Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bailey's LAST day! & meeting 3 celebs today!

Had a very busy day today! Went to the Grove when we got up. Bailey was taking forever to get up so we missed "The Situation" at the Grove. I was pretty pissed! She NEVER can get up in the morning! We went there, and watched the second taping of EXTRA. Didn't know who was going to be the interviewer today but, it wasn't Mario Lopez so Bailey was a little upset. But Terry was very nice. I guess she dated Simon Cowell?! Both Bailey and I were right by the stage(: Sarah Paxton & Dustin Milligan were being interviewed today, they are the two main cast members from 'Shark Night." They were both very nice(: The taping airs on September the 2nd at 7:00 Los Angeles time. Make sure you guys watch it, to see if you can find us! We both got pictures with them. Bailey got the first picture then I went to go up and take a picture but someone jumped in front of me! Dustin was like "Your next Mr. Hollister!, I didn't forget about you! I told them I wanted to be right in the middle! The picture turned out awesome! I love it! They were both extremely nice(: We then went to Hollywood after to meet Jeff Goldblum from, "Jurassic Park" & "the fly." He was very nice! He always arrives to this cafe with his Starbucks! He took pictures with us & signed the stuff we had for him. I asked him if he could sign it to me and he did. I told him my name and he was already writing it! & he spelled it right! WHAT!? Nobody ever spells my name right! He was very nice! We then picked up subs and then headed home. We actually made the last bus! So we didn't have to walk! I also found another paparazzi hotspot(: I'll be going back there to see if I can spot celebs at night!

Tomorrow's going to be a very long day! Meeting a bunch of celebs(: fingers crossed! I'm taking Bailey to the airport at like 6 am! EWW! mornings! At least I'll be out of the house early so I can make it to the Grove in time to meet Snooki! AHHHH! I can't wait! I hope I can get a picture with her!

Sara & Dustin!

One of the interviewers(:

My water that I was served at a restaurant at the Grove. $5.00 water. it was so good! 

Free bag that i was given. Giving it to my mom. I think she'll like it!

Autographs from Jeff Goldblum.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Waiting outside the VMA's.

Both Bailey And I slept in because we were so tired from last night. We walked a ton and were up pretty late! As soon as we got up we got ready and went to the bus and took the Subway to China Town in Downtown LA. Walked pretty far to get to China Town.....ughhh! and it was super hot out! We made it to China Town and damn!....I know it's China Town and all but we were the only whites around!!! GEEZ! We looked around, we were seriously the only white people around! Like I really didn't see any tourists! We wanted to get some Chinese food, so we stopped at this one restaurant and we couldn't really read the menu so we ordered a bottle of water and a soda! Then we rushed outta there! We then went to another place, we sat down and asked if they had crab ragoon's?....He was totally confused and didn't know what I was talking about. Then i mentioned wanton's and he said yes, and they have shrimp ones. I ordered the shrimp wanton's. We got our food and YUCK they were disgusting! They were HORRIBLE! NEVER AGAIN! They were basically a shrimp in fried NASTY! YUCK! EWWW! VOMIT! Our server would just stand and watch the two tables eat! Like who does that! Stop watching me eat and spit out your food! it's RUDE! We got out of there as quick as possible! WOW, that was like CHINA! We then took the Subway to The Staples center/Nokia theatre. It was CRAZY! This is where the VMA's were held. It was chaos, not organized, nobody really knew where to stand or anything! I then ran into a few people that I have seen at premiere's so we stayed around them. We finally found a place that we kind of just hung around for the rest of the night. We saw a few people; Natalie from Bad Girls club (She was super nice, she was happy to take a picture with me(: We also saw Pete Wentz, Jared Leto, the back of Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj's  hair, the cast of Shore exiting the hotel where the red carpet was held, and Amber Rose. OMG, Snooki is so SHORT, I could barely see her because she's like 3 feet tall! Ronnie was shouting something but I couldn't hear him. Was hoping to see Lady Gaga, but didn't see her at all :/ The people that we did see we saw them after the show was let out. Then we headed to a place on Hollywood Blvd, where one of the VMA after party's was at and went to see if we could see anyone. We saw nobody at that place, nothing wrong with trying....Especially if you live in Hollywood! :p Had a great night though with Bailey. She got to meet a few of the people that I've met in LA at the celebrity events.


