Thursday, April 19, 2012

KISSY LIPS with Kimmie!

Very busy day today in Los Angeles!! I headed out this morning to get frozen yogurt with a friend from work! I am addicted to FROZEN yogurt! I think they only have it in southern California. My sister is always telling me that she misses the frozen yogurt here. We went to YogurtLand in Burbank. It was my first time at the Burbank mall. They have pretty much every store you can think of there! URBAN OUTFITTERS! I love that store! We got yogurt and got some Starbucks! The passion Tea lemonade was delicious after a long morning running around in the sun!

Later in the day I headed over to an event in West Hollywood. Kim Kardashian was attending the US WEEKLY party. A few other reality stars were there too. But Kim is my NUMBER ONE! I had to see her again! One of the first people to arrive was Kendra! She drove in swearing and acting all crazy!! I love that woman's laugh! I was hanging out by Kendra's film crew....they were filming for Kendras new show in E! I was watching the monitor as the celebrities were walking the carpet. They didn't even know a lot of the names that were on the carpet talking to Kendra!....they had to ask me! Kim Kardashian was INSTAGRAMING photos.....then like an hour later she arrived!! She looked flawless on the carpet!!

After the US WEEKLY event Kim headed out to dinner at Nobu right down the street from the event. Brody Jenner was inside too!....I don't think they were eating together though...Kim was with other friends. Kim finally walked out of the restaurant looking great! She loves the paparazzi....loves them! I was one of the ONLY fans there! Both me and my friend waited for Kim to leave. The photogs got their shots then we approached Kim and asked for a picture! She totally remembered me!....I did see her a month ago! She signed a couple autographs for me and we took another picture! Kim always takes photos  of herself making "Kissy lips!" She told me that the new DASH is opening up next month!! She also told me that she remembered me! AHHHHHHHH. She's awesome!

Miss Kim Kardashian<3

Kissy Lips with Kimmie! 


  1. Love it! I love reading your stuff :)

  2. thanks! Keep checking back!!! I always have things to share(:

  3. OMG, this is so amazin! I looooooooooooooove Kim Kardashian <3