Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday the 13th run in!

What a night the other day!! I finally was able to meet "Jason," from the "Friday the 13th" remake! I was beyond excited! I'm a huge fan of the horror movies! Yes I love the originals but I do love the remakes too! Derek Mears is the guy that plays Jason and he is SUPER nice! Seriously, he's soooo nice for a murderer! Hahahaha. He even introduced himself and asked my name! He was more than happy to sign an autograph for me, I just wish I had my movie and poster with me! I actually missed him the day before and ran into him the next day!

Lil Romeo, was the other day too. He's such a tiny guy! He didn't mind taking photos with fans either. He was on "Dancing with the Stars" a few seasons ago. 

Monday, November 26, 2012


One of my favorite movies is "Rat Race!" I love that movie, it's super funny! I'm pretty sure the first time I saw it was when I was younger with my babysitter Heather! You remember watching that with us Heather?! 

The other day I totally spotted one of the guys from the movie!! Breckin Meyer! I totally heard his laugh as he was heading into somewhere in Hollywood! Right away I ran home to go get my "Rat Race" DVD to get signed! Breckin was more than happy to sign my movie, and his girlfriend was more than happy to let him interact with his fans! He's a pretty short guy! Another guy I ran into was James Van De Beek. James was in Dawson's Creek with Katie Holmes. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

So thankful

Thankful for so many things in my life! Yes I complain often about a lot of things, but I am grateful for a lot of things in my life! I have learned that people have it much harder than me! People here in Hollywood live on the streets, have no home and not even food! And yes I can be a very conceited person, obsessing about the Kardashian's and always posting pictures with Kim Kardashian, but really I do think about others and put myself in others shoes! 

Thank you guys who keep up to date with my blog and follow all my Hollywood adventures!
Thanks guys for taking the time to read my posts and check out all my photos!  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ice Cube!

Ice Cube was a super cool guy! I have seen him before in the past he's nice and all but he doesn't always like signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Both my friend and I got photos with Ice Cube. People that were in the area were watching us and wondering who we were taking pictures with! Hahahaha. Then some guy recognized Ice Cube and and started recording him on his iphone! There really weren't too many photographers there for Ice Cube but a few video guys were there. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chace Crawford paparazzi photos!?

The other day I went out to meet Chace Crawford, Sarah Silverman, Teresa Palmer, Brain Wash, and ohhh wait! I almost forgot!....DRAKE, who completely ignored us!

Right after I was done with work I headed home to get ready! I needed Starbucks soooo bad! Right after Starbucks I headed over to the theatre that Chace Crawford was at. Chace showed up with his girlfriend. I wanted a picture with him super bad! Chace is in the show Gossip Girl! I guess he doesn't always like taking photos with fans....but he was more than happy to take a photo with me! I really was the only person there that approached him. My paparazzi friend took the photo of the two of us. Chace is a super cool guy, I can't wait to blow up our photo! A few others showed up....Teresa Palmer an australian actress, the artist Brain Wash showed up, and Sarah Silverman was the last person to arrive in the middle of the concert! I was pretty happy to meet Sarah Silverman, she was on a few episodes of my favorite show "Monk!"

Teresa Palmer, Australian actress

Sarah Silverman!

Later in the night Drake was out at a club in Hollywood with his 10 million black body guards! WHY!? I have met Drake before, and let me tell ya, he's cocky! He signed autographs the first time and mentioned that, we better not sell them on ebay! Drake left the club at like 4am! He ignored the 5 fans that were outside waiting for him! Really Drake? You were JIMMY IN A WHEEL CHAIR ON DEGRASSI! YOUR FROM CANADA! It's sad how he did make it big and he used to be much more humble, now he's stuck up and cocky! Hollywood really got to him! It was crazy too because he had an escalade in front of his white Bentley and one in the back! You would think it was the president!!!

Later I went home to upload the photos that I took that day. One photo that I didn't have on my camera that I really wanted was the Chace Crawford photo!! My paparazzi friend took it on his camera and he didn't send it to me! I was going CRAZY cause I wanted it so bad! I discovered the next day that the photo of Chace and I was posted on Twitter? HOW?! I also found the photo op of me and Chace online!! It said,"Chace Crawford poses with a fan in LA!"

Chace Crawford and I on Twitter! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Khloe Kardashian at LAX!

You know me! I won't pass up going to see any Kardashian at the airport! I was there to greet Khloe Kardashian as she headed back to Los Angeles, Sunday afternoon! Khloe was coming back from a short trip in London. Khloe was there with her sister for a fan, "meet and greet." Over 10,000 fans showed up to the event at the Westfield Mall! How insane is that!?

