Saturday, January 5, 2013

Queen Latifah at 2am!

Probably had one of the best moments with Queen Latifah, a memory I will NEVER forget! 

I ran into Queen Latifah during the day in Hollywood, I heard she wasn't the best to her fans, so I didn't even want to approach her. I did make a little video of her on my phone though. As I was making my little video Miss Latifah practically tried running me over! She tried running me over with her black escalade! I was shocked! 

Later I ran into her at a CVS in West Hollywood. Queen Latifah remembered who I was, and started approaching me, my thoughts were that she was going to kick my ass! Instead of her beating me up she apologized to me! NO WAY! She had to walk at least 30 feet to me, and she apologized! She said, "I didn't mean to frighten you earlier, I just wanted to apologize to you." My jaw dropped! A celebrity, a woman in the spot light, a movie a apologizing to just an ordinary kid?! I thanked her, and told her how I really appreciated it. Not going to lie I was SOOOOO nervous while talking to the Queen!! I told her, "Yes Miss Latifah, you did frighten me!" She then shook my hand and we continued chatting as she made her way to the register. I then told her how much I liked her movies, and how much I loved her personality. I told her how much I love "Bringing down the house." We then took a photo together. She kept calling me "Sweetie." Miss Latifah then told me as she was purchasing her "lady products," I woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do, it's this lady's time of the month!" It seriously reminded me of something from one of her movies!! NO WAY did she just say that! I started laughing! 

2am at a CVS in LA; a moment I will NEVER forget!! EVER!!! It's crazy how people back in Milwaukee (my hometown,) will probably never experience things like this. I mean experiences like this are absolutely amazing.  People in Milwaukee aren't just running into celebrities in the middle of the night. I'm so happy I made the move to LA, I have had so many amazing celebrity run ins. I LOVE LA! 

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