Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My girl!

Kimmie looking gorgeous! 

Really? 20 minutes of fame....

One person I really don't care for and I don't think is very fan friendly, is Jennifer Lawrence!! I think her 20 minutes of fame will be up soon! I mean seriously, the girl is my age and is afraid to pick up a pen to sign autographs!! It's like get over yourself and sign your life away! It doesn't bother me so much that she doesn't sign autographs, but how hard she tries to sneak out of restaurants and stuff!! I mean one fan will wait in the front and she makes sure to leave out the back!! Thats crazy....

I was scanning through "Just Jared," and I couldn't help but notice how Jennifer is covering herself up like she's the next Emma Stone or something?! Like really? She's always hiding and covering up!

Jennifer your 20 minutes of fame is almost up! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Revenge cast!

Okay okay....I have to be totally honest, I have never seen an episode of Revenge....EVER! But my friend is OBSESSED with the show! Like she is NUTS about it. So I ALWAYS hear her talk about it, so I went out and met a few of the cast members with her. And out of all the shows, they are probably the nicest cast. They usally always greet their fans. By far my favorite cast member on the show is Barry!!!! You can ALWAYS count on Barry to take photos and sign autographs, screw people like Jennifer Lawrence that don't like going near sharpie's!! 

Harry Styles!

Harry Styles! 

What a day I had the other day!!! I was not planning at all to meet Harry Styles! My day just planning on meeting Austin Mahone....turned into a One Direction kind of night! I have to thank my friends for helping me meet Harry and inviting me to come on the tiny adventure in a restaurant in LA! Okay sooo Harry was at Dan Tana's a TINY restaurant in West Hollywood.....and when I say TINY I mean TINY. Tiny as in, only I could fit though the aisle.....one person at a time!! As soon as Harry was done eating we tried getting up to him but seriously....the place was so crowded with people....and no not fans! We nearly pushed Rod Stewart down to get to Harry!! We were literally tripping.....Rod didn't know what was going on and he said, "One person at a time!!" My Grama goes, "Don't you think Rod Stewart was sad that nobody was asking to take photos with him!" Hahahaha. Got up to Harry and he was such a nice guy, I have all good things to say about him. He probably would have chatted forever. He was in no rush to leave! Ohh and I love his tattoos on his chest. Just those two tattoos though not all the other randoms! 

I have to thank my friend Juanita who made this night possible! And my friend Esther who I have NEVER seen move so freckin fast for someone! You tell her a One Direction member is in a restaurant and she will bang down the door! No LIE! Please click the link below, I wanna help my friend out to meet Demi Lovato! 

Earlier in the day we went to go meet Austin Mahone! He's a new singer. His single is called, "Say Something." He looks like Justin Bieber in a way and I guess kind of acts like him. He was more than happy to sign autographs...not so much the body guard wanting to let him! RUDE ASS! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kristen Stewart.....and Rob?

I have seen Kristen Stewart a few times now, but never actually got a picture with her. I mean when ever there are WILD fans and paparazzi your probably not going to get a picture with either of them. My friend randomly picked me up the other day from my apartment. She said, "Niko were going for Rob & Kristen." Ummmm. Okay? I never really get my hopes high when it comes to Rob and Kristen because they aren't always the easiest to get close to. But they are both very friendly. I have nothing bad to say about them. Kristen is friendy to the actual fans that aren't trying to make money off of her. I went to the place that Rob and Kristen were suppose to go to. Sure enough Rob darts in and Kristen darts in 10 minutes later. I told Kristen how I haven't met her before and I wanted a picture with her. I also told her how I loved "Panic Room." Her friend laughed...probably because nobody mentions that movie to her. It's probably nice for people to mention some of her other movies besides Twilight! She was really awkward....but thats how she is. Kristen is a super shy girl! She doesn't really know what to do with herself when people approach her. She was thinking about darting up the stairs or stopping to take a picture with me! Hahaha. She goes, "Ohh Shit, okay." 

