Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I've been very busy with work lately! I've been working at least 6 days a week, at Target & Starbucks. I love that they have me a few days at Starbucks and the rest at Food Ave. It felt good to get out of work early yesterday. I started at 8:30 so I got out around 4. I was planning on going to the pantages theatre on Hollywood & Vine where Kathy Griffin was going to be. Kathy was suppose to attend the play opening night.....but I found out on INSTAGRAM that she posted a photo of herself at the hospital. I guess Kathy has the bird flu. I decided not to go. The only person that I really wanted that was attending the play was Kathy Griffin! I love that red head! I even had all my stuff ready to get signed by her! The time I met Kathy she was beyond friendly, and signed everything that I had! Instead of going, I went home after work and took a nap(: That's one thing I miss about Wisconsin! Nap time! I would take naps ALL the time! But to be honest, I would nap way too much! Like everyday after school! Thats unhealthy to nap that much!!

The photo I posted above is all the snow Northern Wisconsin is getting! That's CRAZY! Thats WAY too much snow! If I was not living in California that is where I would be living! I would be surrounded by all that snow! HORRIBLE! I'll post more photos of all the snow Northern Wisconsin got later tonight.

LOOK how cute Korkie & Maggie look in the snow!! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ohh the Oscars...

After work today I headed over to the North Hollywood station to meet some friends. We were planning on getting a few photo ops with Celebs today. Yeah, about that.....we didn't get any!! Hahaha. This was my first time trying to go to a few of the Oscar parties and get autographs and pictures. I really didn't know how much they block the streets off! We started out on Hollywood and Vine while we were waiting for the bus a lady was riding a horse down the sidewalk!? Only on Hollywood Blvd would you see something like this!! I was going to take a picture but I was so busy thinking how crazy this was! This lady thought she was going to CRASH the Oscar's! I really don't know how far she got because the streets were covered with cops! I guess the lady was protesting because she had some sign on the horse that said something about Horse slathering! How crazy! On our way to one of the Oscar parties we passed the famous "Vanity  Fair" party that they have every year. It was pretty cool to see the carpet from a distance......I mean I remember seeing that on TV when I was living in Wisconsin! It's just crazy all the amazing things that I have been seeing! It's unreal! I have been reading about all these things in Wisconsin and now I'm living them! Instead of reading about these celebs in the magazines I'm actually out there getting photos with them!

Here's a couple guests that really stood out for me at the 2012 Oscars.

The Kardashians ALWAYS know how to show up to award parties! Both Kourtney & Kim Kardashin attended Elton Johns 2012 Oscars party in West Hollywood yesterday. Kourtney looks great! You can't even see Kourtney's baby bump yet! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I have worked 6 days in a row! I love working but I also like being able to have my free time and do whatever. I have been working in Starbucks lately. I have been becoming much better at making drinks! I even have gotten faster! It was VERY busy at Starbucks! Like CRAZY busy! I did have to pull out the Starbucks drink maker book once though because I didn't know how to make an iced green tea latte. I figured it out though with the help of the mini book! Haha. I try and not let everyone see that I'm reading a book to make their drink! Haha. I think they would be very worried! But the drink turned out fine.

Above photo: This is my new wallpaper on my macbook! I just can't get enough of Kim Kardashian! I think I'm going to print this photo and have it autographed!

My neck is still feeling sore! I must have slept really weird the other night! It hurts when I turn my head to the left. When I have to look to the left I have to turn my whole body. I look like an awkward owl! For real! I researched a few ways for the pain to go away. It's really not that serious but it hurts. I'm sure it will go away in a few days.

After work I headed home to just relax and watch TV! I really never just go home and relax. I'm always searching the blogs, editing my blog, ordering photos for upcoming events.....

Friday, February 24, 2012


Didn't do to much today besides work! I slept in, because thats something I LOVE doing! I did some laundry because today was the only day that I really had time to get my clothes washed. I'm really never home so sometimes it's hard to get my laundry done. I also organized some of my autographs, sometimes they start stacking up next to my bed because I don't even have time to organize them and but them in my binders. I'm so happy with my Jen Aniston ones! never would of thought I would have her autograph!

