Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kim out in Hollywood!

Kim Kardashian still really hasn't been showing? I guess a little but not really? I thought she would be showing WAY more already but the bump is barley visible! I saw Kim twice the other day in Hollywood. Kim had an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel with Kourtney. Both Kim and Kourtney greeted the fans after their appearance! Kim still looks amazing while pregnant. I swear this woman never stops working!! The appearances just never stop!

Right after Jimmy Kimmel Kim headed to a restaurant in West Hollywood to meet a friend, Serena Williams! Kim and Serena looked great leaving the restaurant together! I love when Kim has her hair up in a high ponytail. Kim was more than happy to sign my New York magazine for me and she told me how happy she was for her Mississippi Meet and Greet, which is tomorrow. She had a BIG smile on her face when she told me she was excited! 

Photo taken by: 

This photo was Instagramed by Kim, the day after my Kim run in, in Hollywood! So the bump actually is showing a little. First photos of the showing bump! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kim returns to the states!

My preggo girl Kim Kardashian returned to LA yesterday afternoon!! Kim was FULLY covered up! Kim was coming back from a trip to Paris with Kanye. I have to say that Kim looked fabulous in her all black outfit and black shades! There were over a dozen photographers there waiting for Kim to arrive at the airport! Kim was swarmed!! Kim actually handles all the wildness pretty well, I really don't understand how she does it. 
I know this looks crazy!! But because she is pregnant and doesn't want to be pushed over by photographers Kim signs my photos through the car window! Hahaha. She rolls it down a little for me and signs my things! She told me, "Slip the photos through, I don't want them taking my picture!" Hahaha I love Kim! She was more than happy to sign my photo! 

I put a smile on Kim's face yesterday(: 

Look at Kim work that terminal! 
Kim holding the envelope I gave her(: 
I looked on a few of the blogs, and its CRAZY how a lot of the titles and captions are about "Kim receiving fan mail," and "Kim Kardashian airport signing at LAX." 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Matt Damon loves the fans!

Matt Damon loves his fans!!! Recently returning to LA, a photographer stepped on Matt Damon's kids foot!! I guess he got pissed and didn't sign autographs! I mean I would be upset too! Matt is always nice, he's going to give the photographers their shots and sign autographs! But getting all crazy and aggressive for Matt Damon?! When everyone KNOWS he's nice! '

Matt returned to LA the other day and I was hoping that he still wouldn't be upset about the last incident at the airport. Matt was happy like always!! Matt signed autographs forever!! Matt did photo ops, signed, talked to fans....I would say that Matt is probably one of Hollywood's nicest actors, so down to earth! I mentioned to get a few autographs and a picture with Matt.

Selena Gomez MOBBED by the paparazzi!

Selena Gomez headed to New York for a quick charity concert she did in the city. I have changed my opinion and thoughts about Selena Gomez!! I have said not so nice things about her in the past. I was upset about hearing all of the stories about how she treats her fans! I have heard MANY times from people in LA that, "Selena Gomez isn't fan friendly." After seeing Selena Gomez for the first time my opinion has changed!! Selena Gomez landed at LAX. As soon as she started walking through the terminal she was mobbed by the paparazzi. The potogs immediately started bullying her! "Awwww, Selena's tired don't take pictures." She didn't say or do anything and she was practically being bullied!! I mean I understand they weren't getting the best pictures because she was covering up with a pillow. I have figured out that Selena doesn't like the photographers but loves the fans. I managed to get right next to her on the escalator with her body guard. I asked Selena if she could sign my CD, she did sign it and right before she signed it she kind of pulled me closer to her to block the paps and I guess to feel more safe. I asked Selena if we could take a picture together while going down the escalator. She said, "Im sorry not now, they are being jerks!" Talking about the photographers being inches away from her face!

I have learned that Selena Gomez is VERY fan friendly and that she isn't the biggest fan of the paparazzi. Maybe next time I'll get my picture with her. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ian Somerhalder at LAX

Ian Somerhalder can sometimes be a weird guy. But for some weird reason yesterday he was more than happy to take pictures with my friends and I. He was taking FOREVER to show up to his flight!! I was starting to think that he wasn't going to show up!! But sure enough Ian showed up, the first thing I recognized was his boots he always wears and the type of clothes he wears. He was a little confused how we knew he was at the airport! But whatever! Hahahahaha. He was like, "How'd you guys know I was going to be here? ".....Nobody answered!.....Awkward! He usually doesn't like taking photos but he took them and signed autographs!! He kept saying he was late for his flight!...nice try Ian....he had over an hour! 

My NEW Brazilian friend(: 
Ian looking like he just jumped out of Vampire Diaries! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ryan Sheckler run in!

Had such an eventful day yesterday! So a few celebrities that I really wasn't planning on meeting! After the crazy Miranda Kerr ordeal at the airport I went back to Hollywood and came across Jack Black. Let me tell ya...he's kinda odd! Yes my friend and I took a picture with him, but he was so weird about it. It looked like he was thinking, "How do you know who I am?" Hahaha. I don't know, it was just weird. 

