Saturday, October 6, 2012


Time flies by like CRAZY! I spent my second birthday in Los Angeles this year. Why does time have to go by so fast? For real! WAY TOO FAST! I want to be 18 forever! Well at least I'm not aging yet! One thing I do miss about birthday's back at home in Wisconsin is the cakes my family would get me! Yes mom, I will be waiting for a cake next time I come home to visit! I wanted to thank everyone for ALL the birthday wishes! It feels good to hear from my friends and family across the country!! Miss everyone lots! But not the Wisconsin weather! I got so many nice messages on facebook, twitter and a few cards in the mail...thank you guys! I am very blessed.

I did a few things on my birthday. I really wanted to go shopping on Melrose and go into a few of those shops that I haven't been in. I went into Johnny Cupcakes for the first time....I was seriously wondering where the cupcakes were! Really? It's a neat shop though, I like some of their shirts. Then my friend Karen and I went into DASH for the first time. Very nice shop, so classy! I finally bought the "DASH" shirt that I have wanted. Yes its something I wanted and yes they are over priced! I will be talking to the Kardashian girls about that! After we got frozen yogurt in studio city! I am addicted to it! Frozen yogurt is sooo good! I wish we had it in Wisconsin when I lived there! 

I wasn't planning on ANYTHING celebrity related on my birthday! ANYTHING! But I managed to run into Jane Lynch in Studio City and Khloe Kardashian in Downtown LA! I couldn't pass up seeing a Kardashian! As soon as I found out that Khloe was attending Justin Bieber's concert. I headed right over there!! I was the first to greet Khloe has she stepped out of the car! The fans and photographers were so worried about taking photos of Kendall & Kylie for some reason, they didn't even see Khloe. I went right up to her and went KHLO KHLO! She asked how I was, then we took a photo together. She was then mobbed by people after I took my photo with her. They rushed her in as soon as I was done taking my picture. It's crazy how even on my birthday I get photos with the Kardashians!

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