I jumped on the bus and headed to Starbucks to work on my blog. I wanted to edit some of my photos that were on my blog! I started adding more photos but the internet at Starbucks was so slow! It was horrible! It was taking forever for the photos to upload!! I didn't even have the patience to wait that long for photos to upload! I started surfing the internet, looking up the latest celebrity events, and newest celebrity videos. I ordered a bagel and passion Ice tea at Starbucks, then left and headed to work. I just couldn't even deal with that slow internet! It was WAY to slow! I don't have the patience for slow internet!

As I was walking home from work, I noticed this movie poster! i really wanna see this movie! It looks good! Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum are in the movie! I hope the premiere is here in LA!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jennifer Aniston Star Ceremony!

Another LONG day out in Hollywood. I went to Jennifer Aniston's star ceremony this morning. She was honored with hand prints & foot prints in front of the Chinese Theatre and now a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her star is right in front of the "W" Hotel right by the Hollywood & Vine Station. The star is next to Adam Sandler's as well as Reese Witherspoon. At the ceremony Adam Sandler gave a little speech, Adam is such a funny guy! Haha. He didn't dress up for the occasion or anything! (You'll see in the photos below!) This was my first time seeing Jennifer Aniston in person, and boy was she pretty! Jennifer looks great, she looks just like how she looks in the movies! After the ceremony ended the madness began! Everyone started gathering their photos and getting ready for her to sign autographs....if she was going to! Sure enough, we called her over and she came over by us to sign! It was pretty crazy, the barricades were almost falling over! I asked her to sign my "GQ" photo and she looked at me and smiled and signed it! Then I got her to sign another one of my photos. I'm seriously surprised that the barricades didn't fall over! What a day! I left Hollywood right away so I could head home to get ready for work! I felt nasty and gross, I had to shower! YUCK! I checked a few things on twitter then headed to work.

Malin Akerman (from Watchmen) 
Jennifer Aniston's Family. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Khloe & Lamar season 2!

Another early day at work! Started at 8am at Starbucks! Had to get up early again! Work goes by fast during the day though because it's always so busy! Right after work I headed home. I just wanted to get home and take a nap! Having to get up early for work really tires me out! I got a call from someone that Kim Kardashian just went into a shop in Beverly Hills! So what do I do? I change quick, gather my Kim photos and get my camera! I run out of the house and run to the bus stop! I had to see Kim again! The only problem was that I had to be there in 30 minutes! Am I crazy or what!? Did I really think I was going to get to Beverly Hills in 30 minutes from North Hollywood!? I'm CRAY CRAY! I get to my first bus stop and I get a call saying that she already left! AHAHAHA. Yes, this shows how CRAZY I am over Miss Kim Kardashian! I didn't even make it to my first bus stop and Kim was already gone!!

I took a nap as soon as I got home. It felt so good to sleep a little! I've been getting up so early, I really needed the sleep. I woke up and turned on season 2 of Khloe and Lamar on E! I love that show, I'm so glad that they decided to do another season! After Khloe & Lamar, I watched a Lindsay Lohan special on E! The episode showed all of Lindsay's Up's & Down's. Lindsay Lohan really does have talent, I really wish that she would keep herself together! Currently she is doing good. I mean many people don't like the Playboy shoot that she did, but I mean she needed the money, so why not do it! Hopefully her career will continue to SKY ROCKET! I really would love to see Lindsay stay successful. They were even showing clips of a photographer tripping her for a good shot! How awful! The world was just trying to bring her down! I just have a feeling that Lindsay is going to work on her career and stop with all the drugs and drinking! Well I hope so!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Taylor Swift autograph!

What a long day in Los Angeles today! I spent 18 hours out and about today in LA! I got up and headed to The Lorax premiere at Universal City. I'm a pretty big fan of Zac Efron & Taylor Swift so I had to go! I have heard many stories about how hard it is to meet Taylor Swift, I thought I would go and check it out. The Taylor Swift fans at the premiere were CRAZY! They were OUTTA control! Like NUTS! When Talyor arrived on the orange carpet, they started screaming and crying!! These celebs are people just like us!! STOP SCREAMING! I was getting such a freckin headache from ALL the screaming girls! I mean when Zac arrived they just were screaming at him, had nothing to get autographed and didn't even have their cameras ready! It was so annoying! Taylor Swift signed autographs for the fans and took photos! The photo that I brought was from a week ago at the Grammy's, she loved it and came right over by me to sign it! I was more than happy! Danny Devito also showed up on the carpet and he was so short we couldn't even see him! He pretty much walked right by us and nobody noticed!

