Monday, December 31, 2012

Kim Kardashian Pregnant!

Yes the rumors are TRUE, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting a baby. Kim is expected to be 12 weeks pregnant. The CRAZY thing is though I saw her like 2 weeks ago at the airport, and they didn't treat her like a pregnant woman at all! NO SECURITY or anything! I mean sometimes it does get a little wild with the paparazzi so they will sometimes have extra security when they are pregnant.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Kanye at first, I have to admit! I mean I like some of his songs, but I wasn't loving him. But now that Kanye is with Kim it looks like he has changed for the better. Kanye acts much more different around the paparazzi and is actually friendly to them. And yes you can totally tell that Kim is happy with Kanye, she's always smiling when around him. 

Here's a few of my favorite photos of KIMYE! 
First photo of Kim and Kanye together before Kanye announces pregnancy! 


Paris Hilton witnesses car crash in West Hollywood with boyfriend, River. Paris plays paparazzi and photographs the scene, while River makes sure the people were okay.

I haven't posted these photos ANYWHERE until now! I found them on my external hard drive and totally forgot about them. Recently I saw Paris Hilton and her boyfriend River in West Hollywood. Remember the night that I took photos with Paris & River? As my photographer friend and I were driving down La Cienega Blvd we were going to take a right turn at the lights of La Cienega and Holloway. We heard a LOUD CRASH and a car flipped over and was skidding down the street! If we were to go straight, we would have been the injured ones and our car would have flipped over! My friend jumped out of the car to make sure the people were okay. I just waited in the car, I really don't like seeing people injured. My friend RUNS back over to the car and yells, "PARIS HILTON IS RUNNING DOWN THE STREET!" My ass JUMPS out of the car and RUNS across traffic to go and see Paris! Paris Hilton's boyfriend River was making sure the people in the car were okay, I guess they were driving in their escalade and saw the crash and jumped out! Paris played photographer and was snapping photos of the scene. I chatted with them and asked how they were. River is a super cool guy, he took my photo with Paris but it turned out horrible, he practically went down the block to take t

2012 CELEBRITY photos!

Favorite Celebrity photos of 2012!

Never in a million years, while living in Wisconsin did I EVER think I would come close to some of these celebrities! Who's your favorite? I would have to say that some of my favorite photos are my photos of some of my "Kardashians," and my "Hugh Jackman" photo! Ohh and I finally met the Jonas Brothers!! I met all three of them in about two days! The memories could never be captured on camera with some of these celebrities I have met! The pictures are neat, but talking to some of them is even better! The people below are BEYOND nice! And some of the paparazzi pictures are even better than my actual photo ops(: 

Sunday, December 30, 2012


2012 has gone by extremely fast....It feels like yesterday this year just started! Last New Years I went Ice Skating on New Years Eve, and fell on my butt a thousand times, my butt was sore for weeks! This winter in LA this year is MUCH colder than last years! MUCH! I feel like I have to bundle up more when I leave my house. 

2012 has been a pretty good year for me! I have learned a lot of new things and opened up new chapter's in my life. I have moved out of North Hollywood and live right in the center of Hollywood, I have met a few more celebrities that I have been wanting to meet, I visited my family three times this year, once in Florida and the last two times in Wisconsin and I attended my sisters Army Graduation in South Carolina.

  • Moved to Hollywood 
  • Switched over to the Galaxy 3S 
  • Finally got a California ID
  • Kim Kardashian knows my name now(: 
  • Met my favorite actress Jamie Lee Curtis and she wasn't friendly:( 
  • Got an INSTAGRAM, and now am OBSESSED 
  • Spent Christmas with an amazing family in the valley
TWENTY. TWELVE. has been an amazing and adventurous year, but 2013 will be even more adventurous! I have SOOO MANY plans for next year! Can't wait to tell everyone about them! And yes I have my fingers crossed for the job of a life dream job! 

Some of my FAVORITE moments of 2012. 

Saved the BEST photo for last, my best friend, my sister <3 
I'll post a bunch of photos from my iphone shortly, so don't be upset if I didn't photos of you guys! 

Rose McGowan

Have been a busy boyyy in LA lately! I have been working blogging and trying to plan out my future! The other day I ran into Rose McGowan again in Hollywood!! Rose is beyond nice, never minds taking photos with fans. I love her new haircut! Do you guys like her new hair?

Forgot to post this new photo too of Seth McFarlane and I in Beverly Hills! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley is always a super cool guy! I love taking pictures with him. Always when he takes photos with fans he always does this weird thing where he leans forward in the photos! He does it ALL the time! I'm happy that my photo that we took yesterday he didn't lean forward! I met him over the summer and I look SO RED in the photo. 

Paul Wesley. 
Nina Dobrev last year! Just need a photo with Ian now! 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kid Cudi & JWoww

A few days ago, I met JWoww and Kid Cudi in Hollywood. Let me tell ya, they were both SUPER nice! I have heard sooooo many stories about how the Jersey Shore cast really isn't nice to their fans. I guess in New York Jwoww never stops to greet the fans!? Well I guess LA is a different story because she was more than happy to take a photo and sign some autographs! Out of the whole cast that I saw that day she was the only one who really wanted to take a picture! Vinny didn't even want to, and he's usually really nice! Jwoww kept calling me sweetie!

