Friday, April 27, 2012

ZOO at Starbucks in WeHo!

After work today I headed to the Target in West Hollywood. I wanted to print a few photos to send back home to my family. The Target in West Hollywood is HUGE, and busy! The parking is WILD there too! I swear, I had to park underground, and had to pay cause I was parked longer than an hour! EHH! The parking in Los Angeles is absolutely crazy! It's crazy finding a spot, and you are always having to pay for parking! 

West Hollywood has some CRAZY people! I headed to Starbucks to check some things online and check the blogs....People were coming in Starbucks with no shirts, people were coming in talking to themselves, people were coming in arguing with others seating in Starbucks....I mean I wish you guys could've seen these CRAZY people that were just coming in! IT WAS A ZOO! They had to call security a few times to escort them out of the area!

Later, I headed over to LAX. Was able to meet Cody Simpson for the first time and the new band "The Wanted." Both "The Wanted" and Cody were on the same flight flying back to LA from New York. The band is very nice, talked to the fans for at least 20 minutes! Cody Simpson didn't stick around to long, he looked tired! I was able to get a picture with him and his autograph though. Cody's extremely popular in Australia (thats where he's from.) Cody is also good friends with Kylie Jenner and attended Scott's store opening in NYC a few days ago. The Wanted is from Europe, and they were all very nice. The manager on the other hand.....UGH! He's already starting to act all protective! It's good to meet these artists when they aren't extremely popular because then it's even harder to meet them! The fame really gets to these artists heads!

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