Saturday, August 27, 2011


Went on many adventures today in Venice with Bailey. We headed to Venice beach so she could see what it's like. Many odd characters were there; the usual. We went into many cool shops, and bought a few things. We even went back to a few shops.... After walking around on Venice beach for a while we ventured off to find "Shorty Wood" which is where they film Pit Boss. We had such a hard time finding it! Then when we found the right was a UPS store!?!? It made no sense at all! I think they just don't advertise their address cause they don't want a million people going there. We got Subway for lunch, and couldn't find a bathroom and Bailey really had to go! Then we found LINDSAY LOHAN'S house! I was super pumped! It was totally awesome! Lindsay lives right off of Venice beach, in a house right next to Sam her EX. It's a pretty nice house though, I would love to live there. We walked around her house and took some pictures. We called LiLo, a few times but she didn't hear us I guess!?.. We then walked around the back through her Alley. We spotted her escalade, with a small scratch in the driver side door. We waited out there a little hoping she would come out. Bailey wanted to DIG through her garbage! That's just a little extreme! We then went to Beverly Hills after Venice. I showed Bailey what Beverly Hills is like and she got some frozen yogurt. We went to Mr. Chow after to see if we could spot any celebs, but we didn't....Then we went back through West Hollywood and walked around there for a little, and bought some magazines at a Los Angeles times stand. We had to go to Target and pick up a few things before we went home, Bailey needed food for when I'm at work tomorrow. Went back to Hollywood Blvd after and took some pictures at night, and went in a few more shops. (: ran into many crazy characters! The creepy looking Michael Jackson!

Bailey's already EXHAUSTED! and the weeks just beginning!

Lindsay Lohan's home in Venice, California.

Bailey's first time in Beverly Hills.

Starbucks and my FUTURE car(: my Range Rover!(;

Me & Bailey patiently waiting at the Bus stop on La Brea & Santa Monica.

Bailey loves JD a little to much!

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