Later in the night I met Kid Cudi with my friend in West Hollywood. We saw him at like 2am, he was leaving a club, he was the last one to leave! Kid Cudi is NOT a fan of the paparazzi at all! He was telling us how they are always trying to make him look bad and how he is just trying to live his life. We talked to him for about 10 minutes before he left the club. Cudi was telling us how he got kicked off of Lady Gaga's tour for punching a fan! The story was pretty fin though when he started saying how Gaga came to his dressing room in her "darth Vader looking shit." Too funny! Cudi started laughing when he was describing her walking down the hallway to come kick him off her tour. He did tell us though how he apologizes for the things he did.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


My favorite reality star was flying into LAX airport the other night! I was soooooo excited to go because I haven't seen Kim in forever!! Kim has been out traveling, filming and working in the middle east! Kim has had over fifteen different events and appearances to attend. The last three months Kim has been in Miami, New York, the middle east, London and Mexico City!! My Kimmie has been very busy out promoting those famous curves of hers(:

Kim changed her flight number and schedule a few times the other night. I was hoping that there wouldn't be so many photographers there then....but nope, still a lot!! It's crazy how these celebrities change their flights and the paparazzi still manage to keep up with the flight changes! Kim flew in later at night, I was there to greet her right when she exited the terminal. I had my HUGE 11 by 14 inch photo op of both Kim and I from when we blew kisses together outside Nobu in West Hollywood last year. Kim was pretty excited to see me, but not as excited as I was seeing her! She asked how I was doing and she absolutely loved the photo! Hahaha. She signed the photos I had and I asked her about Miami and told her how I haven't seen her in forever! She started leaving the terminal signed some autographs, and the photographers were getting so out of control falling over! Kim decided to use an elevator, which means less shots for them!! If they knew how to be calm and civil everyone would get their shots! As soon as Kim ran out of the elevator, my friend took a photo with Kim then he took my photo with her(: Kimmie did her cute pose like always, leaning close to me. I told her that I was sorry about her cat Mercy passing away, and I told her how it was nice seeing her(: Kim made her way into her car and I made sure to get one more autograph!

Kimmie Welcome home(: 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kardashian's at LAX!

Kardashian MADNESS at LAX airport! 

Went to the airport the other night to greet the Kardashian girls has they landed at Los Angeles airport! You guys all know that I won't pass up a Kardashian meet and greet in LA! Hahaha. Khloe, Kourt, Scott, Mason and Penelope were there. Because they have been in Miami so long it was a zoo! So many photographer were waiting for them to arrive! The were all friendly like always, but Kourtney doesn't like mingling with fans while she's with her children. One of the photographers told Mason happy birthday and Kourtney said, "It's disrespectful to call my children by their names!" Kourt told that photographer! Hahahaha. Khloe was holding Mason as they made their way to their escalades. Khloe was more than happy to roll down her window to chat with us and take pictures! I've been looking like crazy for a certain magazine that Khloe & Kim are on the cover of....I asked her where I could find it! Khloe had no idea, she asked if I tried googling it! I have though and still can't find it, and it's hard to because it's a Hong Kong magazine! 

Hugh Jackman & Anne Hathaway!

Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway were BEYOND nice! They are very friendly people!  I think that I have to add them to my top list of the most friendly celebrities! Hugh Jackman said, that he was in a hurry and didn't have time to take pictures! But the publicist told both us and Hugh that he had time! The publicist kept saying, "this is a cuute crowd!" I mean there really only was a few of us waiting for Hugh Jackman! I finally got my photo with Hugh 2 days before he flew out of LA! Hugh lives in New York, so he really isn't here often. 

Anne Hathaway was very nice too! Anne signed autographs then took photos with whoever wanted a picture! She was super cute, and VERY thin! I could feel Anne's bones! I told her how much I like her movie, "Love and other drugs!" She said, "aww thank you!" I like the part she played in "Valentines day too! Anne played a funny role in that movie! 
Mister Hugh Jackman!

Anne Hathaway

Director of Les' Miserables 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

NOH8 event in Hollywood!

Attended the "No hate campaign," event the other day in Hollywood. Basically the event is about accepting people for who they are and not judging others. They support the "LGBT," community. They had a tiny carpet set up with a few celebrities that were there to support the event. Pauley Perrette goes every year to the event! As soon as the celebs got out of the car they were swarmed by autographer's and fans. Really the only person I wanted to meet was Pauley, and I did(: 

Both my friend and I went into the event and took a "NOH8" photo! The photos turned out super cool! I'll post the pictures below! They had TONS of photos posted everywhere, of all the people and some celebrities that posed for the campaign! And yes I found Kim Kardashians photo!! Hahaha. 

 Christopher Gorham
Drew Seely
Pauley Perrette, "NCIS"
With my girl Meg @ the NOH8 event! 
NOH8 photo!