Fall Out Boy.

The two blonde girls are new singers?!...

Amber Rose, I guess she just got in an argument with her boyfriend so she looks angry! I'm going to try and sell the photo!


Me & Natalie!Bad Girls club.

Didn't really see any celeb's outside....a few but that's it. Next time! I'm buying tickets to next years VMA's(:


Went to the Grove at night because Bailey has never been there. We rode the Trolly which was fun and we went shopping! :D I bought a pair of ugg's!(: They're very LA... Also I got a pair of sunglasses from Nordstrom. The Grove is a great place to go, I love going there! It's probably one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. After the Grove we went to "Yogurt Stop" in West Hollywood. Frozen yogurt is my NEW ADDICTION! Watch out Starbucks! It is so good! I think they only have them on the West Coast but, I'm not totally positive. We then went to Hollywood Blvd after to get home. We missed the last bus, so we had to walk! And it was SUPER far! I HATE the busses here! They are so slow and stop at 10:40!? How stupid! This is one of the busiest cities in the US! Made it home at like 12:30.

YUM! So tasty!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Went on many adventures today in Venice with Bailey. We headed to Venice beach so she could see what it's like. Many odd characters were there; the usual. We went into many cool shops, and bought a few things. We even went back to a few shops.... After walking around on Venice beach for a while we ventured off to find "Shorty Wood" which is where they film Pit Boss. We had such a hard time finding it! Then when we found the right address...it was a UPS store!?!? It made no sense at all! I think they just don't advertise their address cause they don't want a million people going there. We got Subway for lunch, and couldn't find a bathroom and Bailey really had to go! Then we found LINDSAY LOHAN'S house! I was super pumped! It was totally awesome! Lindsay lives right off of Venice beach, in a house right next to Sam her EX. It's a pretty nice house though, I would love to live there. We walked around her house and took some pictures. We called LiLo, a few times but she didn't hear us I guess!?.. We then walked around the back through her Alley. We spotted her escalade, with a small scratch in the driver side door. We waited out there a little hoping she would come out. Bailey wanted to DIG through her garbage! That's just a little extreme! We then went to Beverly Hills after Venice. I showed Bailey what Beverly Hills is like and she got some frozen yogurt. We went to Mr. Chow after to see if we could spot any celebs, but we didn't....Then we went back through West Hollywood and walked around there for a little, and bought some magazines at a Los Angeles times stand. We had to go to Target and pick up a few things before we went home, Bailey needed food for when I'm at work tomorrow. Went back to Hollywood Blvd after and took some pictures at night, and went in a few more shops. (: ran into many crazy characters! The creepy looking Michael Jackson!

Bailey's already EXHAUSTED! and the weeks just beginning!

Lindsay Lohan's home in Venice, California.

Bailey's first time in Beverly Hills.

Starbucks and my FUTURE car(: my Range Rover!(;

Me & Bailey patiently waiting at the Bus stop on La Brea & Santa Monica.