The second photo of Taylor would have been GREAT if that security guy didn't wreck it! IDIOT! 

After the premiere I got something to eat with friends and then we headed to Sherman Oaks to play Mini Golf! Haha, it was a lot of fun! I was better at golfing then I thought! I did lose my golf ball a few times though in the bushes and almost in the little rivers that were all around! I had a lot of fun! After we headed back to the Orange Line and jumped on the bus. I was practically falling asleep on the way home!

Left: My Taylor Swift autograph! Wow! I love it! The autograph turned out great! Taylor actually took her time on it, even though it was CRAZY! This is an autograph I will keep forever! People say she's so hard to get autographs from! 

Right: Some friends and I stopped at Pinz in Studio City. We were going to go bowling but they had a waiting list!? I checked out the walls that were lined with autographed bowling pins! I noticed the Kim Kardashian one right away! Both her & Reggie Bush signed it! Yeah....they aren't together anymore! 

Friday, February 17, 2012


I have been a very busy boy in Hollywood lately! I have been running around like CRAZY! So many celebrity sightings in Hollywood! AHH! I love it! Recently I have seen Diddy, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Billy Ray Cyrus & the voices from the Simpson's! There's ALWAYS something to do in Hollywood, always so much going on!

As you guys know I am a twitter addict! I tweeted about Jersey Shore, and tagged, Mike "The Situation" in the tweet. Sure enough he ReTweeted my tweet! How awesome is that! I then started getting tweets from all these Jersey Shore fans! I did gain some more followers too(: My tweet went out to over 1 million people! How crazy is that! It's crazy to think about it that way! I would have to say that the Situation is by far the nicest of the Jersey Shore cast! Mike actually takes time to chat with the fans and doesn't mind taking photos! My favorite on the show would have to be Pauly D though!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


What a day in Hollywood today! I woke up this morning and it was raining!! UGH! I had plans on meeting a few celebs! The rain wasn't stopping me! I got ready and took a shower and it was still raining. I laid on my bed for a few minutes hoping the rain would stop before I left the house. The rain did stop and the sun started coming out. I had to go and pick up some images from Costco to get autographed. The weather was so strange today, sun & rain on & off! I did manage to get my photos signed of Diddy! He came right over by the fans and signed autographs. He didn't talk though or say anything?! He just came over to sign autographs. People asked for photos, including me and he didn't answer anyone. Those rappers act weird! Pretty much all the rappers don't even talk!

Later on my way home I jumped on the bus at around 11PM. This really strange guy started yelling at this guy who got off the bus saying that he stepped on his foot! He was swearing and going crazy! What a nut! Then the guy started talking really sexual and was talking about sex toys! How gross! I really couldn't stop laughing! A lot of people were laughing at all the crazy things this guy was saying! I couldn't wait to jump off that bus! While I was waiting for the some guy mentioned to me that I have very interesting foot posture! He said my foot posture tells A LOT about me! He said something about what he's studying in school. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I slept really good last night and felt really refreshed when I woke up. I got up at eight am. I got ready and headed over to Hollywood. It takes me awhile to get ready so sometimes I have to get up early when I need to be places. I headed to a star unveiling on Hollywood Blvd this morning. The weather was perfect today! Wow! Matt Groening was getting his star (creator of the Simpsons.) I went to get a few autographs and took some photos. I did get in an argument with this woman who was upset that I left for the restroom and went back in my spot in front of her. She gave me an attitude! She said, "You  guys are just going to stay right in front of me just like that?" I said, Yes, just like that! She started mumbling something about us.....I said, "What did you say?" She wouldn't even say it to me! Whatever, she was rude! Some people just don't understand how things run in Hollywood with these celebs. Did she really think I was just going to give her my spot!? Haha. NOOO! A few of the people that play the voices in the Simpsons showed up to the event. They were all pretty nice, except NANCY! She plays Bart Simpson. She wouldn't sign autographs or anything! UGH! I did get a photo with Yeardley Smith, who plays "Lisa."

The voice of LISA SIMPSON.

After my eventful morning I headed to Veggie Grill with friends(: Veggie Grill is one of my FAVORITE Vegan places in LA! Everything they have on the menu there is delicious! YUM! After eating lunch I headed to work because I didn't want to be late. I did have some time but I really didn't want to go all the way home and then back to work, so I just went right to work. 

