Friday, April 27, 2012

ZOO at Starbucks in WeHo!

After work today I headed to the Target in West Hollywood. I wanted to print a few photos to send back home to my family. The Target in West Hollywood is HUGE, and busy! The parking is WILD there too! I swear, I had to park underground, and had to pay cause I was parked longer than an hour! EHH! The parking in Los Angeles is absolutely crazy! It's crazy finding a spot, and you are always having to pay for parking! 

West Hollywood has some CRAZY people! I headed to Starbucks to check some things online and check the blogs....People were coming in Starbucks with no shirts, people were coming in talking to themselves, people were coming in arguing with others seating in Starbucks....I mean I wish you guys could've seen these CRAZY people that were just coming in! IT WAS A ZOO! They had to call security a few times to escort them out of the area!

Later, I headed over to LAX. Was able to meet Cody Simpson for the first time and the new band "The Wanted." Both "The Wanted" and Cody were on the same flight flying back to LA from New York. The band is very nice, talked to the fans for at least 20 minutes! Cody Simpson didn't stick around to long, he looked tired! I was able to get a picture with him and his autograph though. Cody's extremely popular in Australia (thats where he's from.) Cody is also good friends with Kylie Jenner and attended Scott's store opening in NYC a few days ago. The Wanted is from Europe, and they were all very nice. The manager on the other hand.....UGH! He's already starting to act all protective! It's good to meet these artists when they aren't extremely popular because then it's even harder to meet them! The fame really gets to these artists heads!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kiefer Sutherland from 24!

What a day! Went to bed so late and I had to get up early for work. I started work at Starbucks at 7:45 AM! I'm NEVER up that early! I'm really not a morning person at all!! I was able to get up though for work. I drove my friends car so I didn't have to get up super early! I randomly started talking about Twilight with a Starbucks customer.....she told me that she worked on the special effects for the first two movies. She said that she worked with the wolves a lot. I then told her that I have met Taylor & Rob....She said that Taylor is so sweet! She told me that Kristen is a bitch....I believe it! I've seen Kristen a few times here in Hollywood, and she just acts so odd. She doesn't really like all the attention....well you shouldn't of done Twilight then Kristien!

After work I headed to an event in the valley! Kiefer Sutherland was attending. Kiefer was promoting his new show "Touch." A few of the other cast members were there too. Kiefer wasn't even dropped off he walked right to the red carpet! We almost missed him!! As soon as we went over by him he signed autographs and took a couple photos. He's a super nice guy. He took off his glasses that he was wearing for the photos...wonder why?...I took mine off too. I really don't like wearing my glasses in photos either. 

Mister Kiefer Sutherland signing! 

David Mazouz from "Touch" 

Later in the night I took a photo with Steven Bauer. Steven was in "Scarface." He pretty much will sign anything that you have.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kim Kardashian at Nobu!

Kim Kardashian has been a very busy woman lately! Kim attended the US WEEKLY magazine party last night in West Hollywood. She looked flawless on the carpet! A few reality stars attended the event. After Kim headed to dinner and for drinks with Nene Leakes from, "the housewives of Atlanta." When ever they are in the same city they usually hang out. When Kim was filming in Atlanta they met up there too.

Kim and Nene Leakes headed out of a Japanese restaurant in West Hollywood last night. They were SWARMED by the paparazzi! There were probably 15 to 20 LA photographers there! It was a ZOO! I really didn't hear them asking stupid questions like they usually do....I for sure thought they were going to ask about Kim dating Kanye West....but I didn't even hear them mention him. Both Kim & Nene were all smiles as they were leaving and heading to their escalade. I was searching the blogs and found a couple photos taken last night!

Was able to get two Kim Kardashian autographs last night! The one on the right is hard to see because of my flash on my iphone. The picture on the left is autographed by Kim & Justin Bieber! I have been carrying this photo around for awhile now! It's finally complete! 

