Thursday, July 31, 2014



Yes Sam has been around forhile but he finally has had a few hit songs the last few months!! Im sure youu guys have heard them on the radio, Money on my mind, stay with me & latch. The songs are pretty addictive!! Sam doesn't come to LA often cause he lives in the
United Kingdom, so thank god I got to meet him while he was here. I guess he has been in the states a lot to promote. I have to say that he is a very friendly guy. Sometimes these celebrities get really really really big egos after a few of their songs make the top charts on the radio but not Sam!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014



Yes, MONK has ALWAYS been my favorite show on USA. I was absolutely addicted to it when I was living in Wisconsin. Every Friday night at 8pm I was there in my room ready to watch the newest episode of Monk. I couldn't wait for the new episodes. The show started out filming in San Francisco and slowly started filming more periodically filming in Los Angeles, I guess because it was more convenient. Believe it or not Tony Shalhoub, "Monk" was the first "celebrity" I ever met and it happened to be in the Midwest, near his hometown. 

I was absolutely ecstatic to run across Jason Gray-Stanford! I have to say it was a VERY random "run in." The minute I saw his face, I right away thought of "Randy," from Monk. 


BayWatch was a BIG hit show back in the day...I guess when my parents were growing up? Haha. Anyways. Pam Anderson was a BIG deal then, every teenage boy loved her!! I swear for her age she still looks AMAZING!! WOW. I was liking her with her wild long hair more, but change is good. I was fortunate enough to get a sexy photo signed for myself(: 

Monday, July 14, 2014


This boy has been there for me when I needed him the most!! Whenever I need someone to bitch to, Gio is there! Hahaha. I can complain away, and he doesn't judge, that's why I love this kid. He's my brother from another mother(: I love ya Gio! 


Paris always has fun songs she releases! She just recently the other night came out with her single, "Come Alive." Her last single was "Good Time." The photos below are of Paris and I at the single release event. Look at that dress!! Paris always has the most fun outfits! She always is very festive at her events! Nicky Hilton also showed up to the carpet, to support Paris. 

I will post the spanish magazines a little later this week....

Friday, July 11, 2014

those Celine shades

Kim Kardashian's Celine shades.....

How can youu not like Kim's airport look?

Miss Rosie

God she is pretty....
Finally finally finally got Rosie to sign my Glamour magazine, geeze what a struggle it was. Haha. Rosie likes to block out everyone around her. But she can be sweet....youu just have to being it out of her. I think she's shy too. But really though her style is perfection.  

Hilton Sister!

It's the Hilton we never see!! I've seen Nicky like 2 times now that's about it. I think she's now based in New York now. Geeze I never really realized how pretty her eyes were until this photo! Nicky is a little more shy than Paris I would say.