Bailey loves JD a little to much!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Had an extremely long day today in Universal City! We were out of the house by 9, and went to get breakfast before Universal Studios. We took the subway there. I got an annul pass so I can go back!(: It was only 10 dollars more for the annual pass. The first thing we did at the park was head to the Studio tour!  The line wasn't that long because the park just opened. We saw so much on the tour! We saw the area where War of the World's was filmed, Desperate Housewives!, CSI, and many other shows and movies. I guess they were currently filming on New York Street so we couldn't go down that street. It was pretty hot out today, and Bailey didn't bring ANY sunscreen! I sounded like my mom, telling her she should be wearing sunscreen! We went on many rides and a lot of shows. They had a really cool special Effects show that we went to, and the Shrek 4-D was super fun! I forgot how much I love Universal Studios! I've been to the one in Florida but it's my first time being to the one in LA. We went to the City Walk after to go to shops and Yogurt Land! YUM! Yogurt land is my NEW OBSESSION! It was so good! I don't even know how to describe that yogurt! I think they only have them on the West Coast. While we were walking around there we ran into Howie Mandel! I pointed him out to Bailey, and she didn't believe me! I was like, Bailey that's Howie Mandel! She asked if we could take a picture with him and he said sure. I went to shake his hand, but I forgot that he has OCD! He asked where we were from, we told him, and I told him that I just moved here. We then went to Hollywood Blvd because Bailey wanted to look at a few shops to get some things. We ate at the Hard Rock cafe in Hollywood and then went shopping. We ran into a Michael Jackson that was arguing with this lady that lives on the streets. She was yelling at Michael and saying, "You tried to KILL ME!" She called him a Bastard! And also told him to go "EFFF Himself!" Michael told the CRAZY lady that she needs to be locked up! So that was interesting to watch! All the tourists were watching at SHOCKED! I was like this stuff happens all the time! After shopping a little we headed home and stopped at a gas station on the way home for something to drink. We were so THIRSTY from this LONG day! 

 Universal Studio's! Hollywood!

WOW! look at those HILLS!

Eva Langoria's house on Desperate Housewives!

Lady Gaga's music video "JUDAS" was filmed here.

Ran into Howie Mandel in the Universal City Walk! How AWESOME!

We have another Jam packed day tomorrow! Bailey's going to get the WHOLE LA tour from her brother(: 

Found EMMY location!

Over slept today. Well we really didn't NEED to be anywhere, but we wanted to get up a little early because I worked at 3. We were out of the house by 10ish. We went to the NoHo arts district. We ate at Panda Express, which had chinese food! (I love chinese food!) They had really good veggie egg rolls. We ate there and then starting walking down Lankershim, we stopped in a few shops and found "The Academy," which is where the Emmy's are held! It was a pretty neat area. With statues of many well known people, like OPRAH! We then started heading to work and Bailey came with me :D She shopped around for a little when I started work and then went back home to my house. She took 2 busses ALL on her own! I had to draw her a map so she wouldn't get LOST! I was really worried that she was going to get lost! I was just worried for her period! She did make it home....but some creep at the first bus stop she was waiting at, asked her if she wanted a ride! WTF! YOU CREEP! STAY AWAY FROM YOUNG KIDS! It's a ZOO here I swear! But this is normal! This happens here all the time! CREEPS!! The next time I work I'm locking her in the house! She's NOT going anywhere! To many CREEPS out there! At work 2 people today mentioned my face being red! & sunburn! It's like I DON'T even know you! Leave me alone! How about I start talking about you! Like really who just brings that up to strangers! Next time some stranger brings it up, I'm telling them I have a skin disease!....and HERPES!....So they leave me alone! GEEZ! After work someone drove me home! It's the FIRST time I've been in a car here! He drove it like a GO KART!..which I LOVE, cause I'm a CRAZY driver too! It felt like I was in Fast and Furious! It was awesome! When I got home I had to call Bailey so she could open the door for me.

           My Emmy that I WON! I know your jealous!


Were going to Universal Studios tomorrow! & doing a Studio Tour there! Can't WAIT! SUPER EXCITED! Anyone ever been to Universal?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bailey lands in LA! :D

