Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moment with Lindsay Lohan!

Moment with Lindsay Lohan

I never really thought something like this would happen. I have been a fan of Lindsay, my sister and I would always jokingly mention Lindsay jokes to each other when we were younger. I NEVER in a million years would think I would be able to actual take a photo with Lilo! In Los Angeles the paparazzi go WILD with her. So when Lindsay is actual out and about in LA it's always WILD because of the paps. 

It felt like the whole world just stopped and paused as both my friend and I approached Lindsay in the Soho area in New York. Lindsay was just out and about doing her daily shopping at all the high end stores. It didn't even feel real. As soon as we approached her I right away introduced myself, I stuck my hand out and said, "It's really nice to meet you Lindsay." I wanted Lindsay to know that there's actually normal polite people out there. She looked confused why we were so polite. The first thing I started telling her was how I have tried meeting her in LA many times but it is always so crazy because of the paps! She said, "The paps are nuts there!" It felt so unreal hearing her raspy voice in person. She has such a distinct voice. I took my friends photo with Lindsay then she started taking mine. I right away said while I was posing next to her, "WAIT! MAKE SURE YOU GET HER CUTE BOOTS IN THE PICTURE!" A big laugh came out of Lindsay when I said that. I told her again how nice it was to meet her and I told her thanks again for always being so nice to her fans.

The world and tabloids make Lilo come out to be real wild and out of control but to be honest she is probably one of the most normal celebrities out there. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fuuuuun night in New York!!

Fuuuun night in New York!! It was a mistake to come and visit in New York because I absolutely love it here!! I loooove the city!! I am starting to figure out my way around a little more. We went to Katy Perry's VMA performance in Brooklyn and boyyy was it amazing and fun! Katy is always fuuun on stage!! We made sure to wear wiiild cat shirts! We also ran into Niall from One Direction during the night and he was bouncing up and down like usual! I also had to get a photo with Darren Criss because I LOVED his shoes they were real wiiild! 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kim Kardashian steps out!

Kim Kardashian has finally stepped out! Kim has been in hiding since giving birth to baby North. It's sooo good to see photos of my girl again. The first photos of Kim were taken of her leaving the Medical building in Beverly Hills with Kanye, North and the nanny. Kim was wearing bagging clothes a thick pair of her favorite shades and an oversized denim shirt. 

A week later Kim was since attending a funeral with Kanye in Oklahoma. Kim was wearing her favorite black shades again and heels! Kim's first time being photographed in heels since baby North was born! For Kim having a baby recently, it's looking like she's already starting to lose the baby weight! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mother Monster!

More and More photos of Mother Monster! I swear I am beyond happy with Lady Gaga's personality. Gaga is such a nice woman. She adores her fans. I found a few photos online of Gaga posing with me! Make sure to listen to her single "Applause." 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 Meeting Pop star Lady Gaga for the second time!! For having almost 40 MILLION twitter followers, and for being one of the worlds biggest pop stars Gaga is so down to earth and friendly. I have liked Gaga since I was living in Wisconsin and ever since I met her I have liked her more! Gaga is sooooo friendly, and VERY unique to say the least. I have been to her Monster Ball in Milwaukee with my sister and cannot wait to see her again on tour! Getting up as early as I did yesterday is probably the only time in my life it was that worth it to get up soooo early!! I do not get out of bed until at least noon! 

I went for Lady Gaga, and boyyyy was it an experience!! Don't believe me but Gaga remembered me from the first time I met her; as the kardashian fan. I chatted about Kim Kardashian when I saw her last. I was able to get some of my Lady Gaga memorabilia signed! I get a few magazines signed, and sadly one of them was stolen them by a little monster. Let me tell ya, pay back is a bitch to whoever stole my signed magazine! You really cannot trust anyone! I was upset at first, but my photo with her is much more meaningful to me. How many people in the world can say they have a photo with Lady Gaga? Gaga was beyond generous to her fans waiting to meet her. Lady Gaga spent at least 20 minutes with us!! UNREAL. Even the paparazzi were getting excited about meeting her! They were actually so excited they took photos with her too! She said "Hold up your camera in the photo, I know who you are!" She then mentioned her song, "Paparazzi." Thanks to my photographer friends, I got some great photos from me seeing Gaga! They really captured the moment. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Who would have thought?!

What a day yesterday! Wasn't really planning on seeing the "Revenge" guys! For the most part the cast of Revenge is real nice! And I LOVE seeing Chloe Moretz! Who knew these people had such good taste in music! A few people came out last night to see the new upcoming artist Lorde! Who would even think that someone like Ryan Kwanton would come out to see Lorde! It was my first time meeting Ryan Kwanton and boyyy was he nice! He is a little odd about meeting people at big events but last night was a different story, he was more than nice! 

Chloe Moretz
Ryan Kwanton
Connor 'Revenge"
Jared Leto, practically naked!
Nick W. "Revenge"


Yesssss finally after a couple months of waiting I was able to meet LORDE! Ummmm....What an experience! If youu guys haven't heard of Lorde.....she's 16 and from New Zeland. She has an AMAZING voice for only being 16! Her hair is REAL wild!! One of my favorite Lorde songs is "Royals." If youu guys haven't listened to her yet youu have too! I made sure to tell her how she has such an amazing voice for being soooo young!! She was more than happy to sign my picture for me(:

Monday, August 5, 2013

Miley has LOST it!

What has happened to Miley?! I mean what happened to Miss Hannah Montana!? I understand that she is growing up and it is okay for people to change.....but she has LOST it!! Miley has total LOST all of her old fans. Her fanbase has totally changed! The fans she had the Hannah Montana days, are gone! Miley lost it when she cut her hair all WILD!! I mean the haircut is real CRAZY! Is it just me or is it real lesbian like!?! I wonder what happened to the fan girls that looked up to her? Are they slowly changing into this WILD MILEY!? I mean the whole "twerking it" is getting OUT OF CONTROL! 

I met Miley a little over a year ago, and she was beyond friendly even though she was running late to an event. In my opinion she does NOT treat her fans the same! She has not greeted and chatted with her fans in awhile in LA! 

Miley a year ago!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mister Zac Efron

ZAC Efron! you guys know how many times I'vc seen Zac Efron? I've seen the duude like six times, and finally was able to take a photo with him yesterday! Zac is a weirdo! I mean yes I like him a lot, but sometimes he acts soooo weird! He does like his fans thoughm but when there's paparazzi around......BYE! Zac moves REAL fast!  And damn that guy is tan!!! I wish I was as tan as he is!