Monday, February 13, 2012


Very eventful day today! I worked 6 hours at Starbucks today. It was my first day back to work since I left for Florida! Everyone noticed I got a lot of color! I really didn't wear sunscreen on the whole trip. I started work around 12 so I didn't have to get up super early, which I love! It was good to be back to work, I missed my co-workers! A few new people started at Starbucks while I was gone; I love meeting new people(: One of my co-workers was telling one of them how I have photos with a million celebrities!....He said, that he wanted to be friends...haha. Looks like I'll have to show him some of my photos! My Paris & Kim photos for sure!

After work I met some of my friends in Downtown LA for all the Grammy events going on. I brought a few photos of people that I would for sure run into! And what do you know......I ran into Miss Paris Hilton again! She was walking right towards us leaving the Staples Center. I just couldn't believe it! I seriously froze up! I got my Paris photos out of my folder!....she signed the photo of me & her. I met Paris for the first time on Hollywood Blvd. She was more then happy to sign the photo. I had more photos, but I just wanted to absorb the moment! She was posing for photos with her blackberry in her hand as well as her purse. I right away got my photo with Paris. She looked stunning!...she was just leaving the Grammy's. She had her assistant or publicist with her. She was saying, "Paris has to go!" I said, "NO SHE DOESN'T!" She's not going anywhere until I got my photo! Paris ignored her assistant or whatever she was and continued to greet the fans(: I thanked Paris for taking photos with us and she said, "Bye Gorgeous!" (;

Another person my friend recognized leaving was Billy Ray Cyrus. He was wearing sunglasses while leaving, but my friend noticed him! We right away ran over by him and took photos! :D He was extremely nice, and was more then happy to take photos!

We didn't stay in Downtown LA to long because it was getting late and the bus is SUPER SLOW on Sundays! It's horrible! We ran into a few drunks on the way back to the subway. We stopped at a mini store to pick up a few snacks because I was so hungry! I made it home around 1am...I think. Such a long but exciting night!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Back to LA!

Heading back home to LA! I'll post pictures, and update my blog tomorrow! Had a great vacation in Florida. Happy that I was able to see my mon and my Uncles!

The obsessive blogging will continue when I get back to LA!

This photo is me trying to sleep yesterday! But my uncle thought it would be funny to turn my light on while I was trying to sleep! How rude! Everyone knows how much I hate mornings!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MIAMI Bound!

Just thought I would post this photo real quick! Just stopped at the DASH store in Miami! I had to pick up a few things! I love stopping there and sharing my Kardashian photos! I was tweeting on the beach & my mom thought it would be funny to take a photo of me =) yep I'm doing what I do best!

Headed to Miami for the day today! It took about 2 hours from Fort Myers to get there. I love sleeping the car ride there:) I've been to Miami probably 4 times now and bailey and I always sleep on the way there. We passed Hollywood, Florida on the way to Miami...and yes there is a Hollywood in Florida, there isn't just one on California! But the Hollywood in Florida is NOTHING like the Hollywood in California! Hollywood Florida is very beach like and has a lot of beach houes. We stopped at this pizza place before we explored Miami, and boy was the pizza good! We ate outside, and it was so cloudy today in Miami! It is NEVER cloudy when I visit Florida! After lunch we headed to the beach. My Uncle Gary almost tripped over a homeless man and almost fell on him! Well the guy was just chilling in the middle of the sidewalk, we a cup out for people to give him money! After walking on the beach we headed to a few stores, including Urban Outfitters and DASH! I love going into DASH, they always have new items in the store. I talked to to the DASH employee about Kim being in there a few days ago. Kim was on the search for a new DASH location in the Miami area. I'm pretty sure Kim already found one, but they couldn't discuss the information. I KNOW Kim found one, lets jsut say that! I let her know that I have met ALL the Kardashians & I showed her the photo with me & Kim! She loved it and said I was cute!

We left Miami and stopped at a few palces on the way home to try and see if we could find any allegators! We saw a couple. You really have to do a lot of searching on the sides of the street! They don't just jump out, you really have to look for them. I slept pretty much the whole way home, I love sleeping in the car! I don't care if people complain about it! I'm going to sleep, it's my vacation! My Uncle did randomly shout out, "Celebrity Sighting! I jumped up right away and asked WHO!? Was it Lindsay Lohan!? He was just messing with me! :P BRAT!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Florida day 1!

