Friday, November 9, 2012

Missing my sister

I traveled from California a few days ago to South Carolina to attend my sister's Army graduation. She is now a solider! I flew into Milwaukee to spend some time with friends and my family then we drove to South Carolina. Okay...I really am not a fan of car rides! It took about 15 hours to get there!!

We went to Bailey's family day on the base. We could do whatever with Bailey we just couldn't leave the base. The actually have pretty everything! They have fast food places, stores, bowling, coffee shops.... The only problem was that the places wouldn't stay open the entire time! They kept closing often!! They kept taking 15 minute breaks!! Bailey talked constantly throughout the day, I mean she really hasn't been able to talk in two months!

Bailey's Army graduation was the following day at the base, "Fort Jackson, South Carolina." Boyyy was it cold out! I mean I thought South Carolina was suppose to be warm, and sunny! In the morning it's freezing, and the sun isn't out! The graduation was HUGE, the soldier's have this routine they do on this LARGE field. The band started out playing instruments then the rest of the soldiers came out. I was very impressed! It was fun trying to find Bailey in the pack of people! Everyone looks the same though! After the graduation was done we got to go done and try and find Bailey! My ass ran down those bleachers and found her! I seriously missed her to the MAX!

I never in my life thought Bailey would even consider doing something like this...joining the Army...I'm still shocked that it's happening! It's not that I don't believe in Bailey, she just really never had any interest until recently. But I do support all of Bailey's choices that she makes in life, and I'm going on the journey with her. Who knows...she might end up somewhere, where I'm living? Los Angeles? I am so proud of my sister, and I love her so much. But the hardest thing is good byes. Ugh. We are going to frequently set up Skype dates(:

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