Later during the night, I saw Ryan Sheckler leaving a concert in West Hollywood! Boooooy, I have't heard anything about him in ages!!!! I swear I haven't seen photos of him, really haven't heard anything!! But I have met him now! He pretty much looks the same, he doesn't age! Looks like a kid still! He was with his friend and was more than happy to chat with my friend and take photos! 

I look so WHITE in this photo! 

My friend Sloune with her man!! Hahaha.

Miranda Kerr at LAX

Miranda Kerr the Victoria Secret model is gorgeous! Wow. She is sooo pretty! I think Miranda and Orlando Bloom are perfect together! 

I wanted to meet Miranda because I have heard so many good things about her! So many!! Miranda was flying into LAX airport last night from New York. I had to go!! So many autograph collectors were there to get her autograph! It was insane for a model!?!?! CRAZY! Miranda signed her life away....and then was mobbed as she was walking down the stairs to head to her car. I managed to get a few autographs and a photo with Miranda! She was sooo sweet! I felt bad though because she couldn't even walk down the stairs to her car, but she did manage the wildness pretty well!! The photographers were getting super pissed at the autographers because they were getting in all the shots! AHAHAHA. 

My actual photo op is on my friends camera, I'll post it soon(:

Yes thanks to in some of their photos online! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Kim Kardashian returns home!

Kimmie was returning from a trip to New York! Both Kim and Kourtney were in New York promoting "Kourtney and Kim Take Miami!" What an experience I had yesterday! I saw both Kourtney and Kim SUPER early in the morning at the airport when they were leaving for LA! It was SOOOO early and Kim was SOOOO late for her flight she was practically running to the plane! Kim didn't have time to sign my newest magazine covers that I had. Kim apologized and said that she was sooo sorry but was in a hurry and late!! It wasn't a problem, i mean I see Kim ALL the time!!

I got Kim's "David Letterman" look, when she was in New York! 

Two days later Kim was flying into Los Angeles with Kourt. Yes I had to be at the airport to greet her! So many photographers were there! Kourtney left the airport first and was MOBBED! While Kourt was getting into her car, Kim was getting picked up a distance away!! So many people were after Kourtney that nobody saw Kim getting into her car! I saw like 2 flashes from a distance and BOOKED IT TO THE ESCALADE! Right when I was approaching Kim was getting in the car. She didn't sign any autographs for anyone! I dropped my phone somewhere under the car and was looking for it! I thought that I was going to get ran over!! i found my phone and the escalade started moving! I managed to get my things together and found my magazine that I wanted signed! I called Kim's name, she had the driver stop the car so she could sign my photo(: As soon as she rolled down autographers started approaching! She told everyone that she was just signing my things and taking a photo with me!! I just about died! hahaha. How awesome is that! I told her thanks for the shout out she gave me in New York when she was at the airport! She told me that she was happy that I saw it!! We took our photo together then she rushed to another meeting.

Kim Mentioning me at JFK Airport!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Paris Hilton and River!!!!

AHHHHHHHH! I love seeing Paris and her model boyfriend River!!! They are soooo nice!!! River is always super cool with me! River knows me from Twitter so it's cool when I see him in person. Paris was returning from Mexico. Both Paris and River made their way through the terminal and was mobbed by fans as soon as they made their way through the airport doors!!! So many people were there to get autographs!! I was able to get my photo op signed and my magazine!! I asked River about taking a photo with the two of them. River said, well buddy, if you can manage it. Yes I did! I have been wanting a photo with the two of them(: 

Here's a few of the paparazzi pics I found online with them(: Thanks X17. 

Right when we were going to take our photo(: 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain is BEYOND nice!! She is probably one of the nicest woman in Hollywood!!! She will sign autographs take pictures, and talk to you, no matter what she's doing!! The red heads are soooo nice! I swear! I was able to get two autographs, and take a photo with Jessica. For a woman who just won a Golden Globe, she is soooo freckin nice!!!!!!

Later in the night I ran into Lisa Vanderpump and her cute doggie! 

Kim Kardashian & Kourtney Kardashian

Kim & Kourt have spent the last 2 days in New York Promoting "Kourtney and Kim take Miami." I was able to see Kim and Kourtney when they arrived at LAX EARLY Monday morning to head to New York! The girls arrived at like the last minute to the flight to New York, they were practically rushing through the airport! Kim was wearing all black and Kourtney showed up a few minutes after Kim. 

Here's some photos that my friend in New York took of both Kim and Kourt leaving a few of their appearances! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nicki Minaj

Random night meeting Nicki Minaj! 

What a day I had the other day in Hollywood! I was not planning on seeing Miss Minaj at ALL! My day of seeing no celebrities turned into me randomly seeing Nicki at Katsuya in LA. Nicki walked out of the restaurant with a couple body guards and maybe a new boyfriend? Not sure if it's a friend or maybe someone she's dating!? People have told me how Nicki doesn't really take a lot of photos with's ALL lies! She was more than happy to take a photo with me, but did turn down a few people that really weren't fans. I mentioned to Nicki one of my favorite songs of her's that I love, "STARSHIPS!" I love that song!! I love all the beats of her songs! It was cool seeing how she looks in person, I mean I have seen all of her wild red carpet looks on television back when I was living in Wisconsin and now I finally had the opportunity to see her in person!! 

