Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to New York?

I'm sooo happy I randomly decided to go to New York at the last minute. Not only did I meet a few celebrities I have never met before I was able to meet some of my online friends that I haven't met in person. My Instagram buddy Miles and this kid named David who always sends me wiiild Instagram photos! A few people in New York actually recognized me online from being in some fan videos with Lady Gaga in LA. Right away when I showed up where Gaga was at one of the fans instantly knew who I was from online. Let me tell ya, the Gaga fans in New York are real wiiild! They go nuts for Gaga!! Like real crazy!! 

The first day in NYC we went bike riding through central park and boyyy is it a work out!! I didn't know it would be sooo much working biking in the park!! We had to ride the bikes a few blocks to the actual park and it was real dangerous!! Hahaha. I almost got hit by a few taxi's! And it's not like we had a choice to ride on the sidewalk, we had to ride in the street!! Another thing about New York is that they have these amazing ice cream trucks EVERYWHERE! I love ICE CREAM!! 

Yes I will be going back to New York sometime soon, the experience and the way of life out there is unreal, I really would like to go back soon. I did meet a few more friends in the city too. 

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