No way! Meeting Lady Gaga!

I would have to say that my experience with Lady Gaga is in my top 5 of most memorable moments of my celebrity run ins…..maybe even most memorable moments of all time!! Really meeting Lady Gaga the other day was NOT planned at all!!! But I did have my things with me in my friends car. Gaga has not been seen in Los Angeles in awhile now. She has been in her wheel chair lately in other cities, because she recently had hip surgery. I guess we were the first fans in LA to see Miss Mother Monster out of her wheel chair and out and about walking!!! Lady Gaga came towards my friends and I, we didn't even really have to ask! She came over by us and introduced herself and hugged all of us. Her hugs were real hugs too! Getting a hug from Lady Gaga? That doesn't happen everyday! When Gaga approached us, I was in shock and immeditley asked her why it's so calm and not crazy!!! I'll NEVER forget what she said, she said "Wanna know why it's so calm, because I don't let them follow." Meaning the fans and the paparazzi! She chatted with us for a few minutes. And then she asked us, well do you guys want me to sign any of your things? We were soooo shy, and responded...."yes." It's so WILD to have Lady Gaga ask you if you want autographs! I mean we didn't even ask! She signed my "Rolling Stones magazine," and my "Born this way CD." As I was taking the CD out of the case for her to sign I dropped it on the ground, and Gaga bent right over to pick it up! After she was done signing it she started flipping through the booklet. She goes, "Isn't it good to look back at past times." At first I didn't understand what she was talking about....she's one of those people that say things that people in 2013 really wouldn't say and you really have to think about what she says. I then asked Mother Monster if she remembered the statement she said about Kim Kardashian...."Kim Kardashian is fabulous." Gaga said that a year ago right after when Kim got flour bombed because she wears fur. Lady Gaga also wears fur so she did basically stick up for Kim! She told me she remembered what she said about Kim, and then I told her how Kim is one of my favorities. I then showed her my phone case with Kim and I on it. No lie...Lady Gaga goes, "Kim is beautiful." My jaw dropped. Did Lady Gaga, worlds biggest superstar of our time tell me that my favorite reality star is beautiful? 

We thanked Lady Gaga for signing our things and promised we would not tell anyone about the location where we met her. She thanked us. I mean Gaga does need some quite time too! :) She walked away from us like a true superstar. She was wearing all black, black shades, black gloves, her hair up, and a black leather jacket with writing on the back saying "No tabliods" with a big "X" through it and something about the paparazzi. I was in total shock seeing her walk away, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. The experience was unreal. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Some of my favorite photos of Lindsay Lohan.....im dying to meet her. 

Lindsay Lohan is probably one of Hollywood's most followed people. Check out this video of Lindsay and the paparazzi...they look like little ants! 

Click this link: Paparazzi 

Once Upon a time....

 Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas! 
Such nice people!! They are beyond friendly!! I wish all celebrities were as friendly has the two of them are! They don't at all mind signing autographs! 

 While at the airport.....look who I ran into! 
LA Reid

Max George....do you think he really dated Lindsay Lohan? 

Tom Parker! 

Kendall Jenner!


Yes I finally have a photo with Miss Kendall Jenner. I know I know. You guys probably think I'm nuts!! I have seen Kendall TONS of times, and she's pretty shy and doesn't like taking pictures with people!....Unless it's for her Instagram! Hahaha. I seriously never thought this photo was going to happen! Kendall was leaving Rihanna's comcert with her friends, and i got the photo!! (: The things that make me happy....I swear! Hahaha. Her top looked like a bra! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

MIster Tom Cruise!

