Monday, February 20, 2012

Taylor Swift autograph!

What a long day in Los Angeles today! I spent 18 hours out and about today in LA! I got up and headed to The Lorax premiere at Universal City. I'm a pretty big fan of Zac Efron & Taylor Swift so I had to go! I have heard many stories about how hard it is to meet Taylor Swift, I thought I would go and check it out. The Taylor Swift fans at the premiere were CRAZY! They were OUTTA control! Like NUTS! When Talyor arrived on the orange carpet, they started screaming and crying!! These celebs are people just like us!! STOP SCREAMING! I was getting such a freckin headache from ALL the screaming girls! I mean when Zac arrived they just were screaming at him, had nothing to get autographed and didn't even have their cameras ready! It was so annoying! Taylor Swift signed autographs for the fans and took photos! The photo that I brought was from a week ago at the Grammy's, she loved it and came right over by me to sign it! I was more than happy! Danny Devito also showed up on the carpet and he was so short we couldn't even see him! He pretty much walked right by us and nobody noticed!

The second photo of Taylor would have been GREAT if that security guy didn't wreck it! IDIOT! 

After the premiere I got something to eat with friends and then we headed to Sherman Oaks to play Mini Golf! Haha, it was a lot of fun! I was better at golfing then I thought! I did lose my golf ball a few times though in the bushes and almost in the little rivers that were all around! I had a lot of fun! After we headed back to the Orange Line and jumped on the bus. I was practically falling asleep on the way home!

Left: My Taylor Swift autograph! Wow! I love it! The autograph turned out great! Taylor actually took her time on it, even though it was CRAZY! This is an autograph I will keep forever! People say she's so hard to get autographs from! 

Right: Some friends and I stopped at Pinz in Studio City. We were going to go bowling but they had a waiting list!? I checked out the walls that were lined with autographed bowling pins! I noticed the Kim Kardashian one right away! Both her & Reggie Bush signed it! Yeah....they aren't together anymore! 

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