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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mister Nicholson!!

I have been a fan of Jack Nicholson for awhile now! I'm a HUGE fan of horror movies so I absolutely love "The Shining!" He is CRAZY in that movie!! I love it! That is probably one of my favorite movies, besides the Halloween movies and Friday the 13th's. Jack acts just like how you would think he would act! He constantly kept talking in his "aShining," crazy voice! It's CRAZY hearing him and seeing him in person. I guess I could have gotten a photo with him but he was MOBBED constantly by autographers that wanted his autograph! It was just cool to see him in person! The event was a golfing charity event. A few other celebrities were there too! I was pretty much there to just get autographs but I did manage to get some photos with a few celebrities. At one point Jack was signing and he was being mobbed! After he got sick of signing he took the pen and threw it in the air behind him! It totally felt like a movie!



Mark Moses "Desperate Housewives!" IS character creeps me out!

Danny Masterson! "Hyde" from that 70's show.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Ohh what a LONG day yesterday! YES I worked early in the morning and as soon as I left work I headed to Hollywood! I had to see Lindsay Lohan! I mean I have never officially talked to her....but it's cool just to see her. There was a "Mr. Pink's" event yesterday in Beverly Hills. Ohh and By the way, "Mr. Pink" is not so friendly!! The event was for some energy drink that Mr. Pink made? I really don't even know what kind of drink it was, but the celebrities will come out for red carpet time! The event started and Audrina from "The Hills," showed up. She's a very pretty girl! I took my photo with her and told her how cute she was(: She was very nice to talk to. After most of the people arrived we went to the back of the hotel to see if we would bump into Lindsay Lohan. Sure enough...we weren't EXPECTING it at ALL! We were just talking away and who shows up!? Lindsay Lohan POPS up right behind us and my heart dropped!! She was practically sprinting into the hotel! She had about 5 body guards surrounding her.....and a publicist or two....  They kept saying...."RUSH RIGHT TO THE CARPET, RUSH HER THERE, RIGHT TO THE RED CARPET!" As she walked past us she immediately grabbed her gum in her mouth and tossed it on the ground, and she almost hit me with it!! LINDSAY!!! I know Lindsay has done a lot of WILD things but the ENERGY when Lindsay is around is CRAZY! Something about being by her...

Audrina from "The Hills" 

This is the gum LINDSAY LOHAN ALMOST hit me with! WATCH IT LILO! 

Ohh Demi Lovato!

I was turned down by Miss Demi Lovato twice in one! Are you serious Demi!? Demi had a television appearance and just waved to her fans!! Demi, we want more than a wave; we want photos and autographs! Demi waved on the way in and the way out and that was it! She now has super blonde hair! After I went to eat with two of my friends and we randomly came upon Demi again, just a few hours later! Demi was at an "Alcohol Anonymous" meeting in West Hollywood. I'm pretty sure she wasn't there for help that she needed I think she was there to help others by giving a speech. But who knows!? Maybe she's a drunk! There were probably at least ten paparazzi guys waiting for her to leave the meeting, Russell Brand was there too. I waited outside with my two friends, we just wanted autographs. She stepped out we called her and she IGNORED US! Like straight out ignored us! We didn't get a wave....NOTHING! Pretty disappointing actually! The paparazzi pretty much swarmed her. But I mean still, my friends had her CD's and she didn't sign them? I mean even when she was in the car we asked...but nothing! I mean yes I am a fan of Demi, but not a HARDCORE fan. What if I was someone who looked up to her? Needed to talk to her or needed help with something? Demi Lovato partners with bullying campaigns and the Kardashians to prevent bullying! Hmmm...and Demi straight out ignores her fans!?

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Time flies by like CRAZY! I spent my second birthday in Los Angeles this year. Why does time have to go by so fast? For real! WAY TOO FAST! I want to be 18 forever! Well at least I'm not aging yet! One thing I do miss about birthday's back at home in Wisconsin is the cakes my family would get me! Yes mom, I will be waiting for a cake next time I come home to visit! I wanted to thank everyone for ALL the birthday wishes! It feels good to hear from my friends and family across the country!! Miss everyone lots! But not the Wisconsin weather! I got so many nice messages on facebook, twitter and a few cards in the mail...thank you guys! I am very blessed.

I did a few things on my birthday. I really wanted to go shopping on Melrose and go into a few of those shops that I haven't been in. I went into Johnny Cupcakes for the first time....I was seriously wondering where the cupcakes were! Really? It's a neat shop though, I like some of their shirts. Then my friend Karen and I went into DASH for the first time. Very nice shop, so classy! I finally bought the "DASH" shirt that I have wanted. Yes its something I wanted and yes they are over priced! I will be talking to the Kardashian girls about that! After we got frozen yogurt in studio city! I am addicted to it! Frozen yogurt is sooo good! I wish we had it in Wisconsin when I lived there! 

I wasn't planning on ANYTHING celebrity related on my birthday! ANYTHING! But I managed to run into Jane Lynch in Studio City and Khloe Kardashian in Downtown LA! I couldn't pass up seeing a Kardashian! As soon as I found out that Khloe was attending Justin Bieber's concert. I headed right over there!! I was the first to greet Khloe has she stepped out of the car! The fans and photographers were so worried about taking photos of Kendall & Kylie for some reason, they didn't even see Khloe. I went right up to her and went KHLO KHLO! She asked how I was, then we took a photo together. She was then mobbed by people after I took my photo with her. They rushed her in as soon as I was done taking my picture. It's crazy how even on my birthday I get photos with the Kardashians!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Kim Kardashian's cat Mercy (named after Kanye's song,) sure has been getting a lot of attention in Miami and online! Mercy averages about 200,000 "LIKES," on INSTAGRAM! That is absolutely insane! CRAZY! Wherever Kim takes Mercy they are photographed! Mercy is staying in Miami though, during their filming of 'Kourtney & Kim take Miami." The little kitten isn't traveling the world with Kim though. I'm really hoping that Kim brings Mercy back to LA when they return home! I really would love a photo with that cute cat! I posted a few photos below of Kim and Mercy out in Miami! Thoughts of the cute cat? Mercy's a Persian Tea Cup.