Thursday, September 29, 2011

National coffee day!

I slept in until around 10 am. It felt so good to not get up early! I knew that I'm going to have an early morning tomorrow, so I decided to just sleep in! I have to get up at 5am tomorrow to meet a certain celebrity. This person is on my top list of people to meet! It's a surprise so I'm NOT saying the name yet! Really though, if I do meet this person...My life will definitely be complete!(: I have a few pictures to get signed.
When I got up this morning I really just worked on my blog and checked out my blog stats. I'm amazed that my blog is being viewed from so many different places! It's crazy! The countries just keep expanding! Russia, Germany, the US, Thailand, Brazil...and many more. I'm trying to figure out so many new things on my blog. They recently updated and changed many of the settings, so I'm trying to get used to it. The whole "blogger" thing is a lot more complicated then Facebook. GEEZE! It really is! So many options and settings! It's CRAZY! I now know how to put up ads! I'm so proud of myself! For every time someone "clicks" on the ad, I bring in money! It's awesome! My dream someday is to get paid for blogging! If Perez Hilton can do it! I CAN! I have been accomplishing so much lately! It really just amazes me! I have explored so much in Los Angeles, and I've been working like crazy on this blog! BLOGGING everyday! I can't leave you guys not knowing what I'm doing! (for the people in Wisconsin!) It's a lot of fun blogging(: I worked at 2:30. I got to work a little early, and found out it's "National Coffee day." So I had to get some Starbucks! I was also informed at work that I am on the schedule for training at the Starbucks in my Target! The week after my birthday I will be training in Starbucks! I'm the type of person that loves change! I NEED change! I need new adventures, and new jobs, tasks, anything new. I HATE doing the same thing all the time! I told my boss today at Target that I don't mind if they toss me around to any of the other positions in the store. One of my coworkers was nice enough to drive me home after work tonight....and I got home and found 3 packages in my room! I was so excited to open them! The first one I opened looked like a poster?.....It was actually a big picture that I ordered for tomorrow to get signed. The other 2 packages were from back home in Wisconsin (: My mom sent me all the things that I love, and some of my mail. She knows ALL the magazines I like...and she sent some Burt's Bee's! The ONLY chap stick I use!

78 degree's today in Los Angeles! The weather is perfect here! I love it!

Kathy Hilton (Paris Hilton's mom) was nice enough to Retweet my blog link on Twitter! Hopefully that gained me a few more viewers!

Chanel, my absolute favorite cologne! 

Had to get Starbucks before work today!

Thanks for all the things you sent mom! Love you tons!

Have to get to bed, early morning tomorrow, traveling to Downtown LA. I'll be posting pictures tomorrow night! Check back tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


What a CRAZY morning I had! I got out of bed at 6am!, I was out of the house by 7am. I had to go develop a picture of me and Nancy Grace for her to sign. I went to go to "Rite Aid" to develop the picture. "Rite Aid" is like a CVS they have pretty much everything. This 5 minute trip turned into over 35 minutes! I was so upset! I had to be somewhere by a certain time to see Nancy Grace to have her sign the picture! I wanted to do instant print, and it wasn't working! I tried printing it over 5 times! I had to get the manager, all the employees didn't even know how to work it! I was getting really upset! He kept telling me to hold on, and wait until the photo lady showed up to work....She finally got it printed, I was charged $3.99 for the photo! The manager never apologized or anything for all the inconvenience! I mean how rude! He actually was nice about the situation and tried to help, but at least let me know "sorry about the inconvenience!" I ran out of there and went where Nancy Grace was being filmed for a television show. She was very nice like always! I was trying to call her name on the way out but security was pushing me away! I was like seriously!? I've been working on getting my photo printed and getting here for the last 3 hours! One of the television recognized my face and got her attention and asked her to sign the photo for me(: He was very nice, and so was Nancy! It was a picture I took with Nancy a few days ago. She was like "I remember you!" She signed the picture and wrote "Follow your dreams." She is a very nice woman! I then went to the post office to mail a few things in West Hollywood. I had a lot of mail actually! I finally mailed Bailey's ipod that she forgot here!