Khloe arrived from London on a delayed flight! The flight was like 13 hours long! Geeze!! As she made her way through the airport I greeted her with my 11 by 14 inch photo of Khloe and I, from one of the first times that I met her in Hollywood! She said, "Hii doll!" She was pretty happy to see someone at the airport with a photo of her! Hahaha. She personalized the photo for me and I even got a few more autographs. I always have a lot of Kardashian things to get signed!

Khloe made her way out to her ride, but looks like the car wasn't there yet! She was waiting actually a few minutes! The paparazzi were asking her many questions about X Factor, and her and Lamar. I told Khloe, "Why do they ask you the same questions over and over about Lamar! I said, "I know you guys are staying together!" She said, "I KNOW RIGHT!" I asked Khloe if Kim was planning on bringing Mercy back to LA. She said, "I have no idea if she is." We ended up taking a picture together but it didn't turn out so I had to take another one! My stupid camera was ZOOMED in all the way!! UGH! But the Kardashians are always nice enough to take photos.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Kim & Kourt in the UK!

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian flew into London earlier this week to launch their clothing line, "Kardashian Kollection," at Dorothy Perkins. The Kardashian's clothing line has now made it out to Europe! Unfortunately Khloe couldn't make it to the event because she is back in Los Angeles filming X Factor. The Kardashian Kollection line is expected to sell out FAST! I guess it's even expected to out sell "Kate Moss" line. You liking the girls outfits? Kim is looking curvy like always!!

Missing my sister

I traveled from California a few days ago to South Carolina to attend my sister's Army graduation. She is now a solider! I flew into Milwaukee to spend some time with friends and my family then we drove to South Carolina. Okay...I really am not a fan of car rides! It took about 15 hours to get there!!

We went to Bailey's family day on the base. We could do whatever with Bailey we just couldn't leave the base. The actually have pretty everything! They have fast food places, stores, bowling, coffee shops.... The only problem was that the places wouldn't stay open the entire time! They kept closing often!! They kept taking 15 minute breaks!! Bailey talked constantly throughout the day, I mean she really hasn't been able to talk in two months!

Bailey's Army graduation was the following day at the base, "Fort Jackson, South Carolina." Boyyy was it cold out! I mean I thought South Carolina was suppose to be warm, and sunny! In the morning it's freezing, and the sun isn't out! The graduation was HUGE, the soldier's have this routine they do on this LARGE field. The band started out playing instruments then the rest of the soldiers came out. I was very impressed! It was fun trying to find Bailey in the pack of people! Everyone looks the same though! After the graduation was done we got to go done and try and find Bailey! My ass ran down those bleachers and found her! I seriously missed her to the MAX!

I never in my life thought Bailey would even consider doing something like this...joining the Army...I'm still shocked that it's happening! It's not that I don't believe in Bailey, she just really never had any interest until recently. But I do support all of Bailey's choices that she makes in life, and I'm going on the journey with her. Who knows...she might end up somewhere, where I'm living? Los Angeles? I am so proud of my sister, and I love her so much. But the hardest thing is good byes. Ugh. We are going to frequently set up Skype dates(:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I wasn't staying in Milwaukee for that long, but I had so much fun while I was there! I was able to see many people that I used to work with and a few people that I went to High School with. One thing I did complain a lot about was the weather! It was sooo cold and the last day I was there the sun NEVER came out!

I went to Pizza Shuttle for the first time in Downtown Milwaukee!! The pizza was super good and the bread sticks were even better!! And I went into a photo booth for the first time! I took some fun photos with my friends Sylvar and Alexis! Right after we got pizza we went to get frozen yogurt! I swear some of my friends here in Wisconsin haven't ever had frozen yogurt! Like really!?! It's SOOOO popular in Los Angeles. We have frozen yogurt all the time there!

After hanging out with friends I went out to get something to eat with my mom and Grandma. I haven't seen my mom in forever! (My mom lives in Northern Wisconsin the middle of the woods.) 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Visiting in MILWAUKEE!

Back in Milwaukee! Seriously it feels good to be home! Yes it does get very cold here! But I love seeing my Milwaukee friends and old friends that I used to work with and go to school with. As soon as I landed I made sure to get mexican food! I'm OBSESSED with mexican food! I was SOOOO happy to see my Grandma and Grandpa! I swear when I'm here it just feels like I never left Milwaukee, I feel right at home(:

My second day in the Midwest I went to Chicago with my friend Meriah! I've been to Chicago just a couple of times....and I love the vibe of the city, it totally reminds me of New York! I love looking around and going to all the stores! Did I mention how much I LOVE Louis Vuitton!?!?! Yes, I am saving up for my next purchase there! I had a lot of fun in Chicago, except the cab drivers piss me up!! Like really? Don't tell me you don't have a card reader cause you have to! It's actually the law in Illinois for taxi drivers to have a card reader!