Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I wasn't staying in Milwaukee for that long, but I had so much fun while I was there! I was able to see many people that I used to work with and a few people that I went to High School with. One thing I did complain a lot about was the weather! It was sooo cold and the last day I was there the sun NEVER came out!

I went to Pizza Shuttle for the first time in Downtown Milwaukee!! The pizza was super good and the bread sticks were even better!! And I went into a photo booth for the first time! I took some fun photos with my friends Sylvar and Alexis! Right after we got pizza we went to get frozen yogurt! I swear some of my friends here in Wisconsin haven't ever had frozen yogurt! Like really!?! It's SOOOO popular in Los Angeles. We have frozen yogurt all the time there!

After hanging out with friends I went out to get something to eat with my mom and Grandma. I haven't seen my mom in forever! (My mom lives in Northern Wisconsin now....in the middle of the woods.) 

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