Photos WITH Celebrities!

Kim Kardashian.
Mark Ballas "DWTS" dancer! 
Tristan from "DWTS" Gotta love his accent! 
David Arquette from "SCREAM!" 
Mark Ballas, "DWTS"

Nancy Grace. She's SO nice! 

Maria from 'EXTRA' She's super friendly & Kim is her favorite Kardashian!

Kim totally inspires me. I love this woman! 

Kissy Lips with Kimmie! 

Rob Kardashian....his butt is just as BIG as Kim's!

Tyra told me that I looked like "Prince Harry!" 

Kylie Jenner is ALWAYS so nice! 

 Peter Facinalli
 Jessie McCarney. on Rodeo Drive.
 Emma Roberts.
 Vicki. HouseWife from Orange County.
Sarah Hyland. I look HUGE next to her! 
 David Hasselholff
 Matthew Morrison @ like 2am! 
 James Marsden
 Michelle Williams.
 Jessica Chastian.
 Missy Pyle.
 Leann Rimes.
Jason Segel.


  1. Please correct Peter's name. His name is Facinelli. Thanks.

  2. You met ALL those people!? Do they just wander around Hollywood?

  3. do you have autographs from david arquette or julianne hough?