KISSY LIPS with Kimmie!

Very busy day today in Los Angeles!! I headed out this morning to get frozen yogurt with a friend from work! I am addicted to FROZEN yogurt! I think they only have it in southern California. My sister is always telling me that she misses the frozen yogurt here. We went to YogurtLand in Burbank. It was my first time at the Burbank mall. They have pretty much every store you can think of there! URBAN OUTFITTERS! I love that store! We got yogurt and got some Starbucks! The passion Tea lemonade was delicious after a long morning running around in the sun!

Later in the day I headed over to an event in West Hollywood. Kim Kardashian was attending the US WEEKLY party. A few other reality stars were there too. But Kim is my NUMBER ONE! I had to see her again! One of the first people to arrive was Kendra! She drove in swearing and acting all crazy!! I love that woman's laugh! I was hanging out by Kendra's film crew....they were filming for Kendras new show in E! I was watching the monitor as the celebrities were walking the carpet. They didn't even know a lot of the names that were on the carpet talking to Kendra!....they had to ask me! Kim Kardashian was INSTAGRAMING photos.....then like an hour later she arrived!! She looked flawless on the carpet!!

After the US WEEKLY event Kim headed out to dinner at Nobu right down the street from the event. Brody Jenner was inside too!....I don't think they were eating together though...Kim was with other friends. Kim finally walked out of the restaurant looking great! She loves the paparazzi....loves them! I was one of the ONLY fans there! Both me and my friend waited for Kim to leave. The photogs got their shots then we approached Kim and asked for a picture! She totally remembered me!....I did see her a month ago! She signed a couple autographs for me and we took another picture! Kim always takes photos  of herself making "Kissy lips!" She told me that the new DASH is opening up next month!! She also told me that she remembered me! AHHHHHHHH. She's awesome!

Miss Kim Kardashian<3

Kissy Lips with Kimmie! 

Angelina Jolie SPOTTED with ring!

The other day I grabbed some Veggie Grill in West Hollywood. I was headed to an event, and found out that Angelina Jolie was spotted at the Roosevelt! I headed right over there. Sure enough I get there and Angelina was inside! TONS of tourists were waiting outside for her to leave! I had NOTHING for her to sign because I really had no idea she was going to be there! I showed up and started recording her walking out of the hotel. I got a little excited so the video didn't turn out that good. This is my second time seeing Angelina Jolie in Los Angeles, and boy....she is a true actress! She is someone that I definitely get star struck when I do see her. She was looking pretty thin though, very thin! Angelina walked out of the hotel with a HUGE smile on her face(: She seemed VERY happy, and showed up that ring! I was one of the first people in the WORLD to see Angelina with her ring! This was her second time stepping out in LA with it on. Later I got home and was watching TMZ, and saw myself outside when Angelina Jolie left the hotel! I was there holding my Veggie Grill bag! I'm making HISTORY! hahahaha.

I found this photo of Angie on one of the blogs! There's me to the right holding my "Veggie Grill" bag! I look so white!! Looks like I just saw a ghost! Find this video on TMZ, you'll see me! A few friends back at home in Wisconsin saw me! I didn't expect to see Angie at all this day! I really wish I had my photos with me! ERRRR. Oh time. I guess Brad Pitt was also inside the hotel, they were both there. Nobody spotted Brad Pitt though.

The day that I met Angelina Jolie & Mister Brad Pitt! Like the nerd glasses?(;

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Woke up this morning to over 1,000 more blog views!! I tweeted about Rob Pattinson & Kristen being out in LA the other night and my blog BLEW UP! Both Rob & Kristen were out in Los Angeles but they were at different events! They possibly could have met up later but the time they were out they were NOT together!

My Twitter was also blowing up!! I gained many more Twitter followers! My Grama back at home in Wisconsin had to call me to let me know! Hahaha. As I was going through the tweets on twitter I noticed that my photo was posted on a few fan sites! Many fan sites, even in other counties! I didn't even know some of the languages!! I just saw my picture with Robert Pattinson!

