Thursday, October 31, 2013

Long time no see stranger!

Yes I was reunited with Kimmie yesterday! Boyyyy did I miss that girl! She was out for one of her promotional tours! Hahaha. Kim was more than happy to stop for her fans. Right away I went, "Holy shit Kim, I missed youuu, long time no see stranger!" Kim went "NIKO how are youu!!?" I just about died! Hahaha. I mentioned to Kim how I saw her in Vegas and how wiiiild it was there! She loved the sign that I had! We also chatted about the Yeezus store that's on Melrose right next to DASH. I guess the store is a "pop up store," it travels with Kanye when he goes on tour. Kimmie was ready for our photos we took together like always! She told me how it was nice seeing me and we said our good byes! 

Kim Kardashian means a lot to me, and yes I am extremely intrigued with her and her family and the empire she has built for herself. It absolutely amazes me how she has become known as "Kim K." But there are also some other personal reasons why I connect with Kim Kardashian, and that is between me and her.

There are many people that are SOOOO concerned that I admire Kim so much, but I'm just going to let people become even more concerned. Ohh well. We all have people we admire and mine just happens to be Kim Kardashian. 

Missed youuu Kimmie

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Waking up in Vegas?

Went to Vegas for the first time ever for Kim's birthday party! Ummm let me tell ya it was real wiiiild! Kim worked that carpet like it's her daily duties! Kim sure knows how to work a carpet! And Kris Jenner was right behind her! Hahaha. 

It was my first time in Vegas! Yessss I'll be going back! It was real fuuun but exhausting! I love the whole "Youuu gamble and just order whatever drinks youuu want and just tip." Vegas is a lot bigger than I thought it would be! Las Vegas Blvd is like Hollywood Blvd in a way, but cleaner! They even have the CRAZY people in costumes there too! 

Thanks Tao for this amazing sign! 

Kim Kardashian and family at Tao! 
*Photots taken by WOWCELEBRITYTV*
Kris Jenner loves the cameras!
Khlo & Kourt!

Katy Perry Concert!!

Let me just say Katy Perry's concert was sooo much fun! I haven't had that much fuuun in a LOOONG time! Ellie Goulding was opening for Katy and Teagan and Sarah! Let me tell ya, the Hollywood Bowl was full of lesbians! Lesbofest! It was such a good concert! Katy played a lot of her new songs from Prism, and my favorite California Girls! I was running into a bunch of celebs, thank god my friend Juanita was there to spot them, she knows why.... I mean Khloe Kardashian walked right past me! 

Damn, youu really have to mean mug me like that!!
Ashley Tisdale
Hiii Khlo Khlo! 
One of LA's best make up artists! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random photos!

Had a WILD day today like always! I swear what a LONG day! Here's a few random photos that I took through out the week on my phone. I take all these photos and forget about posting them online. BTW. I have a REAL hard time telling Benji and Joel apart. Can youu tell them apart? Guess which one I posted a photo with! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Paris Hilton TOUR!

Paris Hilton is probably one of the celebrities I have seen the most! And thank god she is sooo friendly and nice! Paris is also the first Hollywood star that I actually ran into when I first moved to LA. I was out walking down Hollywood Blvd with my sister Bailey when she was visiting and Paris was at a wig shop. I right away ran up to her and took a picture, I guess that's where it started! (: 

Paris has been out and about the last couple days promoting her new music, and I've seen her a few times! I pretty much got ALL of my magazines signed! I ran out of things! I had to order more of her magazines and things online! I've seen her often and I was curious if she knew my name yet! I never really told her it, so wanted to know if she even knew it....I asked she said YESSS, I said Paris what is it then! She laughed and said I forgot, in her cute voice! Hahaha it totally made me laugh. Paris is adorable. We chatted about River as well and I asked how he was doing. He wasn't out with her cause he is busy working on his clothing line! 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Kim arrives home!

MADNESS waiting for Kim! 

OH MY GOD. I know I say this ALL the time but it is absolutely mind bobbling how a reality star is in such demand to be photographed. EVERYWHERE! I mean I saw Kim at the airport the other day when she arrived from Paris, and let me tell youu it was WILD! SO many photographers and video guys, it's unreal. I love seeing my girl Kim being photographed, it's like a runway show for her! But Kim was moving a little faster than usual! The LA paps aren't as calm as the other paps in NY and Paris. The LA peeps really like to get in the celebrities face. 

Kelly Osbourne!

Love being on Daily Mail! Hahaha I think I'm featured on Daily Mail more than Jessica Alba and she's always on there!! 

This time I was on it for Kelly Osbourne. I have seen Kelly a few times now, and she isn't always the coolest. But the other day she was very friendly, even though it was like the middle of the night at LAX! I was loving her purple hair too and her shades. 

What do youu guys think of her hair!?