Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rihanna, flipping us off!

After work I headed to Santa Monica....I really wanted a photo with Dustin Hoffman! I drove over to Santa Monica from North Hollywood. I really haven't drove on the highways it was super new to me! I just GPS'd it on my iphone...I just made it in time, I was near the venue but I couldn't figure out where the freckin place was! I stopped at a gas station to ask if I was near and the guy really only spoke spanish!! He said I was four miles away from the place!! I was only 2 blocks away! He almost got me lost! When I was leaving the gas station I recognized a face that was walking was either Chris Crocker or the main guy from the band "Semi Precious Weapons!" They look alike so I really don't know who it was! hahaha. I think it was the Semi Precious Weapons guy though! I would've gotten a photo with him but I was in a hurry to make it to the venue! I didn't want to miss Dustin Hoffman! I made it just in time! I was able to get my photo with Mister Hoffman and get a few autographs. He was a really nice guy! Right after the photos and stuff, I snuck in another photo....he said, "you guys always snick one last one in!" Hahaha. He was pretty cool, he was with his wife.

Right after meeting Dustin Hoffman I headed over to a restaurant that Rihanna, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow were dining at. Cameron Diaz was the first to leave. Cameron covered her face with her BIG purse and went into her car! She's so TALL & SKINNY! This was my second time seeing her, here in LA. The first time I saw her she was walking out of a after party drunk! 

Rihanna came out of the front of the restaurant next. She LOVES attention but she acts like she can't handle all the lights and flashes! She comes out saying..."The Lights, The Lights!.....I can't see!" I asked for a photo with RiRi...but she kept saying, "I can't see!" I didn't get a photo with Rihanna but, that was my first time seeing her in person, it was pretty cool. The outfit she was wearing was super ugly though! UGH! As she drove off in the passenger seat in the escalade she flipped us ALL off!! Crazy huh!? 

These photos were taken by one of the LA photographers. (Super ugly outfit!) 

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