Right now I'm at Starbucks, I had to catch up on my celebrity news, and blog(: I'm drinking the Salted Carmel Mocha! It's so good! YUM! I've been loving a lot of the new Starbucks drinks and the seasonal ones!

Love this picture (: I'm to the right! You can see my tiny legs! This is a picture that Mario tweeted!

At Starbucks and tried this yummy chocolate donuts!

One of my FAVORITE Starbucks in West Hollywood! Right off the sunset strip!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Slept til 10 today. I was going to go somewhere to see if I could sell a few of my pictures of Derek Hough but I just needed to rest. I have been running around Hollywood so much lately chasing all these stars and trying to put my name out there. It's pretty difficult though because I'm competing with so many other people! But, it helps a little that I have many supporters in Wisconsin following my blog(: so thats a good thing! Now I just need more people to help me advertise it! So if you guys have time, repost it on facebook....Twitter....Etc..I need all the help I can get! I mean I am competing with Perez Hilton! So many people in LA are competing for the same thing so it's extremely difficult to put your self out there and have your site become well known!

I worked today in the early afternoon so I really didn't do anything, just cleaned my room. I feel like I have no time to ever clean because I'm never home! I'm either cleaning at 2am or 6 am when I get up! I've been so busy! I got such a bad headache at work today....someone made me a latte to make my headache go away, and it did! I thought coffee gave you headaches! I guess NOT! because that latte helped my headache go away!

This lady comes on the bus every night with a bag FULL of crap! I think it's cans! YUCK!

Justin Bieber was spotted the other day in LA, with his underwear showing...PULL those pants up mister! YOU ARE NOT Lil' Wayne!


Cake pops from Starbucks will make anyone feel better! I got one because I had such a bad headache! I felt better right after I ate it! I love those Cake POPS!

Really though if you haven't tried a Cake POP from Starbucks you gotta! They are so good! 

Didn't do much today worked pretty early. 

Running around Hollywood!

I probably saw over 20 celebrities today! It was so awesome! I was ALL over Hollywood! I went to see the Dancing with the Stars cast. I got pictures with everyone one of them I saw(: I mean they are going to slowly start getting kicked off the show, so why not? They were all very nice. I think I got a picture with everyone except Chaz. All of the times that I've seen Chaz he hasn't been that friendly. We were there all morning waiting for them. Nancy Grace was the first person that I saw arrive. She was so nice, she put her arms right around me to pose for a picture. It was getting later in the day and we all wanted to go to the "Iris" performance that took place at the Kodak theatre, to see the stars that arrived. We found the entrance where they were getting dropped off and waited there. Chloe from "Kick ass" showed up first, Joe Manganiello "True Blood," Matthew Mccnnoughy, Mario Lopez, James Cameron, Pricilla Presley, Tony Soprano, and a few others. It was actual a lot of fun. Only a few of those people came over by us. I called Joe Manganiello and he took a picture with me which was awesome! He's a very nice guy. Matthew wouldn't take pictures with anyone. I asked for a picture with him on the way out and he said, "Not right now."

Nancy Grace.

Tristian Macmanus. (Kissed my friend, she kept telling him to Kiss me, haha)

J.R. Martinez.

Carson Kressley.

Derek Hough.


Joe Manganiello from "True Blood"
Very nice guy at the "opening of "Iris" a performance at the Kodak theatre in Hollywood.

David Arquette leaving rehearsal.

Derek Hough leaving practice.

Derek & Mark Ballas.


Chloe from "Kick ass"

People watching the event from above.

Matthew & his wife walking into the event.

This CRAZY man sings all the time in Hollywood Blvd! He sings Lady Gaga! My ears bleed!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hollywood Bowl

