Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Demi Lovato performance

Demi Lovato can be a very sweet girl! But her mood changes all the time!! She can be the most friendly girl ever and she can be the most unlikable girl ever! Today was the "Most likable!" Demi was perfomring in Hollywood, and boyyy does she sound good live! She's actually very good live unlike alot of artists out there. I was very impressed! I was a little worried about how Demi would treat her fans last night because like I said, her mood always changes! It turned out to be a good night(: Demi greeted the fans, and was happy to see "New fans!" Demi is ALL about the NEW fans! I helped my friend get all of her Demi magazines signed and little books. Right before she ran off she made sure to take a photo with me....Her "new fan." Demi performed 3 of my favorite songs! Give your heart a break, Heart Attack and Sky Scraper(:

Thanks to my friend Juanita for making this photo happen!! 

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