Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hiking the Hills! & meeting Stifler!

Yes. Hiked the Hollywood Hills, and yes, this is where they found skulls!! Doesn't scare me that much! I met two of my friends at the North Hollywood station. We got something to eat at Panarea before the journey started! We took the subway to the Hollywood & Vine stop, got off and jumped on a bus that takes you pretty much right at the bottom of the Hollywood Hills. We had to walk up to where the dirt started, we walked up the streets passing all these nice houses that are in the hills. We finally made it to where the dirt started!! It's really NOT hardcore hiking! Basically it's just walking on an incline the WHOLE time! It really doesn't even take that long to get up there either! We made it to the top....and boy what a view! It's cool because you can see the valley from one side and Los Angeles from the other! It's an amazing view! If you are traveling to LA, you have to hike the hills, its something you have to do!! We took a few photos at the top and I instantly uploaded them online and on Instagram! We headed back down because we were PARCHED! It actually didn't take to long to get to the bottom. After hiking we headed to Chipotle, and got burritos! We hung out in Hollywood for a little and went shopping! I love that my friends have a shopping addiction too, it all works out(:

Here's a few photos from my Hollywood Hills Adventure!

Later I met some other friends in Hollywood. I grabbed some coffee and I was all set! Sean Willimam Scott was scheduled to be at a TV taping in LA, and I wanted a photo with him! I helped one of my friends get some autographs and I was able to get my photo! My friend Liyah had a magazine with him shirtless on it...he was joking around about signing it....I asked him if he still has the tattoo on his hip, because it was visible on the magazine cover. He said...."YESSS DUUUUDE, I still have it!" Sean is really outgoing and friendly he talked to us forever! TMZ was also there and he was yapping away and  swearing to the camera! It was pretty funny, I really had no idea he was like this in person. 

Sean William Scott. "American Pie" 

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