My first time going to the Hollywood Bowl today! It was a lot of fun! It's such a BIG place too! It's an outdoor place and it hold over 18,000 people! WOW! I want for the Sound of Music it was really neat. And very interactive.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Woke up early today again...Met some people at where DWTS practice. I was the first person to show up. We usually beat all the photographers there(: We saw a few people. Most of the dancers ran in and tried not to be seen. But a few of the dancers chat with us and love being photographed and on video!
Carson is probably the nicest of them all! Carson will dance and jump around! I brought my little pita chips and hummus with me and my canned Starbucks on the go! I really didn't have time to stop for one so I just brought one from home. We were pretty excited today, anyone we saw come we would get a picture or an autograph from them(: Cause you never know who's getting kicked off next. I needed Chynna to sign something and Elizabetta. Chynna signed my picture that I had(: it was a picture of me and her that I developed and she was like "Boy you developed that fast!" Chynna they have one hour photo at Target! (: She is always nice to everyone and always comes over by us to talk. Rob Kardashian showed up but he rushed inside. Mark and Kristin came too but they left to go somewhere for lunch...I think they like each other! There's defiantly something going on between them! Chaz Bono also showed up....and let me tell you!....He is RUDE! I really don't care what anyone has to say! He is very rude! I totally understand that many people are giving him problems about all of his sex change business. But, haven't people warned him that life's hard!?...When someone says Hi to you, you just don't ignore them! Show them some respect and say something! I mean a lot of us are at DWTS everyday! People ask him normal questions! NO HATE! seriously though! All the photographers are totally cool with what he's doing! And he just ignores everyone! NO EXCUSES! Hasn't his mom ever told him that life's a bitch!!? Nobody ever said that what he's doing was going to be easy! I thought he was a MUCH stronger person than how he's acting! I don't know! I really don't want to see him anymore, he's rude!  After I left DWTS I had to head to Hollywood to get to work. I had to stop at a piercing place to have them take out my other hip piercing cause it was rejecting :( I'm so upset! I really loved those piercings! I had them for a year this October! :( How horrible! My first piercings I got without my mom's permission! He was suppose to charge me, but he never did. He took it out pretty fast and then cleaned it. They normally charge $10. But he just said that it was fine. I was going to tip him but I had NO cash! I told him that I'll be coming back to tip him! I will FOR SURE be giving him a tip next time I see him! Oh yeah! I almost forgot! On the bus going to Hollywood from West Hollywood....there was a lot of commotion! WOW! I heard screaming on the bus! I looked to see what was going on...and I guess this guy stepped on this woman's foot on purpose! She started screaming saying "Get away from me!" I have no clue why this guy stepped on her. This other guy defended the lady and took out his FAKE teeth! He was like, "this is what happens when you get in a real fight!" The guy started swearing and yelling at him! The bus driver had to pull over! The black woman didn't do anything just kind of watched! It was a ZOO! I was started to record it, but the argument ended! :( I love recording crazy things like that! haha. What a fun bus ride! I always experience the craziest stuff in West Hollywood! GEEZE!

Look at these WILD photographers!

People chasing Mark Ballas & Kristin leaving for lunch.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kendra Wilkinson.

I got up early today to go to the Grove to see if I could get a picture with Kendra Wilkinson....and I sure did! I got to the Grove extremely early so I stopped at the Starbucks at the Grove. I tried the new Salted Carmel Mocha! It was delicious! WOW! I'm now hooked on them! I'm sure I'll be getting one tomorrow! Kendra's interview was a private interview, you could only see her from a distance with her husband Hank who also attended the interview with EXTRA. As Kendra was leaving the building she was being interviewed in, I waited outside and as soon as she was near me I asked if I could take a picture with her!...She said yes and she seemed a little overwhelmed! Her assistant said NO more pictures! But, I don't care what anyone said! I was getting a picture with her! Then as I put my hand around her he was telling e not to touch her. I said DON'T TOUCH me! These people are so dramatic! GEEZ! I got a picture with her so I was happy! I left the Grove and headed to where the cast of DWTS practices. I wanted to get pictures with anyone that came in or out! Cause these people are going to start getting kicked off the show! Mark Ballas signed my stuff that I had for him(: and I took a picture with Chynna! She is super nice! I'm going to have her sign the picture tomorrow. I waited a few hours there then got Subway for lunch. A Veggie sub with EXTRA cheese! YUM! I then had to go to work....ugh.

Had a great day today! Tomorrow's going to be another busy day! DWTS again!



The photo's Mark Ballas signed for me! I took this one(:

Kendra & Hank entering the Grove.

Mario. Kendra & Hank.

Tony Bennet.

Carson arriving to DWTS practice.

We gave him an umbrella to dance with.

Elizabetta driving off.