Sunday, April 1, 2012


Was looking through old photos on my iPad, and found this one of me in Wisconsin! Both my friend and I were doing a mini photo shoot outside at my high school. I love this photo! I love photos of me jumping in the air. I have taken a few photos they are!

I watched Valentine's day last night and geeze, it's crazy seeing all the places that they filmed I have been to!! I recognized pretty much all the locations! A lot of it was filmed in West Hollywood & Beverly Hills. I love George Lopez in that movie as well as Ashton Kutcher! I would love a photo with Ashton....still don't have one yet. I did recently get a photo with George Lopez though....and he was beyond nice! Ohh yeah they even filmed at the Forever Cemetery....BTW according to my mom they have the CLEANEST bathrooms there! I guess because they are NEVER used!




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