This is the photo that was posted on one of the Rob Fan Sites. The caption read "FAN/CELEBRITY BLOGGER!"

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rihanna, flipping us off!

After work I headed to Santa Monica....I really wanted a photo with Dustin Hoffman! I drove over to Santa Monica from North Hollywood. I really haven't drove on the highways it was super new to me! I just GPS'd it on my iphone...I just made it in time, I was near the venue but I couldn't figure out where the freckin place was! I stopped at a gas station to ask if I was near and the guy really only spoke spanish!! He said I was four miles away from the place!! I was only 2 blocks away! He almost got me lost! When I was leaving the gas station I recognized a face that was walking was either Chris Crocker or the main guy from the band "Semi Precious Weapons!" They look alike so I really don't know who it was! hahaha. I think it was the Semi Precious Weapons guy though! I would've gotten a photo with him but I was in a hurry to make it to the venue! I didn't want to miss Dustin Hoffman! I made it just in time! I was able to get my photo with Mister Hoffman and get a few autographs. He was a really nice guy! Right after the photos and stuff, I snuck in another photo....he said, "you guys always snick one last one in!" Hahaha. He was pretty cool, he was with his wife.

Right after meeting Dustin Hoffman I headed over to a restaurant that Rihanna, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow were dining at. Cameron Diaz was the first to leave. Cameron covered her face with her BIG purse and went into her car! She's so TALL & SKINNY! This was my second time seeing her, here in LA. The first time I saw her she was walking out of a after party drunk! 

Rihanna came out of the front of the restaurant next. She LOVES attention but she acts like she can't handle all the lights and flashes! She comes out saying..."The Lights, The Lights!.....I can't see!" I asked for a photo with RiRi...but she kept saying, "I can't see!" I didn't get a photo with Rihanna but, that was my first time seeing her in person, it was pretty cool. The outfit she was wearing was super ugly though! UGH! As she drove off in the passenger seat in the escalade she flipped us ALL off!! Crazy huh!? 

These photos were taken by one of the LA photographers. (Super ugly outfit!) 

Friday, April 13, 2012


Still haven't gotten a photo with Steve-O from "Jackass." So I headed over to an event that he was going to be at in Hollywood. I have seen Steve-O before and he always acts CRAZY!! I asked Steve-O where Elizabetta was?....(his new girlfriend.) Steve-O just smiled and didn't say anything. It was a skate boarding event so a lot of skaters showed up.

After the event ended we were leaving and I seriously almost RAN Steve-O over!! He was just standing in the middle of the street on Sunset Blvd! Really Steve-O!? MOVE OVER! I almost hit the guy! 

Danny Way.
Nick Swarson.
Steve-O! He's pretty wild! 

ROCK & ROLL artists

Was busy out in LA the other day....Drove for the first time in 10 MONTHS!! It was crazy driving on the LA highways and dealing with ALL the traffic!! Driving here is so much different then it is in Wisconsin! Driving here is INSANE!! The traffic is horrible!! Traffic EVERYWHERE! Went to an event where a lot of Band members attended. Marilyn Manson walked the he was leaving the carpet he was practically running from the fans! He signed maybe one autograph! He was wearing his sunglasses and it was dark out!!? Alice Cooper was also being interviewed on the carpet, as well as SLASH! I don't know much about Slash but I do remember playing his songs on guitar hero! He has that WILD curly hair and wears sunglasses! A lot of Rock and Roll band members showed up to the event.

Later on we found out that Johnny Depp was inside the award show! Johnny was on stage performing with Marilyn Manson!! I just recently found out that Johnny Depp plays the guitar! Anyways, I was able to see Johnny Depp leave and say hi to him! The security was wild, but Johnny did roll down his car window half way and say hi. My sister absolutely loves Johnny Depp, she would pee herself if she was there!