Relaxing day in Florida today! I'll post photos up tonight! We went swimming & checked out the Manatee Park! I didn't even see one of the creatures! We did see a lot of butterflies though and birds.

These are my boat shoes that I love! They are so comfortable! You can just about wear them anywhere! My Grama actually bought them for me in Wisconsin.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Seeing my MOM!

Hey world! I'm loving Florida! It is so humid here though compared to California, and much hotter! It rained a little today....It NEVER rains here! weird! We went to go pick up my mom from ther airport this morning!I haven't seen my mom in over 7 months! You guys really have no idea how excited I was to see her! It has been forever seen the last time I saw her! Right from the airport we went to go get something to eat. After eating we headed straight to my cousin Jimmy's house to go swimming....I didn't go swimming though, I just couldn't stop looking at this book that my mom made me! It's kinda like a scrapbook with TONS of all my celebrity photo-ops! I love the gift, I would rather have things like that. My mom actually had to look up all the names of those celebs too, so she spelled them right in the mini book. She also made a framed photo of Kathy Griffin and a cool little thing with my photos from London in it, including the actual ticket I used on the subway there and even some coins! THANKS MOM! I cannot wait to bring the photos back to Los Angeles to hang in my room! I'll post some photos of a few of things that my mom made me.

We are planning on taking a day trip to Miami this week, to check out the beach and the shops! I love MIAMI! It has such a different vibe! I'll update everyone tomorrow & post some photos!

This area of the store in Florida totally reminded me of California! Because they have so many things in spainsh in California!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Fun Fun Fun day today in Los Angeles! I'm always doing something! Miss Kat Von D was doing a meet & greet in Hollywood this morning. I had to go because I have been tweeting with her a lot recently. Kat knows that I'm one of the BIGGEST Kardashian fans! I've tweeted her about the Kardashians, Twilight and my tattoo that I really want her to do! I met one of my friends in Hollywood, we ate lunch before waiting to meet Kat. We ate at California Pizza kitchen, and boy was it good! YUM! We waited in line maybe 20 minutes to meet Kat! I was super excited to get up there! Both my friend and I gave her a hug and right away I had to tell her that I'm her twitter buddy! She knew me right away as the KARDASHIAN fan! She said, "we're finally meeting! I was beyond excited! I have been wanting to meet Kat Von D for awhile now! I then showed her the photo of me & Kim Kardashian and she was pretty impressed that I met her, then I showed her the photo of me & Jeffree Star! She started telling me that he might stop by today!....then she started telling me a story about him. Kat was so awesome! We just talked to her! My friend gave her chocolate roses that she made for her, and was really happy for the gift! Before we were done talking to her I also let her know that "I'm the person that wants the tattoo done by her!" I told her that it has to do with Louis Vuitton! She said that she would love to do my tattoo! She told me to tweet her some photos! Then she told us that we should tweet the photos from today & she will RT them! :) This meet and greet was extremely fun, we didn't have to rush & we could just talk to Kat!

 Showing Kat my photo with Kim Kardashian! She was pretty impressed! 

We left Hollywood & my friend headed home because she had to work. I headed out to Studio City to meet other friends.....we were planning on going to this HUGE mall! I had to take a few busses to meet them there. The mall is in the valley and I'm now a little more familiar with the area because I have been there a few times now. 

The mall was HUGE they had about EVERY store you could think of! They had all kinds of stores including LOUIS VUITTON! We ate dinner before we started looking around at the mall. My friend has been getting me to try many vegan dishes! & YUM! I had Teriyaki chicken but the vegan it soy based! It pretty much tastes just like chicken! I just can't believe it! WOW! It was SO GOOD! We started roaming around the mall, stopped in Urban Outfitters, Pac Sun, VANS, Louis Vuitton, and a few other stores. I was so impressed by this mall. The mall was HUGE! I so wanted to buy a few things but didn't!....because I met just spend some money in Florida! I mean I do have a shopping addiction! As you guys know I am also a little obsessed with the Beckham's! I had to stop at H&M to check out David Beckham's new body wear! I took a few photos of the ads they had displayed. 
The day I met Mister Beckham.