Monday, August 5, 2013

Miley has LOST it!

What has happened to Miley?! I mean what happened to Miss Hannah Montana!? I understand that she is growing up and it is okay for people to change.....but she has LOST it!! Miley has total LOST all of her old fans. Her fanbase has totally changed! The fans she had the Hannah Montana days, are gone! Miley lost it when she cut her hair all WILD!! I mean the haircut is real CRAZY! Is it just me or is it real lesbian like!?! I wonder what happened to the fan girls that looked up to her? Are they slowly changing into this WILD MILEY!? I mean the whole "twerking it" is getting OUT OF CONTROL! 

I met Miley a little over a year ago, and she was beyond friendly even though she was running late to an event. In my opinion she does NOT treat her fans the same! She has not greeted and chatted with her fans in awhile in LA! 

Miley a year ago!

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