 Taylor Momsen. "CINDY LOU WHO" from the Grinch! 

KORN band member. 

Alice Cooper! 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Batman car!

I've been very busy working! And I'm not up early working on my blog because I am NOT a morning person! The other day I went to the star ceremony for Adam West. Adam was the ordinal batman, and they even had the original car there too! I will usually only go to the newer actors and actresses star ceremonies but I was helping a friend get some autographs . It was pretty out and sunny outside! Adam West didn't sign that many autographs....he goes to collector shows and sells his autograph so that's probably why! I'll post another photo later from the event, it's on my MacBook.

Can you guys find me? I'm wearing my aviators, right next to the guy signing autographs. On the left of the person in the green. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kathy Griffin in show!

One of my favorite red heads KATHY GRIFFIN will be having her own show on BRAVO starting this month! I am so excited! Every time I here Kathy I just can't stop laughing! Kathy talks crap about every celebrity out there and I love it! Kathy Griffin is also so nice to her fans! She always takes time for her fans and signs autographs and takes pictures! I'm hoping they have some type of premiere party for the show so I can see her again(: I have been to 2 of her in Fort Myers, Florida and the other was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The show premieres on April 19th on BRAVO! Tune in guys and tell me what you think of my favorite red head! I'm warning YOU she's very vulgar!! (: 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hiking the Hills! & meeting Stifler!

Yes. Hiked the Hollywood Hills, and yes, this is where they found skulls!! Doesn't scare me that much! I met two of my friends at the North Hollywood station. We got something to eat at Panarea before the journey started! We took the subway to the Hollywood & Vine stop, got off and jumped on a bus that takes you pretty much right at the bottom of the Hollywood Hills. We had to walk up to where the dirt started, we walked up the streets passing all these nice houses that are in the hills. We finally made it to where the dirt started!! It's really NOT hardcore hiking! Basically it's just walking on an incline the WHOLE time! It really doesn't even take that long to get up there either! We made it to the top....and boy what a view! It's cool because you can see the valley from one side and Los Angeles from the other! It's an amazing view! If you are traveling to LA, you have to hike the hills, its something you have to do!! We took a few photos at the top and I instantly uploaded them online and on Instagram! We headed back down because we were PARCHED! It actually didn't take to long to get to the bottom. After hiking we headed to Chipotle, and got burritos! We hung out in Hollywood for a little and went shopping! I love that my friends have a shopping addiction too, it all works out(:

Here's a few photos from my Hollywood Hills Adventure!

Later I met some other friends in Hollywood. I grabbed some coffee and I was all set! Sean Willimam Scott was scheduled to be at a TV taping in LA, and I wanted a photo with him! I helped one of my friends get some autographs and I was able to get my photo! My friend Liyah had a magazine with him shirtless on it...he was joking around about signing it....I asked him if he still has the tattoo on his hip, because it was visible on the magazine cover. He said...."YESSS DUUUUDE, I still have it!" Sean is really outgoing and friendly he talked to us forever! TMZ was also there and he was yapping away and  swearing to the camera! It was pretty funny, I really had no idea he was like this in person. 

Sean William Scott. "American Pie" 

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Was looking through old photos on my iPad, and found this one of me in Wisconsin! Both my friend and I were doing a mini photo shoot outside at my high school. I love this photo! I love photos of me jumping in the air. I have taken a few photos they are!

I watched Valentine's day last night and geeze, it's crazy seeing all the places that they filmed I have been to!! I recognized pretty much all the locations! A lot of it was filmed in West Hollywood & Beverly Hills. I love George Lopez in that movie as well as Ashton Kutcher! I would love a photo with Ashton....still don't have one yet. I did recently get a photo with George Lopez though....and he was beyond nice! Ohh yeah they even filmed at the Forever Cemetery....BTW according to my mom they have the CLEANEST bathrooms there! I guess because they are NEVER used!