What an awesome day I had today! The days here just keep getting better and better! Woke up at 7am because I was meeting Bailey at LAX. That airport is an absolute zoo! So i decided to meet her there. I had to take the subway then a Fly shuttle which brings you right to the airport. I've never done that before, and I didn't get lost or anything! I was waiting by DELTA baggage claim until Bailey arrived. While waiting I noticed that paparazzi were waiting by the doors by baggage claim at LAX. I started listening to what they were talking about...then I started talking to them and asked who their looking for. They told me that they don't always know..they show up and look for celebrities. He asked if he could take a few sample shots of me, to make sure it turns out. I said SURE! Cause I love being photographed! Everyone started looking at me like I was the star!(: with his fancy flash! Brandy picked up her bags, and headed out of the airport and there went the flashes! They were snapping a bunch of pictures of her!(: It was awesome! Bailey showed up at like the same time! So I pointed Brandy out to her! She already saw a star at LAX! We got Bailey's bags, and headed to the Super Shuttle right away....because sometimes it takes a while for them to fill them up! We went to my house and dropped off our bags and headed to Hollywood(: I think Bailey was really overwhelmed! I mean it is a CRAZY BUSY area, with so much going on! We got tickets to Chelsea Lately, but we were already late for the show, so we didn't go. We decided to go out to dinner on the sunset strip! It was a pretty nice place, with lots of healthy foods! We ate dinner and relaxed because we were already exhausted from a long morning. We walked around a little on Sunset blvd. and got some Starbucks. Then we headed back to Hollywood & Highland so Bailey could look around a little more(: We started walking towards Hollywood & Vine. As we were walking we noticed a group of people gathering in front of a store, and it was getting a little ROWDY! So we went to check it out....and it was Paris Hilton trying on CRAZY colored wigs in this wig shop on Hollywood Blvd. They closed the shop for her to try on wigs. She purchased like 6 of them. She then modeled a few of them for us so the paparazzi could snap a few pictures. We backed off a little and went by her car. Paris's car was right in front of the shop. WOW! what a nice car! Bailey and I looked in it to see what we could find! We saw a bag on the ground with a note that had appointment today with the date and time, flats, some type of hat. She also had a to go container on the passenger seat. Both Bailey and I took pictures in front of her car(: Then we waited for her to come out. She did and the crowd started moving away from the doors of the shop. She was walking right near me, behind her car to the drivers seat. Everyone kind of just took pictures and watched her go to her car. But...NO...NOT me! I asked her if she'd take a picture with me!?(; I told her she was gorgeous...and she said yes and we took a picture, I said thanks. (: I think i was peeing my pants! Paris Hilton said she would take a picture with me!? :D Be jealous! Then she went in her car, and turned on the radio and rolled down the passenger window. So when people were bending down to see her in her car. People asked many questions and she answered. I noticed there was paparazzi in the car behind her. Has soon as she slammed on the gas, he was off following her! You should of heard her car GO! She was probably trying to get away from them! We continued to walk down Hollywood & vine. We went into a few of the crazy shops they have. I think bailey's really surprised at the types of people she's scene! We then headed to Target in North Hollywood, which is near my house. We needed to buy an air mattress for Bailey to sleep on, drinks, food and an extra pillow for her. And how did we get this home!?...the BUS! It was so difficult. We got passion fruit tea before we left Target because we were so thirsty! The bags were ripping!....they were heavy...and our food was getting gross! It took like an hour to get home because the bus is so SLOW! But we made it home and set up Bailey's bed and then made something to eat. I put my Lean Cuisine in the microwave and the house owner came in the kitchen and opened the microwave because he noticed I was cooking my food and a brownie/cake slice! How embarrassing! I did I NOT see that there was cake in there! He pulled it out and i guess it was really HOT because he dropped it on top of the microwave! I'm really embarrassed! Starting a popcorn bag on fir now this! I'm really showing them my GREAT cooking skills! I was eating my food and Bailey just fell asleep! I think she's pretty exhausted! We both had a very long day! She wants to know how I know how to get around and how I do all this running around everyday! I haven't stayed home one day yet!!!! She's going to be EXHAUSTED after a week here!

Waiting for the bus(:

Paris Hilton's HOT ride!

Bailey in front of Miss Hilton's car!

Paris driving away.

People surrounding her car on Hollywood Blvd.
Paris leaving the shop. 

Me & Paris Hilton!(:

These photo's were taken by the photographers that were there. These pictures are awesome! These photographers totally inspire me! These pictures were taken through a glass door and windows and they turned out this good! 

Paris Hilton tweeted that these wigs are for an upcoming photo shoot!

This was a tweet she sent out after(: and we were there!