I have to say that I really wasn't starstruck when I saw Tom Cruise because of how friendly and normal he actually is! He shows up to his premieres hours early just so he can greet all of his fans. He is a true A-Lister! Tom goes down the WHOLE barricade! I really wanted just autographs, but it really wasn't difficult to get a photo with him. Both Tom and his publicist have a good system. So impressed with how friendly that man is. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013


OHHH NO! Kim Kardashian is not going to be happy about this! I'm sure she already saw the news online though! Since it's EVERYWHERE! Ray J just released new song lyrics, and the name of the song is, "I HIT IT FIRST." Ray J is basically saying that he had Kim Kardashian before Kanye West and Ray J wants to make sure Kanye knows that! 

The Lyrics: 
She might move on to rappers and ballplayers
But we all know I hit it first.

I had her head going North and her ass going South
But now baby chose to go West

No matter where she goes or who she knows
She still belongs in my bed.
Yes my girl Kim Kardashian has a sex tape with Ray J. I'm NOT denying it, but should Ray J really sing about Kim & Kanye!? 

Call me Maybe?

Carly Rae Jepsen isn't soooo friendly when she's not promoting things!! I have met her like 6 months ago at her album release party in West Hollywood, and she was such a nice girl! SOOO NICE! I found out the other day that she's only friendly when she's promoting things. I was a little disapponited to find that out. I mean she's 26 years old, and was practically straight out trying to ignore her 3 fans? I wish some of these people would talk for themselves, and act like real woman! Have some confidence in yourself!
I told Carly Rae Jepsen, "Call me Maybe?" 

Later that night I met Miss Joan Rivers! That woman is such a friendly lady, and she is staright forward about everything! She told us how it takes 1 minute to sign autographs and everyone is happy! We told Joan about Carly Rae Jepsen, and she went "seriously who even is she!?" She goes, "what does she even do and she can't sign autographs!" Such a nice woman I'm so happy that I was able to meet her, and would love to see her sometime again! I asked her how Kathy Griffin was too, and she told me that she hasn't seen her in a long time! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Friends back home(:

probably haven't been back home in about 6 months....haven't seen my family or friends back home in Wisconsin for awhile. One of my friends the other day that I used to work with in Wisconsin suprised me and called and said she was visiting LA for 2 days! I was super excited! It feels really good to see people back at home that you haven't seen. Seeing and visiting with anyone, from Wisconsin just makes me happy. I mean even meeting and talking to random tourists from the Midwest makes me feel at home(: 

Demi Lovato performance

Demi Lovato can be a very sweet girl! But her mood changes all the time!! She can be the most friendly girl ever and she can be the most unlikable girl ever! Today was the "Most likable!" Demi was perfomring in Hollywood, and boyyy does she sound good live! She's actually very good live unlike alot of artists out there. I was very impressed! I was a little worried about how Demi would treat her fans last night because like I said, her mood always changes! It turned out to be a good night(: Demi greeted the fans, and was happy to see "New fans!" Demi is ALL about the NEW fans! I helped my friend get all of her Demi magazines signed and little books. Right before she ran off she made sure to take a photo with me....Her "new fan." Demi performed 3 of my favorite songs! Give your heart a break, Heart Attack and Sky Scraper(:

Thanks to my friend Juanita for making this photo happen!! 

Most awkward photo op.....EVER!

Most awkward photo of my life! With Gene Simmons! He was friendly....but soooo strange. Taking a photo with that man was probably the most awkward thing in my life! He just stands there....not personable or anything. He just says, "okay." I mean seriously.... he even looks awkward in my photo. The WHOLE situation is just awkward! Later that night I met "CANDYMAN!" Tony Todd is such a cool dude! So friendly, and even introduced himself and asked me my name!

Seeing Adam Lambert again!

Saw Mister Adam Lambert again in Hollywood last night! I have seen Adam twice now and he is always so friendly! I have NEVER had a problem with Adam! The first picture is from when I met him at Katsuya last year. He remembered that day and told me how it was nice seeing me again. Is it just me or does Adam's hair look a little WILD in those pictures! Hahaha. Adam stopped to see a movie and headed into the "Body Factory" after.....to buy some candles? 

The photos below were taken by *AKM/Carlos*