PHOTO BOMBER in the back, that didn't get a picture with her! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kris Jenner at Clippers game!

Yes my LA mom was out again! She went to the Clippers game a few days ago at the Staples Center! I haven't seen the "Momanger," in like a month! Kris was more than happy to take a photo with me(: She signed one of my photos too, the photo was a paparazzi shot from at an event she was at with Kim in Santa Monica. 
(Taken by PAPcorn News) 

Happy Birthday Gam Gam!

One of your favorite flowers in your yard back in Wisconsin! 

I have such an amazing Grama! Happy Birthday Grama, hope you have an amazing day! Wish I was there to celebrate your birthday with youu! Maybe next year? Bailey and I would usually always go out to dinner with you on your B Day! 

I really appreciate the Grama I have, I mean not all Grama's are like my Grama! My Grama is ALWAYS there for my sister and I. She supports our decisions we make in life, sometimes gives us a hard time at move to Hollywood!...Hahahaha. I'm pretty sure she's fine with it now though! Well I hope so! I recently told her about another possible place I want to travel to and I'm pretty sure she's still recovering from the announcement!....Are you Grama? :)

Happy Birthdayyy! Love youu! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Paris Hilton & River!

Both Paris Hilton and her boy toy landed at the airport New Year's day! I had to go and greet my Paris!! Paris Hilton was the first celebrity I met in Los Angeles, so she is for sure one of my favorites! There's usually not so many autograph collectors waiting for Paris but this time there were a lot. Paris signed and signed for a few minutes! The paparazzi asked Paris what she thought about Kim Kardashian's pregnancy. Paris told them that she was happy for them! I don't know if she was being honest or what she said was sarcasm!  Hahaha. I wanted another photo with Paris so, right when she got ready to jump in the car I was there to ask her(: River took the photo of us! He's always cool about taking the picture! Right after I saw them at the airport he tweeted me right back. (:

Hahaha look at River taking the photo of Paris and I, at the airport! 

Orlando Bloom!

If you guys have seen the movies "Pirates of the Caribbean you would know who Orlando Bloom is(: My sister loves those movies! My sister Bailey is obsessed with Johnny Depp! Orlando was in "Lord of the Rings" too. I was with my friend out in West Hollywood, and we ran into Orlando while he was shopping at "Burton," which is a ski shop. Super cool guy! The minute we stepped in the store the employees were already assuming we were going in to meet Orlando Bloom! It's like really?! Get off my case, I can walk in any store I want! Orlando has such an accent!! Geeeze! I had no idea! He was shopping forever!! Both my friend and I approached him when we thought he was actually checking out, but he was STILL shopping! He was like trying on a jacket, I told him how we're big fans, and we took a photo. He kept saying no problem guys! He is SOOOO nice! Why can't all celebrities be like him! He's a super cool guy! Nobody in the store even recognized him, people were just doing their shopping. Hahahaha.

Queen Latifah at 2am!

Probably had one of the best moments with Queen Latifah, a memory I will NEVER forget! 

I ran into Queen Latifah during the day in Hollywood, I heard she wasn't the best to her fans, so I didn't even want to approach her. I did make a little video of her on my phone though. As I was making my little video Miss Latifah practically tried running me over! She tried running me over with her black escalade! I was shocked! 

Later I ran into her at a CVS in West Hollywood. Queen Latifah remembered who I was, and started approaching me, my thoughts were that she was going to kick my ass! Instead of her beating me up she apologized to me! NO WAY! She had to walk at least 30 feet to me, and she apologized! She said, "I didn't mean to frighten you earlier, I just wanted to apologize to you." My jaw dropped! A celebrity, a woman in the spot light, a movie a apologizing to just an ordinary kid?! I thanked her, and told her how I really appreciated it. Not going to lie I was SOOOOO nervous while talking to the Queen!! I told her, "Yes Miss Latifah, you did frighten me!" She then shook my hand and we continued chatting as she made her way to the register. I then told her how much I liked her movies, and how much I loved her personality. I told her how much I love "Bringing down the house." We then took a photo together. She kept calling me "Sweetie." Miss Latifah then told me as she was purchasing her "lady products," I woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do, it's this lady's time of the month!" It seriously reminded me of something from one of her movies!! NO WAY did she just say that! I started laughing! 

2am at a CVS in LA; a moment I will NEVER forget!! EVER!!! It's crazy how people back in Milwaukee (my hometown,) will probably never experience things like this. I mean experiences like this are absolutely amazing.  People in Milwaukee aren't just running into celebrities in the middle of the night. I'm so happy I made the move to LA, I have had so many amazing celebrity run ins. I LOVE LA!