Friday, April 13, 2012

ROCK & ROLL artists

Was busy out in LA the other day....Drove for the first time in 10 MONTHS!! It was crazy driving on the LA highways and dealing with ALL the traffic!! Driving here is so much different then it is in Wisconsin! Driving here is INSANE!! The traffic is horrible!! Traffic EVERYWHERE! Went to an event where a lot of Band members attended. Marilyn Manson walked the he was leaving the carpet he was practically running from the fans! He signed maybe one autograph! He was wearing his sunglasses and it was dark out!!? Alice Cooper was also being interviewed on the carpet, as well as SLASH! I don't know much about Slash but I do remember playing his songs on guitar hero! He has that WILD curly hair and wears sunglasses! A lot of Rock and Roll band members showed up to the event.

Later on we found out that Johnny Depp was inside the award show! Johnny was on stage performing with Marilyn Manson!! I just recently found out that Johnny Depp plays the guitar! Anyways, I was able to see Johnny Depp leave and say hi to him! The security was wild, but Johnny did roll down his car window half way and say hi. My sister absolutely loves Johnny Depp, she would pee herself if she was there!

 Taylor Momsen. "CINDY LOU WHO" from the Grinch! 

KORN band member. 

Alice Cooper! 

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