Monday, December 31, 2012


Paris Hilton witnesses car crash in West Hollywood with boyfriend, River. Paris plays paparazzi and photographs the scene, while River makes sure the people were okay.

I haven't posted these photos ANYWHERE until now! I found them on my external hard drive and totally forgot about them. Recently I saw Paris Hilton and her boyfriend River in West Hollywood. Remember the night that I took photos with Paris & River? As my photographer friend and I were driving down La Cienega Blvd we were going to take a right turn at the lights of La Cienega and Holloway. We heard a LOUD CRASH and a car flipped over and was skidding down the street! If we were to go straight, we would have been the injured ones and our car would have flipped over! My friend jumped out of the car to make sure the people were okay. I just waited in the car, I really don't like seeing people injured. My friend RUNS back over to the car and yells, "PARIS HILTON IS RUNNING DOWN THE STREET!" My ass JUMPS out of the car and RUNS across traffic to go and see Paris! Paris Hilton's boyfriend River was making sure the people in the car were okay, I guess they were driving in their escalade and saw the crash and jumped out! Paris played photographer and was snapping photos of the scene. I chatted with them and asked how they were. River is a super cool guy, he took my photo with Paris but it turned out horrible, he practically went down the block to take t

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