities I have never met before I was able to meet some of my online friends that I haven't met in person. My Instagram buddy Miles and this kid named David who always sends me wiiild Instagram photos! A few people in New York actually recognized me online from being in some fan videos with Lady Gaga in LA. Right away when I showed up where Gaga was at one of the fans instantly knew who I was from online. Let me tell ya, the Gaga fans in New York are real wiiild! They go nuts for Gaga!! Like real crazy!! 

The first day in NYC we went bike riding through central park and boyyy is it a work out!! I didn't know it would be sooo much working biking in the park!! We had to ride the bikes a few blocks to the actual park and it was real dangerous!! Hahaha. I almost got hit by a few taxi's! And it's not like we had a choice to ride on the sidewalk, we had to ride in the street!! Another thing about New York is that they have these amazing ice cream trucks EVERYWHERE! I love ICE CREAM!! 

Yes I will be going back to New York sometime soon, the experience and the way of life out there is unreal, I really would like to go back soon. I did meet a few more friends in the city too. 

Demi's good and bad days!

Demi Lovatoooooooo. Demi has her good days and her bad days! This happened to be her good day! Demi was pretty friendly to me when I saw her. I finally got my "DEMI" CD signed! I mean her CD is pretty good, I like pretty much all of the songs! 

Demi Lovato can sometimes be VERY moody! It so happened I picked the right day to go out and get my CD signed. Thank god there was one photographer and just me there! I actually could talk to her and she actually listened. She signed my CD and my magazines and then I asked to talk a selfie with her and she either didn't hear me or ignored me! Hahaha. But either way I already have an amazing photo with her so I'm NOT pushing it! Demi wanted to make sure I told my friend that she said hiiii!